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Anticoagulant Herbs


Anticoagulant herbs are those herbs which are used to prevent or reduce the formation of Blood Clots. These herbs are also known as Thrombolytics, Antithrombic, Blood Thinner and Fibrinolysis. These herbs not only remove already existing Clots, but also stop their further growth.

Effect of an Anticoagulant on Body :
These herbs interrupt the process of Blood formation. It may affect Bone Marrow.

How does an Anticoagulant work :
These herbs interfere the process of blood clot formation. These herbs produce some chemicals which helps in reducing or preventing the formation of Blood Clots.

Excess of Anticoagulant herbs may cause :
Nose Bleeding
Difficulty in Breathing
Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

Most Effective

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Materia Medica for

Single Herbs

Willow ( Bendamusk ) for Angina

Have infusion of the bark of Willow. Take two cups two times a day.

Willow for Blood Clot

Make decoction of the bark of Willow. Have a glass once a day.
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