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What does Triterpenes do for the body

Triterpenes are a group of Terpenes. Triterpenes are in white crystalline form and are good for overall health. Triterpens strengthen the Stomach and Digestive system. It has strong Antibacterial and Anti fungal properties. These properties helps to kill bacteria and protects from infections.

Requirement of Triterpenes per day
1 gm to 3 gm

Benefits of Triterpenes
Triterpenes help to improve the Blood Pressure and balances the Blood Lipids. It supports the proper functioning of Central Nervous System and transmission of the signals to the Brain. The Anti oxidation property of Triterpenes helps to protect the body from the Cancer Cells.

Functions of Triterpenes
Triterpenes boost the Immune system and protect the body from Allergies and Infections. It reduces the inflammation in the body. Triterpenes help in transmitting the Nerve impulses to the Brain's Cortex. It balances the hormones of the body and stabilizes the circulatory system. The Anticancer property of Triterpenes helps to slow down the growth of Cancer cells.

Effect of Triterpenes deficiency in the body
Skin Allergy

Effects of Excessive Triterpenes in the body
Liver Disease

Herbs Containing Triterpenes

Most Effective

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