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What does Eugenol do for the body

Eugenol is an essential Oil present in Clove. It is a powerful Antioxidant which helps to protect the body from harmful cells. It possesses strong Anti microbial property. This helps to kill harmful parasites that may damage the Heart, Lungs or the Kidneys.

Benefits of Eugenol
Eugenol has strong Antiseptic property. It helps to heal wounds and inhibits further infection. Eugenol gives relief from Toothache and Gum diseases. Its Anti inflammatory property helps to reduce irritation and inflammation of throat and digestive system. It expels out the harmful toxins and purifies the blood. It increases the Blood Circulation and cures digestive disorders.

Functions of Eugenol
Eugenol deactivates free radicals which may damage the Nerve cells. The Antioxidant property of Eugenol promotes the regeneration of damaged cells and improves Brain functioning. It balances the level of Neurotransmitters and hormones in the blood. Eugenol helps to increase the secretion of Gastric Juice in the Stomach. This helps in the proper digestion and kill harmful Intestinal bacteria.

Effect of Eugenol Deficiency in the body
Reduced Immune

Effect of excessive Eugenol in the body
Excessive intake of Eugenol can cause High Blood Pressure and Breathing problems. This may cause Nausea, Vomiting and Dizziness.

Herbs Containing Eugenol

Most Effective

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