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Carcinosin Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
English Name
Homeopathic Name
Carcinosin   -   Mother Tincture

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Carcinosin Cures

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Action of Carcinosin

Nutrients in Carcinosin

Side Effects, Risk Factors of, and Cautions for Carcinosin

Take this medicine under strict supervision of Doctor or an expert Homeopath.
If given to wrong person, side effects of the medicine may aggravate Cancer or any other disease in the person.
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Carcinosin is a Homeopathic Remedy.
It is prepared from the cancerous tissues of a Cancer patient.
Best used for Cancer, Insomnia and Abdominal Pain.

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Materia Medica for Carcinosin

Carcinosin General

Carcinosin is a nosode. A nosode is a remedy prepared from the same material which causes the disease. Carcinosin is prepared from the cancerous tissues of Breast Cancer patient.
The medicine is taken in the diluted form. It is given according to the patient symptoms. Different age groups exhibit different symptoms. Children often have suppressed emotions and a hard time criticism. In Puberty, there is a suppression of sexual feelings. In Adults, they push themselves very hard into work. There are a lot more symptoms which need to be checked first before having the medicine. Carcinosin is not given to the person who is already diseased, as it will further aggravate the disease. The medicine is given as a prevention to disease, after matching the symptoms of an individual. If given to a healthy or a non diseased person, it will graft the disease in him.
Carcinogenic patients usually have a history of Drug addiction, Alcohol, Caffeine and Cigarettes and sensitivity to food. Carcinosin is used to treat a number of conditions causing disease.
It is useful in curing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The medicine however is given after matching the symptoms. Often Debility and Fatigue in a person is characterized by aching muscles, light headedness, Sick feeling, lack of sensation, depression, chronic cold and lack of concentration.
Carcinosin is beneficial for Insomnia. It is specified by long term emotional stress accompanied with negative response.
It is an effective homeopathic remedy for Respiratory ailments as Bronchitis. The patient may also have difficult breathing, chronic Cough, Asthma with Chest and Throat constriction. The medicine is given only after matching the complete symptoms.
It is good for Abdominal Pain. The condition is marked by dry and hard stool and burning pain in the colon accompanied with Constipation.
People suffering from Blemishes, moles and acne on Chest and back can benefit from Carcinosin. The person may be prone to bruises and bleeding with slight hurt.
Carcinosin is effective for mentally retarded or challenged children. It is effective remedy for Autism.
Carcinosin is a powerful nosode for Cancer prevention. It is used for preventing Cancer. The medicine is not given to the person suffering from Cancer. It is given before the disease, by analyzing the symptoms. Since it is made from the pus of tumorous cancer tissues, it may aggravate the disease further if given to a diseased person. However, giving the medicine before the actual disease attacks, prepares antibodies in the Body to prevent and fight that particular disease. The patients requiring this remedy feel intense coldness and hotness. The patients have a family history of Anemia, Tuberculosis, Diabetes and other diseases. There are multiple other symptoms that are analyzed before turning the patient to Carcinosin.
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Queries on Carcinosin
Suresh chaubey ( India )
02 Dec 2017
Nancy daniel ( India west bengal )
14 Dec 2017
My father had tongue cancer he had an operation on da 8th of Oct 2017 now doctors said to go for radiation nd chemo as the cancer may be in da lymne nodes reports says nd his cancer is 4th stage can u please sat if carcinosin is helpful or not
06 Jan 2019
Look up SOURSOP and Blushwood. Soursop kills cancer cell and blushwood will kill cancer in 48 hrs just hard to get
Satyendra ( India )
28 Feb 2018
I m psoriasis present can use carcinosin 200 or non pl .Help me sume Dr. Are suggest me
08 Mar 2018
No please. it is suggested that you get yourself physically diagnosed and only listen to an expert for Psoriasis.
Mar ( United Kingdom )
18 Apr 2018
Hi there, my husband has had Prostate cancer for the Past 2 years. He has had radiotherapy (7 and half weeks,) and hornmone therapy also. His PSA is now 0.04 and the oncologist is saying that he is on remmission ( this week following an appointment on the 16th). Would it be good to have the carsonosin? Thank you for your time.
06 Jan 2019
Look up blushwood, SOURSOP, it kills cancer
Kanchan Valecha ( Maharashtra )
07 Jul 2018
As per doctors suggestion I am taking carcinosin 200c... But as M taking M getting itching at lower body Very badly..
D.saha ( W.B. )
28 Sep 2018
Can be taken along with allopathic medicines. True / wrong. Plz help quickly
D.Saha ( W.B. )
28 Sep 2018
Carcinosin 1000 can be taken along with allopathic medicines. True/wrong plz help quickly.
P.panda ( West Bengal )
05 Oct 2018
Can hemangioma be cured with carcinosin medicine
Sanjay rathore ( U.p.india )
12 Dec 2018
Sir , my name sanjay rathore .My right kidney loar part in mass growth 4.5?4.2 cm .Dr. are cancer .You will be me know suggest yousd in carcinocin 200 .
Abha jha ( India/new delhi )
23 Jan 2019
Dear sir
My father is suffering from kidney stage 4 metasis cancer.
His body is not allowing for chemo.
Please give me suggestions what to do
Ranjeeta Agrawal ( India )
01 Feb 2019
Hi ,
I have been diagnosed as IDC,Grade 3,
in Breast with 2cm lump after Biopsy..Was advised Carcinosin 200 ,2-3 drops in One Tbsp of water once in a week,before surgery of removing lump..and continued even after surgery for 4 weeks..Those who have this type of symptoms can go for this medicine
Julie ( U.K. )
24 Mar 2019
I am a retired homoepath. My husband has b een severely ill . Mental and Physical Carsinosin picture. I decided to give him 3 in a divided dose. (12hrly) 1m. After 1st dose no response. After 2nd remarkable change mentally but mobility weakened. I decided to stop and wait. 7 days later Shingles. Hy husband said that he has never had Chicken Pox. (obviously wrong). I am now treating with Zerpes Zoster 200c split dose of 3. Should I revert to Carsinosin 1m again as he is in a lot of pain as it is in his face and neck.

Thanking you, Most grateful for some advice. I am 79 years of age and left practice 20 years ago.
Deepak Bhatnagar ( India )
27 Mar 2019
My uncle's tongue is diseased by ulcer approx 3cm on left side. And this side of tongue ( half tongue) is hard. Due to this hardness he get unbearable pain on movement of tongue like speech or mastication.
Then my question is that Is carcinosin better for him or not. If yes tell about dosage and potency.
If not suggest about best homeo medicine.
Jagdish chandra ( India )
14 Apr 2019
My father is suffering from gallbladder cancer metastatic spread in right adrenal glands and lymph nodes
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