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Rooibos Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Glycemic Index / Load
Botanical Name
Aspalathus Linearis

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Rooibos Cures


Action of Rooibos

Nutrients in Rooibos

Taste of

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Side Effects, Risk Factors of, and Cautions for Rooibos

Avoid use during Pregnancy and Breast Feeding.
Due to its Estrogenic effects, it should be avoided if suffering from Hormone sensitive Cancer like Breast Cancer.

Note :
It only prevents Kidney and Liver problems. It does not Cure. It is always advisable to use this herb under the consultation of Health care Practitioner.
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Rooibos is a shrub.
It is perennial.
It grows in a arid climate.
It grows up to 2 M.
Best used for Heart Diseases.



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Materia Medica for Rooibos

Single Herb

Rooibos for Chilblains

Have decoction of Roobis's leaves once a day.

Rooibos for Bitot's Spots

Take 1 teaspoon of dried Rooibos leaves. Boil for 15 minutes. Strain it and add 1 teaspoon each of Brown Sugar and Lemon juice in it. Consume it twice daily.

Rooibos for High Blood Pressure

Rooibos herb acts as bronchodilator. It helps in expansion of Lungs airways and improves the airflow in bronchi. It gives relief from respiratory ailments and also reduces the risk of Heart Diseases.
Have a cup of Rooibos tea every day.

Rooibos for Bone Health

Rooibos is a rich source of minerals like Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium and Fluoride. These minerals are required to maintain a good bone health. These minerals repair the damaged bones and prevents the risk of Osteoporosis and Arthritis. Fluoride is good to maintain dental hygiene.
Have a cup of Rooibos tea every day.

Rooibos for High Cholesterol

Rooibos improves the blood circulation in the blood streams. It aids the production of good cholesterol in the body. It reduces the risk of formation of plaque on the walls of Arteries. This prevents the risk of Cardiovascular diseases like Atherosclerosis, Heart Stokes and Heart Attacks.
Have a cup of Rooibos every day.

Rooibos for Diabetes

Rooibos tea contains an antioxidant known as Aspalathin. This induces the production of Insulin hormone in the body and maintains the level of Glucose in the Blood.
It aids the functions of Pancreas and reduces the risk of Diabetes.
Have a cup of Rooibos tea every day.

Rooibos for Skin Problems

Rooibos provides a radiant skin. It protects the Skin from harmful UV rays and heals Skin problems. It has anti aging properties and reduces wrinkles.
Have Rooibos red Tea every day.

Rooibos for Colic

Rooibos gives relief from Infant Colic. It reduces the stomach pain and spasm in a child.
Make Rooibos Red tea. One can add some milk in it and give 1 tablespoon 2 to 3 times in a day to Colic Child.

Rooibos for Stomach Diseases

Rooibos is well known for its antispasmodic in nature. It reduces the gastric distension and Stomach problems like Diarrhea and Acidity. In case of Gastrointestinal tract problems, Rooibos is tea will work.
Have a cup of Rooibos tea every day.

Rooibos for Aging

Rooibos has antioxidant agents that prevents the free radical damage in the body. It slows down the aging process and protects the body from degeneration.
Have a cup of Rooidos red tea every day.

Rooibos for Immunity

Rooibos has antioxidant properties that prevents the body from oxidation damage. It enhances the immune system and prevents the infections and allergies.
Have a cup of Rooibos Tea every day.

Rooibos for Allergy

Have a cup of Rooibos tea every day to prevent any kind of Allergy. It boosts the immune system and beneficial to cure Asthma and Hay Fever. The aniinflammatory factors of Rooibos tea helps to deal with inflammation associated with Allergies.
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