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Tridax Procumbens Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Tridax Procumbens
English Name
Tridax Daisy, Cultivated Fenugreek
Botanical Name
Tridax Procumbens
Hindi Name
Khal Muriya, Tal Muriya

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Tridax Procumbens Cures


Action of Tridax Procumbens

Nutrients in Tridax Procumbens

Parts Used

Whole Plant , Leaf
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Tridax Procumbens is a plant.
It may be annual or Perennial.
It grows in tropical and sub tropical climates.
It grows up to 60 Cm.


Grown In

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Materia Medica for Tridax Procumbens

Tridax Procumbens General

Tridax Procumbens is Anticoagulant, Antifungal and Insect repellent. The leaves of the plant are Antiseptic, Haemostatic and Parasiticide. The juice extracted from the leaves of the plant is applied directly on the Wounds. The leaf extracts are used for infectious Skin diseases. A paste of leaves is used externally to reduce swelling of Hemorrhoids and stop Bleeding. The leaf sap of the plant applied topically cures Sores and Ulcers.
It is used to treat Liver disorders, Gastritis and Heartburn.
It is used to treat Boils, Blisters and Cuts.
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Queries on Tridax Procumbens
Knrkrishna ( INDIA )
10 Jul 2016
is tridax herb useful for UTI and cold and cough
12 Jul 2016
Dear Krishna
Well, I have never heard about the use of this Herb for UTI. Though, I have heard the benefits of Bladderberry, Cranberry and Blueberry for UTI.
05 Jul 2019
I have used this herb for piles. Like i used to have in empty stomach. and guess what nowi don't have any piles problem.
21 Dec 2017
thank you what is the herbal remedy for dak black patches of one or 2 inches diametrs of young married woman of 28 to 35 yrs
Akshay ( INDIA )
25 Jul 2016
I am suffering from errective dysfunction.
Please suggest me any remedy.
01 Aug 2016
Take Mucuna Pruriens capsules everyday. Two capsules, one in the morning and one in the evening. Mix a pinch of Saffron in a glass of milk and drink it every night before going to bed. It is only a suggestion, you may consult your health care provider before trying the herbs.
Anonymous ( Nigeria )
10 Nov 2016
Is it possible to increase your breast with basil leaves and how quick does it work?
10 Nov 2016
The remedy is this-- No other herb can show better results than these--- Massage your breasts in upward direction , for 15 minutes. Best oil for it is grape seed oil or almond oil. you might come across answer like apply essential oils like carrot oil or fennel seed oil. But. I will suggest to not go for them as these oils are very very strong and inappropriate quantity may cause burning sensation on the skin. And yes, you can massage your breasts with prime rose oil. Do it twice a day, for best results. Flax seed is used to reduce breasts size. take the powder of the seeds with hot water. Drink it daily.
28 Sep 2017
Is there any way apart from surgery to reduce large breasts?
06 Apr 2018
Why would you wanna reduce your large breasts? I love women with large breast
Cheah ( Penang .Malaysia )
09 Jan 2018
Is there any cream or herbal leaves etc to treat Cellulitis infection on the leg..please advise
Geeta ( India )
20 Jul 2018
I want to know the uses of tridax procumbens for hair. does it helps in converting the grey hairs into back and how?
Ramya ( Tamilnadu )
13 Aug 2018
how to use the plant tridax procumbens as medisen for gastritis.
Aakash ( India )
24 Sep 2018
I have heard that drinking juice from this plant leaves, helps in cure of piles. How much is it true and is there any other remedy for piles treatment?
20 Dec 2018
Yes aakash its vary true.
Shankar ( Maharashtra, India )
24 Oct 2018
Can we use juice of this plant for kidney stones removal.
10 Dec 2018
Can we use this leaves on dark spots of face ?
05 Jul 2019
Instead have this in empty stomach .Its really good for Health.I have this with curd and sugar.
Abhijit Giri ( JHARKHAND )
17 Feb 2019
How can i buy the plant of ghamra or tridax procumbens
05 Jul 2019
no need to buy this plant.It generally grows near stones.Rock side areas to be specific.
Shifa samir ( Maharashtra )
23 May 2019
Any herbal medicine for urine infection
I m suffering from stone problem
I m having total 6 stones.
Piyush INDRA
10 Jun 2019
Kindly send your postal address , I send you black colour grams. Within 15 days no stones in kidney. You can take cray too. This free of cost we give for all patients postage delivery expenses to our side. MAHA INDRA WELFARE FOUNDATION NAGPUR. PIYUSH INDRA 9730787167.
Mahebubunnisa ( India telengana )
10 Aug 2019
I have too much heat , for that my hands and legs only plams and feet are scratching. i am using this leaves on the scratching parts i am releaved. but can i drink this leaf juice also ...please advice so that the body heat comes out.
16 Aug 2019
Dear Mahebubunnisa, The juice of leaves of this plant is not suitable for drinking. Well, you can apply the juice over wounds and cut. It will stop bleeding and prevent infection. For the body heat, do the following:
1. Have a glass of Buttermilk once or twice in a day.
2. Fill the water bottle with 5-6 mint leaves. Drink that water in the day and keep refilling it.
3. Avoid eating spicy and fried food.
4. Take Baking soda for 21 days. Add a pinch of baking soda in half glass of water. Do not add more than a pinch of baking soda. Do it for a month. It will help your body to alkalize and you will feel better in terms of heat.
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