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L Arginine

What does L Arginine do for the body

L Arginine or Arginine is an Amino Acid. It is synthesized within the Body. The Body needs to make protein by the creation of creatinine and to create urea. It is necessary for the removal of toxic Ammonia from the Body. It is used to make compounds in the body like L glutamate and L proline. It provides energy by converting Glucose to Glycogen. L Arginine aids Vasodilation.
L Arginine converts to Nitric Oxide ( NO ) by the action of Nitric Oxide Synthase enzyme ( eNOS ). NO level in the Body decreases by age. It affects the male libido and causes Erectile Dysfunction, Sexual debility and Impotency. L Arginine stimulates Penile Erection by improving the blood circulation. NO helps the Body as when to relax and widen the muscles. When Penile muscles relax, the blood vessels dilate. Penile chambers then swell because of increased blood flow due to dilated blood vessels. Blood then traps in the erectile tissue. This promotes longer erection and frequent arousal.

Benefits of Arginine in the Body
Body Building
Healing wounds
Improve Blood Pressure
Prevent and cure Migraines
Prevention of 'wasting' in critical Illness
Maintaining Immune System and Hormone functions
Treats Erectile Dysfunction, Impotency and Sexual Debility
Used in the treatment of Cancer, Chemotherapy Adjunct, Intestinal Cystitis and Renal failure
Improves Cardiovascular function and improves Myocardial Infarction, Diabetes, Angina, Congestive Heart failure and Peripheral Arterial Disease

Effects of deficiency of Arginine in the body
Hair Loss
Skin Rashes
Poor wound healing

Effects of Excess Arginine in the Body
Mild Diarrhea
Stomach Cramps
Stomach Discomfort

Daily requirement of Arginine in the body
2 to 3 grams per day( gm /day)

Herbs Containing L Arginine

Most Effective

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