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Spirulina Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Glycemic Index / Load
Botanical Name
Arthrospira Platensis

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Spirulina Cures

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Action of Spirulina

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Nutrients in Spirulina

Nature of


Side Effects, Risk Factors of, and Cautions for Spirulina

High doses may cause Liver and Kidney Problems.
Avoid excessive dosage. It may lead to Diarrhea, Migraine and Stomach Ache.
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Spirulina is a type of algae.
It grows in tropical and subtropical climatic water bodies.
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Materia Medica for Spirulina

Spirulina General

Spirulina has the antioxidant component which inhibits the oxidation process within the body.
It reduces Aging symptoms and protects your skin from skin ailments.
It stimulates the immunity system.
It cures Anemia.
It reduces the cholesterol level to prevent your body from getting High Cholesterol levels.
It provides strength and tones up the muscles to cure Muscle Fatigue.
It reduces the pain during Muscle Cramp.
It regulates the functions of the nervous system and helps you to concentrate better.
It provides relief from Anxiety.
It decreases stress.
It induces sleep to prevent from Insomnia.
It stimulates your brain during Amnesia. It also enhances the memory power.
It regulates the blood pressure and is beneficial in treating High Blood Pressure.
It heals the open Wound.
It maintains the sugar level, thus protecting the body from getting prone to Diabetes.
It increases appetite and treats Anorexia.
It provides relief from the pain during Difficult Menses.
It alleviates the Menopause Symptoms.
Single Herb

Spirulina for Bad Breath

Powder Spirulina. Put one teaspoon powder in half glass of water. Swish with this water twice a day.
OR : Purchase Spirulina breath freshener liquid from market. Put 30 drop in half glass of water. Swish with it.
OR : Puchase Spirulina tablets from market. Chew one tablet thrice a day.

Spirulina for High Cholesterol

Mix 5 gram Spirulina powder in a half glass of lukewarm water. Drink it once a day to maintain your cholesterol level.

Spirulina for Muscle Fatigue

Put 4 to 6 grams Spirulina powder in a glass of water. Mix it well. Drink this mixture once a day to provide strength to your muscles.

Spirulina for High Blood Pressure

Add 4 gram Spirulina powder in a fresh glass of water. Drink it once a day to maintain your blood pressure.

Spirulina for Pineal Gland Disorder

Take half teaspoon of Spirulina powder with one glass of water daily after meals.
Queries on Spirulina
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29 Apr 2016
my wife is suffering from low BP & UTERUS FIBROIDS . which is the best herb for her .
04 May 2016
Virendera For Uterine Fibroids---
Castor pack --- soak a clean cloth in castor oil and keep it over the lower abdomen, then covering it with plastic wrap, followed by another layer of cloth. Put a hot water bottle on top and leave it like this for at least an hour. Do it everyday for one month ..
This is really effective method. Drinking. the juice of squeezed bitter leaf can help to cure fibroids, Also, , the most effective herbs are Chasteberry and Dandelion. Take Ginseng Korean capsules for low blood pressure. try this for a month and make a record of her blood pressure readings, the herb can be stopped once the blood pressure becomes normal.
09 May 2016
what will be the effect on blood pressure after taking Dandelion.
Patricia ( Ireland )
17 May 2017
For high cholesterol AND high bp, will taking 5gms daily in water work or do I need to take 5gm 4gms? Thank you.
Sophie Dolma ( India )
25 May 2017
Patricia. The dosage of Spirulina to cure High Cholesterol is 1-8 gm per day. It is okay if you are taking 5 gm every day. Spirulina is one of the best herbs to cure High Cholesterol. The softgel capsules of Spirulina are available in the market. My dad took those capsules and was benefited to a great extent.
Chimara ( Nigeria )
05 Jul 2017
What can i do. I am very fat on the stomach after childbirth. I need help to reduce it.
04 Sep 2017
Go for regular exercise. It is not safe to consume the harsh herbs, since you must be breast feeding your child. Just drink Green Tea and go for regular exercise.
His Honey Bunny ( United States of America )
17 Oct 2017
Do you have any suggestions for strengthening the womb?
Thank you
With much appreciation
Medhaavi ( India )
24 Oct 2017
Take Shatavari capsules, Dong Quai capsules and Manjakani capsules. All these herbs are the wonder herbs for females. Take one capsule of each for a month. take Dong Quai after lunch . Shatavari, after dinner.
Chan ( UAE )
14 Feb 2018
This is Chan.I wanna ask that my Mrs.has a problem of Uterine fiberoid .How can I remove it without surgery.Can spirulina move it for all? I need suggest.
14 Feb 2018
The herbs called Stinging Nettle can help to remove Uterine fibroids, i have myself tried it. I had to take its tea for 15 days. Bauhinia capsules, one every day. I also ate Spirulina capsules, one daily for a month. And A little bit of Diet change. I have been cured of the Uterine Fibroids, which I thought was impossible.
Umm zahra
21 Feb 2018
how do i use it for weight loss
23 Feb 2018
You can buy Spirulina tea, have one cup every day for a month./ Or take Spirulina in the capsule form. take whatever form it is available to you in.
Anuj saraf ( West Bengal )
16 May 2018
Hello I m suffering from abdominal tuberculosis which herb should I take
Shirley cisneros ( Philippines )
25 Nov 2018
how many capsule of spirulina shall i take daily if am diabetic..
Alice Zziwa ( Uganda )
02 Feb 2019
Have Utirine fibroids which medication can I use to get rid of them without surgery and if Spirulina work for how long and how many capsules am i supposed to take
19 Jun 2019
I use 2ea 1000 mg tablets - they are green that I get from vitacost . com in US. I believe you can take 3000 mg a day.
Mary ( Ghana )
08 Nov 2020
Please can stinging nettle, bahunia capsules and spirulina capsules help me shrink large fibroids naturally? Please how long can it be taken
Mary ( Ghana )
08 Nov 2020
Can stinging nettle bahunia capsules and spirulina capsules help me shrink large fibroids naturally? Please how long can it be taking
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