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What does Polysaccharides do for the body

Polysaccharides are complex carbohydrate molecules formed of long chains of Oxygen, carbon and Hydrogen cells. It is a complex sugar molecule having glycogen bond.

Functions of Polysaccharides in the body
They are used to store energy. Therefore, known as potential source of energy .
Polysaccharides are essential dietary elements. Work as an anticoagulant agent, ensures proper Blood circulation.
They possess strong anti-cancer properties and hamper tumor growth.
Polysaccharides bolster the Immune system. They act as strong detoxicant which expel toxins from the body.
It is due to the presence of this nutrient, that Herbs possess antiaging properties.
Polysaccharides are good for Skin, removes dead cells from the surface of Skin. This helps in reducing signs of aging.

Daily requirement of Polysaccharides

The minimum amount of Polysaccharides required by the body is 130gm per day.

Benefits of Polysaccharides

Mood enhancer.
Healing of wounds.
Aids in better functioning of Pancreas and prevents Diabetes.
Treatment of Diarrhea.
Nullify the side effects of Chemotherapy.
It tonifies Liver and improves the function of Liver.
Provides relief from Heart burn, also improves Cardiovascular health and reduces Cholesterol level.
Regulates Blood pressure and Blood sugar levels.
Helps in combating Stress and rid the body of symptoms of Fatigue.

Deficiency of Polysaccharides may cause :

Low Blood Sugar
Cardiovascular Problems

Herbs Containing Polysaccharides

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