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Jasmine Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Glycemic Index / Load
Poet's Jasmine, Common Jasmine, Jasmine
Botanical Name
Jasminum Officinale
Hindi Name
Homeopathic Name
Jasminum Officinale   -   Mother Tincture

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Jasmine Cures

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Action of Jasmine

Nutrients in Jasmine

Taste of

Nature of


Parts Used

Flowers, Leaves, Roots

Side Effects, Risk Factors of, and Cautions for Jasmine

It should not be used internally. People with hypersensitive skin may have to dilute it to prevent irritation.
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Jasmine is a flowering plant.
It is perennial.
It grows in tropical, subtropical regions.
It grows up to 13 M.
Best used for Liver Diseases.

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Materia Medica for Jasmine

Jasmine General

Jasmine is known as Chameli in India. It is associated to the Oleaceae family. Jasmine possesses a strong aroma and flavor.
It is loaded with powerful antioxidants which prevent Cancer. It fights against the free radicals and protects the cells from going Cancerous. The anticancer action is useful against the Breast Cancer, Bladder Cancer, Lung Cancer, Prostate Cancer and Skin Cancer.
The fragrance of Jasmine produces a relaxing effect. It relaxes the body, mind and combats Stress. It provides relief from Tension, Anxiety and alleviates the symptoms of Pain and Headache.
It helps in reducing the levels of Bad Cholesterol from the body. It keeps the Heart health and prevents the occurrence of Heart Attack and Heart Diseases.
Jasmine metabolizes the glucose levels in the body. The regular consumption of Jasmine Tea is useful in treating Diabetes.
It contains Catechin which improves the metabolic process. It assists in weight loss. It helps in the quick burning of fat and makes the body slim and energetic.
It is effective in fighting against Bacterial Infections and Viral Infections. It helps in curing Influenza, Dysentery and Cholera.
Jasmine tea maintains the Gastrointestinal health. It protects the stomach and the intestinal lining. It makes the digestion easy and cures Indigestion.
It kills the Mouth bacteria and and prevents Tooth Decay. It rinses the Mouth and cures the problem of Bad Breath.
It is a effective remedy for the person suffering from Hypertension. It relaxes the Nervous system and normalizes the Blood pressure.
Jasmine increases the Skin elasticity and softens the Skin. It restores the moisture of the Skin and reduce the occurrence of Wrinkles.
A body massage with Jasmine Oil relaxes the body. It treats the conditions like Sunburn and Skin Rash.
The aphrodisiac action improves the mood and enhances the sexual desire.

Caution: Consult a doctor before consuming it.
Keywords: Breast Cancer, Bladder Cancer, Lung Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Skin Cancer, Stress, Anxiety, Tension, Pain, Headache, Heart Attack, Heart Diseases, Diabetes, Bacterial Infections, Influenza, Dysentery, Cholera, Indigestion, Hypertension, Bad Breath,Tooth Decay, Wrinkles, Sunburn, Rashes.
Single Herb

Prepare a decoction of the leaves of Jasmine. Strain. Drink one cup a day.

Jasmine for Conjunctivitis

Boil 6 to 7 flowers of Jasmine in 250 ml of water. Strain out the decoction and wet out a cotton by putting it in strained water. Now clean your eyes with the cotton. Do this procedure thrice a day.

Jasmine for Hyperlactation

Jasmine Flowers help in reducing Milk secretions.
Prepare a paste of Jasmine flowers and apply it on the breasts until the secretion stops.

Jasmine for Constipation

Prepare a decoction of Jasmine flowers, roots and leaves in one cup of water. Strain and drink it.
It cures Constipation.

Jasmine for Skin Diseases

Prepare a decoction, made of Jasmine roots and one cup of water. Strain and drink it.
It is a good remedy for Skin Diseases particularly Scabies, Ringworm, Leprosy and Acne.
The decoction prepared of Jasmine plant cures Gastrointestinal Disorders particularly Stomach Ache, Dysentery and Diarrhea.
Prepare a decoction of Jasmine flowers, leaves and roots in one cup of water. Strain and drink it.

Jasmine as an Antilithic

Jasmine flowers decoction help in preventing the formation of Kidney Stones and provides relief from the symptoms of Kidney Stones.
Prepare a decoction of Jasmine flowers in one cup of water. Strain and drink it.

Jasmine for Headache

Jasmine leaf paste when applied on the forehead provides relief from Headache.
OR : You can even prepare a decoction of Jasmine leaves in one cup of water. Strain and drink it.

Jasmine for Rheumatism

Soak Jasmine flowers in Castor Oil and gently massage with this oil over the affected area daily.

Jasmine for Wounds

Make a poultice of Jasmine flowers and leaves. Apply it on the Wounds, Cuts and Sprains to stop bleeding and facilitate healing.

Jasmine as an Aphrodisiac

Make a poultice of Jasmine flowers and leaves. Apply it over the pubic areas.
It acts as a sexual stimulator.

Jasmine for Peptic Ulcer

Prepare a decoction, made of Jasmine leaves and one cup of water. Strain and drink it.
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Herbal Treatment For Aphthous Ulcers 5

Take dried leaves of following herbs in equal quantity :
Berberis Aristata ( Kilmora ) , Jasmine, Liquorice, Chebulic Myrobalan. Grind them to make powder. Again sieve the powder to get fine powder. Take 1 tsp of the powder and add same quantity of Honey. Mix well to make paste. Apply it over mouth ulcers.

Herbal Treatment For Sallow Skin 5

Take the following herbs :
Wheat : Gehun : Oil : 3o ml
Sunflower : Surajmukhi : Flower : 4 to 5
Turmeric : Haldi : Root : Crushed : 20 gram
Euphorbia Hypericifolia : Dudh Mogra : 20gram
Aloe Vera : Gheekumari : Gel : 30 gram
Jasmine : Chameli : Flower : 4 to 5
Put all ingredients in a grinder. Grind them together. Store in a glass bottle. Use it as face pack twice a week. It removes dead cells and gives you spotless skin.

Herbal Treatment For Urinary Problems 2

Make a decoction of Virginia Snakeroot, Jasmine ( Chameli ) and Plantago. Take twice a day.
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Jazzmin Gibbs ( NC )
30 Nov 2018
if someone is using jasmine for hyperlactation, but still wants to breastfeed their baby, should they avoid the herb all together so that it won't dry their milk up?
Angelia ( USA/Virginia )
12 Aug 2020
Is Butterfly pea and jasmine a good combo? What are the benefits of it?
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