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Acai Palm Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Acai Palm
Glycemic Index / Load
Acai Palm
Botanical Name
Euterpe Oleracea, Euterpe Precatoria

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Acai Palm Cures

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Action of Acai Palm

Most Effective

Nutrients in Acai Palm

Acai Palm
Combines With

Taste of
Acai Palm

Parts Used

Berries, Roots

Side Effects, Risk Factors of, and Cautions for Acai Palm

Avoid it during Hypersensitivity.
If you are on chemotherapy, Consult your doctor before taking Acai.
Do not take it with other cancer fighting medicines.
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Acai Palm is a tree.
It is perennial.
It belongs to the Arecaceae family.
It grows in a tropical climate.
It grows up to 25 M.
Acai Berry is the fruit of Acai Palm.
Its berries are deep red or purple in colour.
Best used for Obesity, Aging and Cancer.
It is also used in tests as an MRI contrast agent.



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Materia Medica for Acai Palm

Acai Palm General

Acai Palm is effective in achieving beautiful and lustrous Hair. It keeps the hair healthy and helps restore its radiance.
Acai Palm is of great value in providing relief to the tired Eyes and thus, keeps the Eyes healthy by protecting them against various Eye problems.
It prevents the growth of Cancer Cells and Tumours in the human body.
It is also helpful in countering Sleeplessness and enabling Sound Sleep.
It is an advantageous remedy for counteracting Heart ailments like an irregular beating of the Heart.
Vitamins B6 and B12 improve their ability to carry oxygen to cells around the body. Due to the presence of Vitamin B6 and B12, it prevents the body from Heart Diseases, Atherosclerosis, Carpal tunnel Syndrome and Anemia.
It is effective in strengthening the Immune system of our Body.
Acai Palm is a good herbal remedy for combating Body pains, Fever and Cold due to Influenza, familiar as Flu.
It also curbs the deadly disease like Malaria caused due to a mosquito bite.
It is effective in stimulating the rapid reduction of Body weight, thus, helping in toning up the Body. It also helps in mitigating a person's diet, thereby, improving the functionality of the digestive system.
It guards the Liver against various ailments, as a result, it provides energy to the body to work and stay fit.
It is a favourable remedy for the Skin as it reduces the possibility of untimely signs of Ageing. Thus, it helps a person in achieving an ideal and dazzling Skin. It works effectively in curing disease like Eczema, Psoriasis; which causes red patches. It helps in healing Cuts, Wounds, and Bruises.
It is effective in maintaining the Blood pressure of the Body, especially High Blood Pressure.
It is also beneficial in the modulation of Body Cholesterol.
Acai Palm is a good herbal remedy for counteracting Diabetes, which leads to increase in the Blood Sugar level in our body, thus, inviting various other ailments.
It also relieves Joint ailment like Arthritis, that results in discomfort and enlargement of the joints.
It is effective in providing relief from Loose Stool familiar as Diarrhea and Constipation.
It soothes the irritation and pain during the Menstrual Cycle.
It enhances the brain function and stabilizes the mood. It protects against Alzheimer. Acai Palm contains folate that helps in proper working of the brain.
It is important during pregnancy. It reduces the risk of spinal and mental defects in the fetus.
Caution : Consult a doctor before consumption. Avoid consumption if allergic to berries.
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