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Alkaline Herbs


The human body electrolyte may be either acidic or alkaline. Acidic is bad, Alkaline is good.
Alkaline herbs are those herbs which are used to neutralize the Acid level in the body.
Acidity and Alkalinity are measured on a common scale from 1 to 14. From 1 to 6.5 is acidic and from 6.5 to 14 is Alkaline. The optimum reading for us is 7.4. Our body should be slightly Alkaline. Too much acidity or Alkalinity is bad for our health.
Good herbs have a pH value greater than 7. These herbs help neutralize Acids.
Lower the pH value, lower is the body's ability to do its functioning. Body will not consume nutrients from food we eat. It reduces energy. It may also decrease the cell functioning. To overcome these problems, you should keep your body Alkaline all the time.
Foods and herbs work on the body fluids to maintain the pH value. Body fluids includes urine and Blood. If the body is Alkaline, the risk of UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) decreases. These herbs also reduce the risk of Cyst formation.
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Fernando Jimena ( United States )
13 Jul 2019
Alkaline herbs for GI problems causing bad breath. Or an alkaline herbs that can treat bad breath.
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