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What does Quercetin do for the body

Quercetin is a kind of plant pigment known as Flavonoids. It is a powerful Antioxidant which protect the DNA and cell membrane from the free radicals. It reduces the Blood Pressure and treats Hypertension.

Level of Quercetin in the Body
250-600 mg

Benefits of Quercetin in the Body
Quercetin has Antistress property which helps to give relief from Stress and calms the Mind. It supports the Cardiovascular health. Quercetin fights Respiratory infection and soothes throat. It boosts the Immune System and protects the body from free radicals. It acts against Dermatitis and Photo sensitivity.

Functions of Quercetin in the Body
Quercetin as an Antioxidant inhibits the lipid peroxidation. It protects the Eye lens and Renal cells from oxidant induced injury. It protects neuronal cells from neurotoxicity induced from oxidative stress. It's Antiviral action reduces the infectivity and replication of Herpes simplex virus. Quercetin has strong Antiallergic property. It is widely used in the treatment of Dermatitis, Photosensitivity and certain allergies.
Quercetin helps to reduce the inflammation and swelling. It reduces Bladder infection and Urinary Diseases. It steals Iron from Cancer Cells. This stops their growth and kills them. It blocks Histamine which helps to get rid of Skin Allergies.
It also prevents the Body from Bone loss.

Effects of Quercetin deficiency in the Body
The deficiency of Quercetin may cause High Blood Pressure and Heart Disease. It can lead to Skin Rashes and Respiratory problems.

Effects of Excess of Quercetin in he Body
Kidney Damage

Herbs Containing Quercetin

Most Effective


Acacia Greggii
American linden
Anogeissus Leiocarpa
Bulbine Capitata
Cayratia Debilis
Cayratia Gracilis
Cnidoscolus Aconitifolius
Colubrina Faralaotra
Combretum Erythrophyllum
Corchorus Aestuans
Cryptolepis Obtusa
Cyperus Alternifolius
Euphorbia Lunulata
Gaultheria Leucocarpa
Gomphocarpus Fruticosus
Grape Leaved Mallow
Guava Leaf
Hydrolea Zeylanica
Hypoxis Aurea
Ludwigia Adscendens
Muscadine Grape
Persicaria Glabra
Pluchea Lanceolata
Pomaderris Kumeraho
Shield Sundew
Small Flowered Poison Sumac
Tacca Integrifolia
Tetracera Sarmentosa
White Butterfly Bush
Ziziphus Rugosa
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