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Rambutan Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Glycemic Index / Load
Botanical Name
Nephelium Lappaceum
Hindi Name
Chinese Name
Shao Zi

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Rambutan Cures


Action of Rambutan

Nutrients in Rambutan

Taste of

Parts Used

Whole tree
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Rambutan is a tree.
It is an evergreen.
It grows in a tropical climate.
It grows up to 20 M.
Best used for Fever.
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Materia Medica for Rambutan

Single Herb

Rambutan for Fever

Prepare a decoction of Rambutan root. Take it twice a day.

Rambutan for Diarrhea

Eat Rambutan fruit twice a day.

Rambutan for Headache

Make a poultice of Rambutan leaves. Apply it on forehead twice a day.

Rambutan for Frizzy Hair

Grind fresh leaves of Rambutan with little water. Squeeze the juice. Apply it over scalp and hair. Rinse after an hour. Do it 3 to 4 times a week for best results.

Rambutan for Sallow Skin

Take out Rambutan seeds and grind them. Add Rosewater to make a paste. Apply evenly on skin and let it dry. Rinse with normal water. Apply it twice a week.

Rambutan for Diabetes

Roast 5 seeds of Rambutan. Crush them. Mix powder in a glass of water. Drink it twice a day.
Queries on Rambutan
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Ella alicaba ( Cebu city, philippines )
21 Aug 2016
the rambutan seed if eaten with its meat tastes just like a pili nut. please advise if eating the seed raw is beneficial or not.

thank you
05 Jun 2018
Poisonous unless roasted or boiled
Albert ( India /kerala )
13 Feb 2017
Weather the fruit is harmful to children
11 Feb 2018
Yaaa sometimes its seed become harmful for children's
Johnson george ( India )
01 Jun 2017
Rambutan seeds are eatable or not ? I heard that it is poison .please ensure that to me as soon as possible due to my, consumption of the fruits are more directly from tree.
Soel ( India )
19 Jun 2017
Rambutan Seeds , when taken in the raw form may be toxic. So, avoid eat9ing the seeds of this fruit. You may take the fruit though.
Chandima ( Sri lanka )
15 Jun 2017
Is Rambutan is growing Africa, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam?
Games Riandi
16 Jun 2017
Rambutan grows a lot in Indonesia. In fact the name rambutan is an Indonesian word meaning "lots of hair" as the there are lots of hair like structure on the outer skin of the rambutan.
P ( India )
02 Jul 2017
Is rambutan harmful for children
19 Aug 2017
Yes, the seeds may be toxic.
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