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Colon Cancer Herbal Treatment, Prevention, Symptoms, Causes, Cured By

General Name
Colon Cancer
Medical Name
Colorectal Cancer
Colon Cancer Symptoms
Sudden Weight loss
Bloody Stools
Loss of Appetite
Pain or gas in Abdomen
Change in Bowel habits
Continual urges to defecate
Black Stool
Severe Stomach Pain
Lumps in the Stomach
Digestive Problems

Colon Cancer Cured By

Super Effective

Most Effective

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Colon Cancer is a disease of the Colon.
It is a malignant tumor of the colon. It begins from the inner lining of the large intestine.
The largest part of the large intestine is Colon.
It passes from Cecum to Rectum and absorbs water from the undigested food.
It stores the waste material until it passes out of the body.
When there is an uncontrolled growth of cells in Colon is known as Colon cancer.
The mass of the Colon cancer cells form a Malignant Tumors.
Colon Cancer cells invade and damage the healthy tissues.
Cancerous cells move into the Blood. They cause damage to other parts of the body. This process is known as Metastasis.

Causes of Colon Cancer
Old Age
Acidic Metabolism
Bowel Disease
Family History
Crohn's Disease
Cancer Of Reproductive Organs
Diet heavy in Fats, Cholesterol, Meat and Protein

If not treated properly, Colon Cancer may cause

Alkalize or Suffer

Note: If a person is having severe stomach pain or disturbed digestive system. He/She must visit to the doctor. This might be the initial signs of the Colon Cancer.

Body Part(s)


Materia Medica for Colon Cancer

Single Herb

Soursop for Cancer

Soursop is a very effective remedy for cancer. Cancer may be anywhere in the body, the remedy is Soursop. It helps treat cancer more effectively than Chemotherapy. It kills only the cancer cells, not the healthy cells. Hence, no hair fall or any other deterioration in health. It may be used as the main remedy or it may be used in conjunction with Chemotherapy.
It has very strong Anticancer and Antitumor properties.
It kills cancer cells naturally without any side effects as associated with Chemotherapy.
Soursop Fruit can be eaten to prevent or treat cancer. Fresh soursop juice can also be used for this purpose. Soursop tea is also a way to fight against cancer.
Chop some fresh stems and leaves of Soursop.  Boil them in 1 liter water until water is reduced to half. Strain.  Drink 100 ml twice a day.  You may add Honey.

Marijuana ( Bhang ) for Colon Cancer

Burn the dried leaves of Marijuana ( Bhang ). Inhale the smoke.

Ginseng for Colon Cancer

Prepare a cup of Ginseng tea by boiling Ginseng in water for 5 minutes. Drink it twice a day to treat the symptoms associated with Colon Cancer.

Garlic for Colon Cancer

Mash 3 to 4 bulbs of Garlic. Make a paste of it with a few drops of honey. Consume this paste once a day to treat Colon cancer.

Zucchini for Colon Cancer

Zucchini peel is a good source of dietary fiber. Have 100 grams of fresh raw unpeeled Zucchini daily.
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