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Dietary Fiber

What does Dietary Fiber do for the body

Dietary Fiber is also known as Roughage. It contain few parts of plants which can not be completely digested or absorbed by the body. It helps to control weight and and checks the Cholesterol level.

There are two types of Dietary Fiber :
Soluble Fibers
Insoluble Fibers

Soluble Fiber : It dissolves in water and lower the Cholesterol and Glucose level.
Insoluble Fiber : It promotes the movement of food through the digestive system. It increases the stool bulk and treats Constipation.

Requirement of Dietary Fiber per day
Women : 20 gm
Men : 26 gm

Benefits of Dietary Fiber
Dietary Fiber regulates the bowel movement and keeps digestive tract healthy. It helps to balance the Cholesterol level and reduces the risk of Heart Diseases. It prevents from Colorectal Cancer and helps to loose weight.

Function of Dietary Fiber in the body
Intake of Dietary Fiber stabilizes the Glucose level.
It helps to slow down the absorption of Sugar in the body.
Dietary Fiber helps to loose weight by increasing the feeling of fullness.
It removes harmful bacteria which helps to reduces Acne and Skin Rashes.
Dietary Fiber works against bad cholesterol like lipoprotein which clog the Arteries.
Dietary Fibers are partially digested which helps to increase the Stool bulk and treats Constipation.

Symptoms of Dietary Fiber deficiency
Weight Gain

Effects of excess Dietary Fiber in the body

Herbs Containing Dietary Fiber

Most Effective

Highly Effective

Brussels Sprout


Hibiscus Congestiflorus
Khalas Date
Muscadine Grape
Portulaca Pilosa
Water Morning Glory
White Truffle Mushroom
Wild Jessamine
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