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Finger Millet Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Finger Millet
Glycemic Index / Load
Finger Millet
Botanical Name
Eleusine Coracana
Hindi Name
Mandal, Mandua, Kiragi, Ragi

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Finger Millet Cures

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Action of Finger Millet

Most Effective

Highly Effective

Nutrients in Finger Millet

Taste of
Finger Millet

Nature of
Finger Millet


Parts Used

Grains, Roots, Seed, Leaves

Side Effects, Risk Factors of, and Cautions for Finger Millet

Excessive use may cause Anorexia.
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Finger Millet is a plant.
It is an annual plant.
It grows up to 1.3 M.
It is associated to the Poaceae family
It is cultivated in dry parts.
It is a good source of calcium and iron among all the cereals.
It has low fat content and contains mainly unsaturated fat.
Best used for Diabetes and Obesity.


Grown In

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Materia Medica for Finger Millet

Finger Millet General

Finger Millet contains many important compounds such as Tryptophan, Threonine, Valine, Isoleucine, and Methionine. Isoleucine is useful in muscle repairing and formation of the bones. These nutrients are essential for maintaining skin health and body's metabolism. It maintains the whole body weight.
Tryptophan is an Amino Acid, it lowers the appetite. It delays the digestion which controls the eating urge and keeps the stomach full for a long time. It consists of low calories which help to cure Obesity.
Finger Millet is a good source of Calcium. Therefore, it reduces the risk of Osteoporosis and Fracture.
It is a good herbal remedy to prevent Diabetes. It regulates the blood glucose level in the body.
It removes the excess fat from the liver and reduces cholesterol level in the body. It contains certain Amino Acids which prevents the fat accumulation in the liver. This helps in curing High Blood Pressure.
Consumption of Finger Millet gives iron to the body. This helps to treat Anemia.
It provides a relaxing effect on the body, mind, and soul. Thus, is an effective remedy to cure Depression, Anxiety, and Insomnia.
Its regular intake provides energy to the body.
It is a healthy diet for lactating mothers. It increases the hemoglobin levels in women and improves the milk production.
Caution: Consult a doctor before consuming it.
Single Herb

Finger Millet for Obesity

Mix Finger Millet flour to daily use flour in an equal proportion. Eat 2-4 breads, twice a day for a month.

Finger Millet for Diabetes

Prepare a porridge of Finger Millet. Take it, once a day for two weeks.
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Take 5 to 6 Turkey Berry. Fry in Ghee. Have it with Finger Millet once a day for one month.
Attention : It may be taken again after a break of one month if needed.
Queries on Finger Millet
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Nitejkarkera ( India )
11 Jul 2016
Can finger millet consumed for a longer period without break?
11 Jul 2016
Dear Nitejkakera
Well, Nothing can be recommended to be taken for longer periods as Herbs too have side effects. So always take Herbal medicines with a consult of Practitioner.
02 Nov 2016
Yes. It does not harm at all. It even cleans your urinary track by making you go for short calls shorty after taking it in form porridge.
01 Oct 2016
I was raised on finger millet. In fact didn't even know it had health benefits. It is the staple for bread and morning breakfast (poridge) where I come from. We grew up thinking it was food for the poor. Oh how I was wrong. So I do not believe in any side effects. However, you need to drink lots of water otherwise the constipation that might follow can be something else.
Viral ( India )
27 Sep 2016
Can I take finger Millet with milk as like complain or boost?
19 Feb 2017
Yes you can add milk or curd to ragi malt . adding curd will also help to cool your body from inside.
SB ( India )
16 Jan 2017
How much Ragi Floor can be safely consumed by an adult. I have read its excess may cause Kidney Stones, increase Vata and Kapha. Kindly advise.
16 Jan 2017
I mean consumed per day.
31 Jan 2017
Consume it as per your requirement. https://herbpathy.com/Flours-For-You-Vid46 Here, you can read about Finger Millet Flour and see how much does one cup amounts to. Then, you may take as per the need of your body.
Ss ( India )
20 Feb 2017
Can I take ragi with buttermilk for breakfast?Instead of porridge with milk and sugar can I go with buttermilk and salt? Will it help in losing weight especially in belly fat reduction
20 Feb 2017
To reduce belly fat, take Apple Cider Vinegar in hot water . One tablespoon to a glass of water. Drink this twice in a day for one month.
Do regular exercise.
Crunches especially.
Avoid fried and oily food.
No sugar, please.
Yes, you can go with Buttermilk and salt.
Sunitha.k ( Lekki state,lagos. )
06 Mar 2017
HI,i am using this ragi in my daily dietary food style,i am seeing a urine outflow toomuch? is it a good sign! i want to know.
10 Mar 2017
Do you suffer from any disorder related to Kidneys.
have your ever get your Kidneys Function Test done. Any problem related to Reproductive System?
And Please let us know why are your using it every day ?
Do you use it to cure a specific problem?
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
29 Apr 2017
Is Ragi bad for gout ?
Fatima Muhammad ( Nigeria/ Abuja )
14 May 2017
Can ragi be used as a substitute for wheat in bread?
Minni Goel
24 May 2017
Yes, it can be used as a substitute.
Karuna Shekhar ( India )
24 May 2017
Read the Page, Flours For You, given in the Vibrant Health Portal of this website. There you will find quite a number of Flours listed, along with the nutrients in them as per the body requirement.
O P ARYA ( India )
19 May 2017
is is good for heart.
Rajeev ( India )
01 Jun 2017
is Ragi good indigestion?
is it good for people having gastric issue?
14 Jun 2017
Ragi is goo d for digestion. You can take its flour. If you are suffering from Gastric problem.
Drink mint juice every morning, 50 ml for a week. Drink Fennel tea everyday , for 2 weeks.
Shekar ( India karnataka )
19 Jun 2017
Can ragi be used by stroke people in the night
17 Jul 2017
Ragi can be sued by those suffering from heart diseases. So, you may try.
09 Aug 2017
Can we consume raw raagi
Shlomo King in Facebook
03 Nov 2017
I ate it raw.
but best is soak overnight boil shortly 3-5 minutes then double cook it
just put the small pot, midst in a bigger pot in the boiling water
so you will not burn it
Shlomo King in Facebook
03 Nov 2017
Add cold milk or buttermilk/curd if you wish to the in water cooked hot porridge.
Do not cook in milk this is too heavy to digest.
02 Sep 2017
I have pcos problem, and I consume ragi flour in my breakfast daily.
Is it safe to consune it daily?
Vidhya Narang
05 Oct 2017
Yes, Ragi can be taken daily. It is good for those suffering from PCOS. Include greens and berries in your daily diet. If you are over weight , then try reducing the weight. Have a cup of Chaste berry tea, every day for a month. Buy Dong Quai capsules, take one, every day for a month.
Sundaram sadagopan ( Karnataka/india )
06 Dec 2017
Since I am diabetic I take Ragi with Jowar mudde (ball) daily but it causes bloating with mild pain and discomfort. How to avoid this problem while using Ragi.
Somanath ( India )
20 Feb 2018
I am somanath,aged 63 years suffering from diabetis,bp,joint pains and underwent operation for chest pain. Is it good for me eating ragi daily?
08 Mar 2018
Ragi is good for you. But are you taking anything for Diabetes, Bp and Joint pains. Also, I will suggest that you do not ake Wheat at all.
Randika ( Sri Lanka )
01 Mar 2018
Is finger millet good for heaty bodies? Does it increase pitta dosha?
08 Mar 2018
randhika. Yes, Finger Millet ( Ragi ) is hot in nature, it will tend to increase Pitta dosha in your body. So, it is not recommended to use Finger Millet during summers, even if you use it, then make sure that you take foods or drinks that will balance the ehat in your body. For ex, you may take Coconut water, one glass in a day or Buttermilk, witha pinch of Cumin added to it. This will balance the heat in your body.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Meera ( India )
14 Mar 2018
I am giving poridge to my 8 month old baby but our relative told me that ragi will increase cough problem in small children so we are not giving it now. Kindly tell me that may i give it to my child or not.
Manika Krishnan
23 Mar 2018
Meera. It is safe to give porridge to the child if the baby is not allergic to Ragi. Some people are allergic to Ragi, so that may cause cough. If you think the child is okay having it, then you can definitely give it to your baby.
Maria ( India )
18 Aug 2018
Does ragi increase varta dosha. Is it good for nerves . Spondylitis.
Chioma ( Nigeria )
25 Dec 2018
I have been giving ragi kixed with groundnut,soya beans and guinea corn to my 3 month old baby and since then she has been having constipation,should i stop givving it to her??
Hemant Aloni ( Maharashtra )
03 Apr 2019
Ragi n wheat flour can be mix together as a daily use for roti's. Plz confirm the balance of ragi n wheat in kilograms
Ganala ( India )
12 Apr 2019
Two months back my blood sugar after food is 168. I am drinking ragi malt as breakfast from last two months.
Today my blood sugar after food is 358. Does ragi malt increase sugar level???
22 Apr 2019
please add culinary uses to herbs. and can also add method of preparation.
Tejaswi ( India )
24 Nov 2020
Can we eat ragi with buttermilk daily in winter
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