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Anemia Herbal Treatment, Prevention, Symptoms, Causes, Cured By

General Name
Medical Name
Hindi Name
Arktta, Khoon Ki Kami
Anemia Symptoms
Blue Fingers
Shortness of breath
Extremities go to sleep
Tingling in extremities
Wounds heal slowly
Palpitations of the heart
Shallow fast breathing
Nails become brittle
Loss of Libido
Chronic Lethargy (lack of energy)
Hormonal Imbalance
Cardiac Problems
Respiratory Difficulties
Digestive Problems
Sensitivity to Temperature
Chronic Joint and Intramuscular Pain

Anemia Cured By

Super Effective


Alafia Barteri
Albertisia Cord...
Albizia Glaberr...
Albizia Versico...
Aloe Lateritia
Aloe Socotrina
Amaranthus Blit...
Amaranthus Dubi...
Amphimas Pteroc...
Anthocleista Sc...
Bird Flower
Brahma Kamal
Casearia Ellipt...
Chamaecrista Ab...
Cherry Stem
Codonopsis Tang...
Cordeauxia Edul...
Dipterocarpus G...
Dried Dates
Euadenia Eminen...
Ferry Sulphaz
Gaillardia Pinn...
Galeopsis Tetra...
Gongronema Lati...
Grewia Mollis
Grewia Scleroph...
Guibourtia Tess...
Hedychium Thyrs...
Hedychium thyrs...
Hibiscus Acetos...
Hibiscus Asper
Jatropha Glandu...
Largeleaf Gloch...
Malabar Tree Ne...
Pedicularis Can...
Piper Chaba
Polianthes Tube...
Pulsatilla Alpi...
Salvia Leaved C...
Sarcostemma Vim...
Scoparia Dulcis
Sea Grapes
Shrubby Sea Bli...
Torch Tree
Vachellia Xanth...
Weeping Lovegra...
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Anemia is a disease of the Red Blood Cells.
The deficiency of the Red Blood Cells in the blood is called Anemia.
Red Blood cells (RBC) carry oxygen to various parts of the body.
Hemoglobin is a red protein responsible for transporting oxygen in the blood.
The ability of the RBCs to carry oxygen may be impaired. Hemoglobin problem.
The number of RBCs may have decreased. Low RBC count.
In either case, the body organs are starved of oxygen and become diseased.
Normal parameters for an adult are as follows:
RBC Count 4 to 5.5 Million per Milliliter
Hemoglobin 12 to 16.5 Grams per Deciliter
Anemia will appear as paleness on your face.
Anemia may be genetic.
Women during pregnancy are particularly affected from iron-deficiency anemia due to the blood loss from menstruation and the increased blood demands in the later stages of pregnancy.
One of the primary causes of Anemia is the lack of iron.
This deficiency is not due to less than normal intake of iron but probably due to the lack of assimilation.
Treatment should focus on correcting the metabolism rather than increasing the iron intake.
If the Anemia is caused due to abnormal breakdown of the RBCs, we call it Hemolytic Anemia.

Types of Anemia
More than 400 types of Anemia exist. Few common types are :

Iron deficiency Anemia : It is caused by shortage of iron in the body. Iron is needed for making hemoglobin.

Vitamin deficiency Anemia : A lack of folate and B12 vitamin in diet may cause Vitamin deficiency anemia. These nutrients are needed for making red blood cells.

Anemia of chronic disease : Cancer, Rheumatoid Arthritis, HIV/AIDS may affect the production of red blood cells. It may result into chronic anemia.

Aplastic Anemia : It is a rare form of anemia. The Bone Marrow fails to produce healthy red blood cells. It may be caused by an infection, drug and autoimmune disorder.

Sickle cell Anemia : It is a serious condition. A defective hemoglobin produces abnormal shaped red blood cells. These RBC's die prematurely and result into a chronic condition.

Causes of Anemia
Poor Diet
Loss of Blood
Hormonal Imbalance
Deficiency of Iron
Less production of the Red Blood Cells

Differential Diagnosis
Anemia : is the decrease in the Red Blood Cells. The Hemoglobin in the Blood goes down.
Haemophilia : is the inability of the body to clot or coagulate the Blood. Normally when the body is cut the Blood clots or coagulates and the bleeding stops. If a Blood Vessel breaks, the Blood will automatically clot or coagulate and bleeding will stop. Haemophilia is generally hereditary and passed down from the mother to son.
Sickle Cell Anemia : When the normal shape of the Red Blood Cells becomes abnormal it is Sickle Cell Anemia.

Body Part(s)

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Materia Medica for Anemia

Single Herb

Panicled Cassine for Anemia

Bark of Panicled Cassine is found to be useful even in extreme cases of Anemia.
Coarsely grind the bark of Panicled Cassine. Boil 2 tablespoons of powdered roots in 2 cups of water until it remains half. Stain and store. Take 10 ml of of the prepared decoction twice a day.

Golden Shower for Anemia

Take the flowers. Grind them properly. Add one tablespoon honey in one tablespoon paste. Have it once a day.
Iron content of Indian Pennywort ( Brahma Manduki in India ) helps to treat Anemia.
Take a teaspoon of Indian Pennywort ( Brahma Manduki ) extract twice a day.

Long Leaved Barleria for Anemia

Grind the seeds. Take 1/4 teaspoon with water once a day
The root of Yellow Dock ( Churka in India ) is a natural source of Iron. Iron is responsible for the formation of red blood cells.
Add one tablespoon of coarsely grind roots in a cup of water. Boil for 10 minutes. Have a cup of decoction once in a day.
Or : Purchase capsules from the market. Have one Capsule every day.

Dandelion ( Dudal ) for Anemia

Dandelion ( Dudal in India ) is rich in Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Manganese and Iron. These all nutrients are helpful in the formation of blood and it also maintain the balance of blood.
Prepare tea from Dandelion leaves. Add Honey or Lemon for taste. Drink twice a day.

Raisin ( Kishmish ) for Anemia

Raisins ( Kishmish in India ) contain Iron, Copper and Vitamin B. These nutrients are essential for the formation of Red blood cells.
Soak 15 to 25 Raisins ( Kishmish) in water. Leave it overnight. Next morning, eat the Raisins ( Kishmish) and drink the water. Repeat the process everyday.

Drumstick For Anemia

Cook the leaves of Drumstick and eat as a vegetable. It is a very good source of Iron.

Genipap for Anemia

Prepare a juice of Genipap fruit. Take it, twice a day.

Horseradish for Anemia

Cook Horseradish leaves as vegetable. Take it once a day.
Tinospora Cordifolia ( Guduchika in India ) assists the regeneration of Red Blood Cells.
Take the fresh whole Tinospora Cordifolia ( Guduchika ). Coarsely grind the herb and squeeze out the juice. Have 2 tablespoon of juice daily for a month and get your Red Blood Count tested.
Beetroot ( Chakundar in India ) is a good source of Iron. It helps in the production of Red Blood Cells.
Have Beetroot in Salad, Juice or in soup form.

Terminalia Chebula for Anemia

Heat Ghee and add Terminalia Chebula powder. Mix Honey. Give two tablespoon once a day to an Anemic patients.

Papaya ( Papita ) for Anemia

Take one small bowl of Papaya pulp once a day.

Onion ( Pyaj ) for Anemia

Take Onion juice with Honey.
Consume 1 tsp Onion juice with Jaggery and water.
Take 1/2 teaspoon powder of Commiphora Mukul. Add one teaspoon each of honey and Lime juice to it. Take it in the morning before breakfast.

Figs ( Anjeer ) for Anemia

Eat 2 figs a day.
Consuming Amla either in raw or juice form helps in increasing hemoglobin.

Turmeric ( Haldi ) for Anemia

Turmeric ( Haldi ) is a good source of Iron. Iron is the main element for the growth of Red Blood Cells.
Take a teaspoon of raw turmeric juice with honey. It is an effective way to treat Anemia.
Caution : As Turmeric ( Haldi ) is warm in potency, thus, it is not suggested to have it in summers.

Turkey Berry for Anemia

Take 5 to 6 Turkey Berry. Fry them in Ghee. Powder. Have 1/4 teaspoon thrice a day.

Verbascum Thapsus for Anemia

Prepare a decoction of Verbascum Thapsus leaves. Have it, once a day.

Basil ( Tulsi ) Leaves for Anemia

Mix one drop extract of Basil ( Tulsi ) Leaves in a glass of water. Drink it twice a day.

Aristolochia Indica for Anemia

Take 4 g dried leaves powder of Aristolochia Indica twice a day. Have it with lukewarm water.

Apricot ( Khubani ) for Anemia

Have 6-8 Apricots daily. It is a good source of Iron.

Jaggery ( Gur) for Anemia

Have a piece of Jaggery daily. It contain iron in high quantity.

Fenugreek ( Methi ) for Anemia

Consume Fenugreek ( Methi ) leaves in cooked form helps in curing Anemia.

Cherry ( Gilas ) for Anemia

Cherry ( Gilas ) contains iron which prevents Anemia.
Eat 8 to 10 Cherry ( Gilas ) once a day.
OR : Take one glass juice of fresh Cherry ( Gilas ).

Wheatgrass for Anemia

Drink half glass of Wheatgrass juice daily.
OR : Powder dried Wheatgrass. Have one teaspoon powder with normal water.

Mango ( Aam ) for Anemia

Mango ( Aam ) is rich in iron.
Consume a Mango ( Aam ) a day or take it in the form of juice or shake.

Arjuna for Anemia

Boil Arjuna bark in water for 10 minutes. Consume 5 ml when bearable hot. Have it two times a day.

Banana ( Kela ) for Anemia

Prepare root infusion of Banana ( Kela ) plant. Have 2 tsp of it once a day.

Morus Nigra for Anemia

Drink 5 ml fruit juice of Morus Nigra everyday.

Broccoli for Anemia

Eat Broccoli once a day either in raw or cooked form.

Agave for Anemia

Take 1 tsp dried leaf powder of Agave once a day. Have it with lukewarm water.

Chickpea for Anemia

Soak 50 gram of Chickpea overnight in water. Eat them as raw in the morning or fry them in ghee, once a day for a week.

Dates ( Khajur ) for Anemia

Add 2 to 3 Dates ( Khajur ) in a cup of milk. Soak it overnight. Eat the dates in the morning on an empty stomach.
OR : Eat 3 to 4 dates with warm milk before going to bed. You may also add 1 teaspoon Clarified butter in the milk.

Spinach ( Palak ) for Anemia

Spinach ( Palak ) consists of Vitamin C, Iron and Beta Carotene. These nutrients are essential to prevent and treat Anemia. Add Spinach (Palak) in your daily diet to enhance blood flow in the body.
Add Spinach ( Palak ) in salads.
OR : Have it in soup from. Add Spinach ( Palak ) leaves to 2 cups of water. Boil for 10 to 15 minutes. Add required seasoning for taste. Drink the soup twice a day. It helps to fight Anemia.

Sorghum ( Jowar ) for Anemia

Sorghum ( Jowar ) is a good source of Iron, Vitamin C and Dietary Fiber. These all help in formation of Red Blood Cells.
Eat it in any way. You may have Sorghum ( Jowar ) in bread form or any other way.
Alfalfa ( Jungli Lucerne) contains Vitamin C and Phytochemicals. Phytochemicals help the body to absorb Iron from the food.
Add Alfalfa ( Vilaiti Gawuth ) in your diet.
You may add two tablespoons of sprouted Alfalfa ( Jungli Lucerne ) in sandwich or salads or cook as a vegetable.
OR : Add two teaspoons of Alfalfa ( Jungli Lucerne ) seeds in a cup of water. Boil for 15 to 20 minutes. Drink this tea everyday for a month.
Turkey Berry ( Titbaigun in india ) possesses Anti-anemic property. It helps to increase the red blood counts.
Take dried Turkey Berry ( Titbaigun in india ). Roast 8 to 10 berries in Clarified Butter ( Desi Ghee in India ). Grind the roasted berries. Sprinkle the powder over whole day meals. Repeat the process daily for a month and then go for your hemoglobin tested.

Boerhavia Diffusa for Anemia

Extract juice from the whole plant of Boerhavia Diffusa. Consume 10 to 15 ml of juice for 45 days. Consult with your medicinal practitioner before taking the dose.

Kale for Anemia

Consuming Kale in your diet provides energy boosting nutrients to your body to fight against anemia.

Almond ( Badam ) for Anemia

Soak 10 Almonds in water for 2 hours. After 2 hours, peel off the skin and make a paste by grinding them. Consume this mixture for 3 months.
Consume one teaspoon of Dried Curry leaves with one cup of Hot water.
You can also consume it with warm Milk.

Fennel ( Saunf ) for Anemia

Boil two cups of water. Add three tablespoons of Fennel seeds and Rose petals in equal proportion. Let it boil for 10 minutes. Strain and drink it, two times a day.

Sesame for Anemia

Soak 1 tablespoon of black Sesame seeds in water over night. Next day make a paste and add 1 teaspoon of Honey in it. Have it every day.
OR : You may add Sesame seed paste and Honey to a cup of milk. Add 1 teaspoon of Jaggery to it.

Tomato for Anemia

Eat 2 to 3 Tomatoes daily. Do not forget to remove their skin and seeds.

Parsley for Anemia

Eat fresh or dried Parsley daily. You can also add it to soups and salads.
OR : Have a cup of fresh Parsley tea daily.

Bottle Gourd for Anemia

Have a glass of fresh Bottle gourd juice daily.
OR : Add 1 beetroot and a half bottle gourd. Make a soup and have it every day.

Rosehip for Anemia

Rosehip contains a good amount of Iron. This is beneficial for Anemic patients.
Have a cup of Rosehip tea every day.
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Multiple Herbs How to Use Herbal Treatment? Click Here +

Herbal Treatment For Anemia 1

Take 1 tablespoon each of Acacia Nilotica gum, Basil and Purslane. Fry in some Olive oil for 10 Minutes. Now soak it in 1 cup Rose Water. Take One tablespoon Thrice a day.

Herbal Treatment For Anemia 2

Crush the leaves of Adhatoda Vasica . Make its decoction. Add 5 g Honey in it. Have 20 ml of it twice a day. Use for 40 days.

Herbal Treatment For Anemia 3

Take Gum Acacia, Purslane and Basil. Grind them together. Fry powder in equal quantity of Olive oil. Cool it. Soak it in Rose Water for one hour. Have one teaspoon thrice a day for a month.

Herbal Treatment For Anemia 4

Prepare tea from Stinging Nettle, Lemon or Raspberry leaf. Drink twice a day.
Or : Use Stinging Nettle capsules.

Herbal Treatment For Anemia 5

Mix two tablespoon Honey in Banana. Have it once a day.

Herbal Treatment For Anemia 6

Prepare juice of Celery leaves and Carrot. Strain. Drink.

Herbal Treatment For Anemia 7

Mix Indian gooseberry, Honey, Sugarcane juice, in equal quantity. Drink this cup once a day.

Herbal Treatment For Anemia 8

Take Catechu gum, Basil leaves and Purslane in 3:1:1 ratio. Fry them in Olive oil for 6-7 minutes. Soak the fried mixture in bowl full of Rose Water. Let it stand for one day. Take 1 tsp once a day.

Herbal Treatment For Anemia 9

Blend a teaspoon of Turmeric ( Haldi ) in a cup of Yogurt.
Eat on an empty stomach in the morning and before meals in the afternoon.

Herbal Treatment For Anemia 10

Mix equal quantity of Apple ( Seb ) juice with Beetroot ( Chukander ) juice. Add some Honey for good taste and drink daily.

Herbal Treatment For Anemia 11

Soak One tablespoon Sesame seeds ( Til ) in some water for 2-3 hours. Now crush them well to make a paste. Mix One tablespoon of Honey and take two times a day.

Herbal Treatment For Anemia 12

Mix 15 g of Chicory roots with similar amount of Celery and Parsley. Add this to your daily diet. Eat this combination twice a day.

Herbal Treatment For Anemia

Mix the juice of Drumstick Leaf in one small cup with 1 to 2 teaspoons of Lemon juice. Drink it once a day.
Mix fresh juice of Drumstick Leaf with 1 tablespoon of Honey ( Shehad ) and 2 tablespoons Coconut water. Consume it once a day for 2 to 3 week.
Queries on Anemia
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You will get a reply in your email.
Monika Sharma
01 Jul 2015
Recently I have gone through my regular check up. My Hemoglobin was 8.5 g/dl. I want to increase my Hb. Please suggest me something.
Herbapthy Research Team
02 Jul 2015
Dear Monika,

There is a very a simple solution to this problem. Just soak 20 to 30 raisins in water and leave it over night. Next morning, drink that water and also, eat those Raisins. Repeat the process for at least one month.

Herbpathy Research Team
( Make Life Healthy )

13 Feb 2020
U mean raisins we use for baking
13 Feb 2020
Yes Reenie. Raisins are super effective o raise HB level.
Mukesh singh ( India/uttrakhand )
27 Mar 2016
Mem my brother suffering Anemia ....His Hb is 8.5. Please suggest me how to increase his hemoglobin level.... Please we are waiting your suggestion.
28 Mar 2016
Dear Mukesh
Your mother is advise to follow the regimen.
Take 20 to 30 raisins and soak them in water for whole night. Next morning eat those raisins and drink that water too.
Take a fruit diet also. Add Kiwi, Pomegranate and Carrot juice to her diet. Take these things for at least 1 month. Study the results. Write us back with results.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Elis ( Ghana/Takoradi )
05 Oct 2016
I can't eat well and am therefore having anaemia amidst dizziness,please what should I do
06 Oct 2016
Dear Elis
Don't worry, we suggest you to follow the regimen.
1. Eat a healthy fruit diet like Kiwi, Pomegranate and an apple every morning.
2. Drink fresh lemon water every day.
3. Eat a bowl of curd every day.
4. Eat vitamin C rich foods.
5. Eat more green Vegetables.
6. Buy Aloe vera and Aamla ( Indian Gooseberry ) juice and take 1 tablespoon each of them at every morning.
Things to avoid :
1. Avoid White sugar, White bread, white rice and all purpose flour.
2. Avoid Junk food and caffeine.
Also do some exercise daily. It will set your metabolic activities right. You need to be have patient and follow the regimen regularly to get better results. Write us back after 2 months.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Alex ( Ghana )
07 Oct 2016
I have Sickle Cell Anaemia and my Hb is 6.0. Please what should do to increase it. I also learnt that too much iron is not good for sickle cell patients.
21 Oct 2016
Dear Alex I suggest you a glass of green juice daily. Get a handfull leaves of Carrot, Beetroot and Spinach. Take out fresh juice and have one glass daily.
21 Oct 2016
Take it for 15 days only
19 Oct 2016
My iron is low and so is ferritin. RBC and Hemoglobin are in normal range. Anything specific that I should take?Been reading to take turmeric in honey, and add lemon and black pepper and have it as a tea. Is that recommended for this?
21 Oct 2016
Dear Marie
You better take leaves juice of vegetables daily.
Take a hand full of Carrot leaves, Beetroot leaves and Spinach. Take out juice and have one glass every day for 15 days only.
Charmine williams ( Trinidad and Tobago )
30 Oct 2016
I have iron deficiency anemia, whenever I have my monthly cycle makes it worse. I seem to be constantly trying to build my iron in take. How can I manage/control/get rid of this condition so my iron level will stabilize, and not be feeling tired, fatigue,depressed constantly.
09 Nov 2016
Dear Charmine
I suggest you to try the following herbs.
Take Dong Quai capsule every day for 15 days. It will help to tone up your reproductive organs.
Take 1 glass of Green leaf juice every day for 15 days only. You may add Carrot leaves, Beetroot leaves and spinach. You may make it as a soup also and add Tomatoes. Have Beetroot juice and Pomegranate juice daily.
Soak Sesame seeds in water over night. Next morning grind the Sesame seeds and make a paste. Add 1 teaspoon of Honey into it. Consume it every day.
Susantha ( Sri Lanka )
13 Jan 2017
my sister 25 years old.. she is suffering rheumatoid arthrities since 6 years.. she is suffering chronic anemia..hb = 9.0
01 Feb 2017
Dear Susantha
We advise her the following
Take Bosewellia tablet 1 every day.
Buy mother tincture of Tinospora Cordifolia from a Homeopathy and take 10 drops in a glass of water 2 times in a day.
Write us back after 1 month.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Jaren ( USA/ MI )
09 Mar 2017
My 20 month old daughter has sickle cell anemia and her hemoglobin fluctuates. Which dosages are safe for her with her young age?
10 Mar 2017
Dear Jaren
Buy Ceanothus Americanus in LM potency of 0/1, 0/3 and 0/5.
Start with 0/1 : Give her one dose once in a day for 10 days.
Then give her 0/3 : One dose once in a day for 10 days.
0/5 : one dose once in a day for 10 days.
If you did not find LM potency then, Buy Ceanothus Americanus 1M. You may get this from a Homeopathy shop. Give her 1 dose once in a week and give her for 6 weeks.
You may write us with results after 1 month.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Jane. Zambia
13 Feb 2020
I also have sickle cell . what shud l use
13 Feb 2020
Dear Jane
Take Garlic, Green Tea, Spinach, Beets, Pomegranate, Lentils. This will improve Blood cells. * Redroot capsules. Take 1 capsule daily for 1 month.
* Ethanol leaf extract of Terminalia Catappa. Take 3 drops daily. A regular physical diagnose is advisable.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Eunice ( Nigeria/abuja )
14 Jun 2017
I have anaemia because of cancer treatment, what can I use
14 Jun 2017
Dear Eunice
Have a glass of Carrot and Beetroot use every day.
Have 1 capsule of Echinacea and Goldenseal every day for 1 month. It will boost your immunity.
Have a fresh shot of Wheat grass juice every day. And also include Carrots, Beetroots and Celery in your daily diet. They fight to prevent the cancer growth in the body.
Have a cup of fresh Aamla ( Indian Goose Berry ) juice every morning.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Lori ( RI )
30 Jul 2017
Hello. I have a bone marrow disease called Paroxsmyal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria and now how hypochromic anemia which is an overload of iron in my system. Is there anything I can do/take to help my system get rid of the overload? Any help here would be greatly appreciated.
31 Jul 2017
Dear Lori
Buy Tribulus Terrestris tincture from a Homeopathy shop and have 10 drops in a glass of water 2 times in a day.
Take it for 1 month and see the results.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Krishna ( India )
03 Oct 2017
My mother suffering from severe aplastic anemia (past 3months) and she is in hospital for the past 3 months. Her WBC is very low .68, Platelets count 5000. For past 10 years she had taken medicines for Rhumetoid Arthritis.

Hence request to suggest some remedial measures for the same!!!!
08 Nov 2017
Dear Krishna
Buy Nyctanthes mother tincture from a Homeopathy shop and give your mother 5 drops 2 times in a day. Try it for 15 days and see the effects.
Kezia ( Guyana )
15 Mar 2018
I'm 22 and troubling from sickle cell anemia since age 3, doctors claim i shouldn't take iron n caffeine but they never said why....and my HB always low around 5.0 - 6.0 once reaches 7.0 but don't be higher than 7.0, it cause me to have a painful foot ulcer on both my ankle 3 years now and not healing...

Please what can i used to help my situation?
05 Apr 2018
Dear Kezia Buy Ceanothus Americanus mother tincture from a Homeopathy shop and have 10 drops in a glass of water 2 times in a day.
Soak a few Raisins in a bowl of water and have it every morning on empty stomach. Drink that water too in which they are soaked.
19 Feb 2019
Mavis Anu
06 Feb 2020
My daughter 12 years and have sickle cell anemia. What should I do to boost the blood?
Lori Trinidad ( USA/CA )
10 Feb 2020
I’ve been suffering from iron anemia for about 7 years now. 3 years ago I had 11 fibroids removed. Changed my diet to vegan. My hemoglobin stays at a low level and no matter what I’ve tried. I’m 49. Please help.
17 Feb 2020
Dear Lori Have you got Blood tests done? If not, please get a detailed blood test done. Is there any other problem, that you would like to mention?
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Amir ( Pakistan )
02 Mar 2020
Herbpathy team plz help my son is suffering from stammering since he ws 3 years old now he is 11 but problem is still there he has lost his confidence hesitate to talk and a bit lethargic plz suggest herbal medicine easily available in Pakistan
01 Apr 2020
Hey Amir. I suggest you to try homeopathic remedy for this. Plus, some exercises will also help to stabilize the speech issue. Check online for exercises to reduce Stammering. For children, homeopathic medicines can help to settle the speech issue.
Kristine ( Philippines )
20 Jun 2020
Hi Herbphaty, I'm worried right now I think i have an anemia i feel dizziness, mild headache, fainting and i'm always tired. Just earlier I do some check my BP and the result 96/63 hepl me please ??
Harshul ( India )
09 Jul 2020
Harshul (india)
Anemia due iron deficency - please suggest remedies
09 Jul 2020
Dear Harshul
Please take the following:
Raisin: Take 10-15 soaked Raisins.
Beetroot: As salad, Juice or Soup.
Indian Gooseberry, Apricot, Jaggery, Dates, Tomatoes. Take for atleast 2 months and get a blood Hb test done after.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
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