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What does Niacin do for the body

Niacin is also Known as Vitamin B3. It is a water soluble Vitamin. It helps the Body to convert food into energy. It maintains good Blood Circulation and supports the Brain function. It boosts the memory power and improves the symptoms of Schizophrenia. It activates the Enzymes and regulates the Blood Circulation.

Level of Vitamin B3 in the Body

Daily Requirement of Niacin in the Body
0 to 6 months : 2 mg
7 to 12 months : 4 mg
1 to 3 years : 6 mg
4 to 8 years : 8 mg
9 to 13 years : 12 mg
Above 14 years : 14 mg
Pregnant and Nursing : 16 mg

Benefits of Niacin in the Body
It gives relief from Headache and Circulation problems. It keeps the Skin healthy and free from Acne. Niacin protects Heart from diseases by lowering the bad Cholesterol. It detoxifies the Liver.

Functions of Niacin in the Body
Niacin gives Energy to the body and repairs the damage of DNA due to Ultraviolet Rays. It supports production of Hydrochloric Acid which helps in proper digestion. The detoxifying property of Niacin helps to treat Acne and Skin Rash. Niacin regulate the Genes and increase the good Cholesterol.

Effects of Niacin deficiency in the Body
Memory loss
Poor Appetite
Excessive Red Tongue
Burning in the Mouth
Mood swings

Effects of Excess of Niacin in the Body
Excessive intake of Niacin may cause Headache and Dizziness. Niacin detoxifies the Liver but in excess it can damage the Liver. It can cause Skin Rash and Acne.

Herbs Containing Niacin

Most Effective


Acanthosicyos Naudinianus
Amaranthus Blitum
Amaranthus Dubius
Amaranthus Graecizans
Annona Diversifolia
Artemisia Keiskeana
Bauhinia Petersiana
Boletus Edulis
Borassus Madagascariensis
Bouea Macrophylla
Brussels Sprout
Castanea Mollissima
Ceratotheca Sesamoides
Ceylon Gooseberry
Cnidoscolus Aconitifolius
Coccinia Adoensis
Cucumis Africanus
Cucumis Anguria
Cucurbita Ficifolia
Digitaria Exilis
Diospyros Lycioides
Indian Lovegrass
Indian Thorny Bamboo
Medicago Lupulina
Oenanthe Javanica
Pouteria Viridis
Sow Thistle
Water Morning Glory
Wild Leek
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