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Anal Cancer Herbal Treatment, Prevention, Symptoms, Causes, Cured By

General Name
Anal Cancer
Medical Name
Anal Cancer
Anal Cancer Symptoms
Anal Bleeding
Pain in Anus
Lumps in the Anal area
Discharge from the Anus
Rectal Bleeding

Anal Cancer Cured By

Super Effective

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Anal Cancer is a disease of the Anus.
The cancer that originates in the Anus is Anal Cancer.
The Anus is an opening present at the end of the Intestine. The digested food passes from the Intestines into the Colon.
The waste material (faeces) piles up in the Rectum and is excreted out through the Anus.

The division of cells occurs in a regular manner. If there is an abnormal growth of cells in any part of the Body it gives rise to Cancer.

Causes of Anal Cancer
Family History
Human Papilloma Virus
Abnormal growth of the cells

If not treated properly, Anal Cancer may cause
Cancer in other body parts

Note : Find more information on Cancer by visiting the Cancer webpage on this website. Clink here to visit the Cancer webpage now.

Body Part(s)


Materia Medica for Anal Cancer

Single Herb

Soursop for Cancer

Soursop is a very effective remedy for cancer. Cancer may be anywhere in the body, the remedy is Soursop. It helps treat cancer more effectively than Chemotherapy. It kills only the cancer cells, not the healthy cells. Hence, no hair fall or any other deterioration in health. It may be used as the main remedy or it may be used in conjunction with Chemotherapy.
It has very strong Anticancer and Antitumor properties.
It kills cancer cells naturally without any side effects as associated with Chemotherapy.
Soursop Fruit can be eaten to prevent or treat cancer. Fresh soursop juice can also be used for this purpose. Soursop tea is also a way to fight against cancer.
Chop some fresh stems and leaves of Soursop.  Boil them in 1 liter water until water is reduced to half. Strain.  Drink 100 ml twice a day.  You may add Honey.
Queries on Anal Cancer
Inderjit singh ( India, Mumbai )
27 Aug 2016
My mother age 74 with ca rectum with IV stage. After giving her 60 to 70 mg of Morphine still she is unable to stop her pain less pain. Plz suggest how to control her painless pain. She screams a lot bcoze of pain. Even i want to know how to boost her immun system. what diet should be followed and even she is losing weight. Day by day she is geting weak. Is there is any home remedies to cure her cancer, pain, I Give her garlic, tomatos, onion, green tea, whole wheat, plenty of water, Oats, ginger, turmeric powder, black pepper. Apart from this anythink else is recommended for her health, pain and to cure her.
30 Aug 2016
Dear Inderjit Singh
Here is the protocol for Cancer.
Herbs to combat the side effects of Chemotherapy are given below.
1. Ginger for Digestive Disorders : Drink Ginger tea or chew a few slices of Ginger in the Morning. It will also help in Nausea.
2. Beetroot for Anemia: Add Beetroot to your Salad. Or take fresh Beetroot juice.
3. Passion Flower for Anxiety: Drink the decoction made of Passion Flower Leaves.
4. Astragalus for Weak Immune System. Take extract.
5. Buy Echinacea Purpurea tincture and give her 10 drops 3 times in a day to build her immunity.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
30 Aug 2016
Continue to Inderjit Singh The mentioned Herbs will fight against Cancer cells and prevent the further growth of Cancer. 1. A shot of fresh Wheat Grass Juice.
2. Take 2.5 kg of carrots. Juice them. Drink a glass of carrot juice in the morning. Refrigerate the remaining juice. Finish the remaining juice throughout the day. Some Cancer patients alleged that by daily drinking carrot juice for eight weeks they were able to stop and reverse the growth of tumor. Daily juicing for four months made the lymph nodes in the lungs normal. By continuing the carrot juice for eight months the cancer was gone and the patient recovered back to normal.
3. 3 Apricot Kernels 3 times in a day.
4. Turmeric with Black Pepper.
5. Fresh Soursoup Juice daily. Take these herbs for 2 months and get her test done.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Tabibar rahman ( Assam )
30 Nov 2016
my father is suffering from anal cancer...he is now 59 years...he has completed 25 radiation....but he is completely cure....and there is pain...he use regular pain killer.......is there in home remedies for him
01 Dec 2016
Dear Tabibar
Give him one dose of Arsenic alb 200. Buy one dose from a Homeopathy shop and give him one dose only. Write us back after 15 days.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
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