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Pine Poll Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Pine Poll
Glycemic Index / Load
Pine Nut
Botanical Name
Pinus Pinea
Hindi Name
Chilgoja, Chilgoza

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Pine Poll Cures

Super Effective

Most Effective


Action of Pine Poll

Nutrients in Pine Poll

Highly Effective

Pine Poll
Combines With

Taste of
Pine Poll

Nature of
Pine Poll


Parts Used

Nut, Oil

Side Effects, Risk Factors of, and Cautions for Pine Poll

It may cause Anorexia and Allergic Problems.
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Pine Nut is the edible seed of Pine Tree.
It is perennial.
It grows in a tropical climate.
Best used for High Cholesterol.


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Materia Medica for Pine Poll

Single Herb

Pine Nut ( Chilgoza ) for Impotence

Take 10 pieces of Pine Nut ( Chilgoza ) daily. It ends the problem of Impotence.

Pine Nut ( Chilgoza ) for Headache

Extract or purchase Pine Nut ( Chilgoza ) oil. Heat. Apply lukewarm on forehead at night daily.

Pine Nut ( Chilgoza ) as Immunity Booster

Eat 8 to 10 pieces of Pine Nut ( Chilgoza ) once a day. It boosts up the immunity.

Pine Nut ( Chilgoza ) for Kidney Stones

Eat 5-6 Pine Nut ( Chilgoza ) with honey, twice a day for a week.

Pine Nut ( Chilgoza ) for Infertility

Eat 10 gm of Pine Nut ( Chilgoza ), twice a day.
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Herbal Treatment For Immunity Booster 1

Take the following herbs :
Pine Nut : Chilgoza : 5 pieces
Blackcurrant : 5 pieces
Soak them in water at night. In the morning, add one teaspoon sugar and take.
Queries on Pine Poll
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Sk sharma
09 Feb 2016
Sir I have problem with back pain
Herbpathy Research Team
10 Feb 2016
Dear Sk Sharma
We would like to know your age. Please specify since when are you suffering from Back pain. Do you feel any numbness in back? Is the pain in lower back or upper back and shoulders,neck ?
Are you facing any problem with other joints, like knee, or elbows.
Are you taking any medicines for this pain ?
Does the pain get worse when lying on bed ?
Do you have a history of any accident or injury related to back ? Please answer all these questions, only then we would be able to provide you with an appropriate cure. Regards
Herbpathy Research Team
( Make Life Healthy )
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
18 Dec 2016
Start yoga exersise this is best i have tried but do it slowly sloely in the beguning
Fathima ( Srilanka )
22 Apr 2016
Sir, my dad is suffering from parkinsons. Can you please prescribe a treatment for him?
22 Apr 2016
Fathima The best Herbs for your father's condition are- Velvet beans and Pine Nut.
You may buy Velvet bean capsules. And give him 2 capsules in a day. One in the morning and one in evening.
Also, a tea made by Herb Ginkgo is another cure. Apply Brahmi oil n his scalp twice or thrice in a week. Give him 2 cups of Green tea, once a day. Try these for a month.
Consult your health care provider before giving him any Herb. It is important.
22 Apr 2016
Thank you so much. I'll try them.
Aanand aalok ( India (bihar) )
02 May 2016
Dear Sir,

I am suffering from Hypothyroidism and taking thyronorm 100mcg daily from last 4 yrs.My age is 28 so plz suggest me the suitable herbal treatment for me.

09 Jun 2016
Dear Aanand
The main cause of Hypothyroidism is Hormonal imbalance. Withania Somnifera ( Ashwagandha in India ) is one of the best herbal remedies available that helps to cure Hypothyroidism. Ashwagandha is an Adaptogen as well as a superlative herb that is useful in balancing the hormones. Make Ashwagandha decoction by boiling the whole herb ( including leaves, stem, berry ) in two glass of water. Boil for 15-20 minutes. Drink the decoction in the morning. You may also go for Ashwagansdha powder. Take half teaspoon with milk on alternate days, in a week. OR, You can also have homeopathic medicine Thyroidinum 3X. Take 6 tablets in a day ( 2 tablets morning, afternoon and night ).
After consuming for a month any of the above method. Go for the checkup and give back your reviews. It is advised that you should consult your health care provider before taking any Herb.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Vijay Nair ( Maharashtra India )
27 Jul 2016
I am 48 yrs old suffering from seronegative arthritis having joint pain and muscle pain continuously. Plz advice the dose
27 Jul 2016
Dear Vijay
Try Maha yograj Guggul from Dhootapapeshwar. Take 1 tablet every day for 1 month.
Karan ( India, Rajasthan )
26 Aug 2016
Sir, I have sugar but in control, can I use chilgoza.
31 Aug 2016
Karan Please share your sugar readings.
And if you take Pine nut n moderate amounts, I mean just like we take any other dry fruit, then it is good. I myself take 5 to 10 everyday, as it is my favorite.
Siddique ( India )
01 Sep 2016
Respected Sir
I am cardiac pateint having 2 stents, I had an inferior attack in December 2014.
Can I use pine nuts and other dry fruits.
Please advise.
02 Sep 2016
Siddique Yes, you mat take pine nut. . I hope since 2014, everything is okay. Consult your heart specialist for the diet that you need to take. Do not try anything on your own.
Rakshitha Macherla ( United States )
24 Sep 2016
Sir I m suffering from hairfall and dandruff. Can you please help me out .
Meenakshee Menhas
28 Sep 2016
Wash your hair with a decoction of Amla ( Indian gooseberry ). This will reduce the dandruff.
Massage you hair with yogurt before taking head bath. For hair fall:
Mix Castor oil with coconut or olive oil. Massage it on your scalp and hair. Leave it as it is for 2 to4 hours. Wash it off.
This should be done thrice in a week. Method to prepare mixture : One tablespoon of Castor oil and 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Depends on the volume of hair. Quantity of Castor oil should be half the other base oil ( olive / coconut oil )
Chandra prakash ( INDIA )
01 Dec 2016
Dear sir
I am suffering from gbs and heart diagnosis so please help and suggest me
06 Dec 2016
Chandra Prakash
By Gbs , what do you mean ? Please write your query in detail. Do you intend to say Gallbladder stones ? And what did your heart diagnosis say , are you suffering from any cardiovascular disorder ?
Sultan ( Hyderabad India )
16 Mar 2017

My sister is suffering from Psoriasis Arthritis from long one year. Psoriasis from 3 years. Have tried many allopathy, homeopathic medicines. All in Vain.

She has hypothyrodism too.

Please advice best suitable solution.
20 Mar 2017
Sultan. You can try Babchi oil with her. She can apply Cranberry juice on the affected area every day for a month. Please read the herb Babchi in the herb section of this website and try it as a cure. It is a widely used herb to cure Psoriasis.
Armankhan ( India )
28 May 2017
how can i stop enlargement of postrate gland by using herbs
Ramakant Srivastava ( India )
12 Jun 2017
Stinging Nettle and Epilobium Parviflorum are the herbs for you.
These herbs will help to cure enlargement of the prostate. Drink a cup of Stinging Nettle tea, every day for a month.
have mother tincture of Epilobium Parviflorum , every day for 15 days in a month.
Take 10 drops of the tincture regularly for 15 days.
You may also take Pygeum herb for Prostate enlargement. Have one capsule, daily for one month.
James ( UK )
26 Sep 2017
Hi herbpathy team, is it okay to eat more of the pine nuts daily, reason being i have been on raw diet foods and the bulk of my food then was soaked peanuts, but i find the pine nuts makes me fill fuller and tastes nicer, if i have more of it will it cure the ailments that require for example only 10 or 8 pieces per day? would prolonged consumption cause any problems? also you stated super effective for Parkinson's disease but have not mentioned any remedy or quantity of nuts needed to cure or prevent it. Thanks in advance
Sharaf ( Thrissur , Kerala )
16 Jan 2018
Can you adv foods which boosts Libido in women after menapause ?
Also foods for increase of semen volume in male?
Aparna ( India )
22 Jan 2018
Hello sir,

Please let me know, should we consume pine nuts in summer season and how I mean whether soaked
Monika ( India/punjab )
21 May 2018
Sir I am suffering from fatigue and head tightness all day .all mri are clear .but I feel very stain on my eyes also .so suggest what is problem.no one doctor is detecting my problem.plss help me
Kabir ( Kano, Nigeria )
28 May 2018
How i use fine nut to cure my impotence completely
04 Nov 2018
My erections are loose and disappearing fast. Please advise how to eat chilgoza to cure this problem.
25 Jan 2019
My father is suffering from spinocerebral ataxia sca3 can you please suggest a treatment for him
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