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Epilobium Parviflorum Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Epilobium Parviflorum
Glycemic Index / Load
Small Flowered Willow Herb
Botanical Name
Epilobium Parviflorum

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Epilobium Parviflorum Cures


Action of Epilobium Parviflorum

Nutrients in Epilobium Parviflorum

Epilobium Parviflorum
Combines With

Parts Used

Flowers, Leaves , Aerial Parts
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Epilobium Parviflorum is a plant.
It is perennial.
It has small pink colored flowers.
It grows upto One Meter.
It belongs to Primrose family.
Best used for Prostate Enlargement.


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Materia Medica for Epilobium Parviflorum

Epilobium Parviflorum General

Epilobium Parviflorum is an important herbal remedy for Prostate problems. It helps in Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. Take Epilobium Parviflorum for enlarged Prostate, this will help in reducing pain and discomfort during Urination.
It also fights against Prostate infections. It reduces the risk of Urinary tract infections.
Epilobium Parviflorum has anti inflammatory properties. It heals the chronic inflammation of the Prostate. This helps reduce the gland to its normal size.
It is good for Prostatitis and improves Sexual function.
Epilobium Parviflorum is a good tonic for the Male Reproductive system.
Epilobium Parviflorum is used for Cancer treatment. It inhibits the proliferation of the Cancer cells. Epilobium Parviflorum acts against abnormal cell growth of the Prostate. Epilobium extract helps in the treatment of Prostate Cancer and Bladder Cancer.
Epilobium Parviflorum is good for Skin diseases. It cleanses, refreshes and soothes irritated Skin.
It helps skin conditions such as Eczema, Psoriasis, seborrhea and Fungal infections. Its anti inflammatory properties reduce Skin inflammations. It decreases skin redness. Epilobium Parviflorum treats Acne problems. It gives relief from painful sores.
Epilobium Parviflorum helps in the treatment of Menstrual disorders. It normalizes Menstrual cycle, eases Pain and helps in delayed Menarche. It is also used for treating Urinary Tract Infections and protect organs constituting the Urogenital system like Kidneys, Urethra, and Bladder.
Single Herb

Epilobium Parviflorum for Prostate Enlargement

Boil a cup of water with a tablespoon of dried Epilobium Parviflorum. Heat it for 10 minutes, strain it and drink it. Drink this tea twice a day.
Queries on Epilobium Parviflorum
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Paul ( Usa )
26 Feb 2016
I have heard that epilobium parviflorum will cause increase in blood pressure. Can you comment? (I am 72 yr male and take bp meds).
07 Mar 2016
Dear Paul
As such there are no side effects of the herb other than nausea or indigestion, that too if taken in high amounts. If you are taking this Herb with any other medications, then it might interact with it and cause some side effects. So please mention that are you taking Bp medicines for treating high Bp or do you suffer from low Bp. Also, why do you wish to use this Herb ? Which condition do you wish to cure with this very Herb ?
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
04 Jan 2018
Dear Paul,you have to combine tea, breathing, movement and exercise and other nutrition. Exceptional effects if we make a detailed treatment plan. Just tea? It's hard to have a full effect.
Barry ( Nsw..australia )
15 May 2016
dear herbpathy...i am beginning to take epilobium tea...one tbl spoon per cup of water for possible prostate cancer and bladder cancer...due for biopsy soon...will this tea give some help as ive been told its very effective in treating the above conditions...am taking heart and bp medications....is it safe to continue with the tea treatment...
23 Jun 2016
Dear Barry,
So far, there are no known cases of drug interactions while using Epilobium Parviflorum plant as an herbal remedy.
Put 1 tablespoon of dried Epilobium Parviflorum herb in 1 cup of boiling water. Leave it for 10 minutes. Strain it and drink twice a day, in the morning on an empty stomach and at night before sleeping.
However to be sure discuss with your health care provider before taking any medicine.
AMIT Gupta ( India )
29 Jun 2016
In india from where i can get Epilobium parviflorum
Ed ( Colo )
03 Jul 2016
does epilobium have any effect on kidney functions, specifically creatinine levels?
04 Jul 2016
yes, it may be used to cure Kidney ailments, mild or chronic both. Also used to lower the creatinine levels.
However, the most effective herbs for this are
Varuna,Gokharu ,Drumsticks and Punarnava.
Read about the respective herbs in Kidney disorders.
Rick ( Nigeria )
08 Jul 2016
What could this plant be called in Africa. Nigeria to be precise. Either Yoruba, IBO or Hausa. Thanks. I have prostate enlargement.
20 Jul 2016
Dear Rick
I suggest you to take Stinging Nettle ( take 1 capsule every day ).
Schisandra Capsule ( 1 Every Day ).
Bladder Cherry ( have decoction once in a day ).
And Saw Palmetto with Pygeum ( 1 Capsule every day ).
George Vilaiyel ( Kerala India )
12 Jul 2016
Dear Sir,

Is it available in India? Where I can buy this?.
I am having prostate problems.

With regards,

George Vilaiyel
12 Jul 2016
Dear George
We advise you to please search on internet, as we do not deal with sales and purchase of Herbs.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
09 Mar 2018
epilobium.com you can buy
Ed ( Colorado )
11 Aug 2016
Does Epilobium have any effect on glucose levels or pancreatic functions?
29 Aug 2016
NO proven evidence of herb affecting pancreatic functions or glucose levels in blood. The herb is widely used for Prostate disorders and Cancer treatment, So do not take the risk of taking it if you have Diabetes.
Ron ( Penna )
15 Aug 2016
just recently had prostrate surgery & they did a turp on the prostrate, i am taking finasteride & rapaflo, is it ok to take epilobium?
29 Aug 2016
THe herb is very effective for Prostate enlargement. But, if you are already taking allopathic drugs, Then you should avoid. Because, they might counter act with the herb, Consult your family doctor before taking nay herb.
Valerie ( PA )
15 Aug 2016
Does this herb help irritable bowel syndrome?
29 Aug 2016
Yes, Valeria, The Herb is effective in curing Irritable Bowel Syndrome. It is suggested that you do the following, at least for 15 days.
1. Have 1 tablespoon of Gooseberry juice. Regularly every morning.
2. Boil two big spoons of Fennel and take this fennel water for 15 days.
3. Take a few leaves of Basil, Mint and half lemon. Fill a water bottle and add all ingredients in that bottle. Drink this water for the whole day. Fill fresh water bottle in the first half and second half.
4. Also, you must go for yoga daily. Do some asans that are good for your abdominal muscles and improves digestion
31 Aug 2016
Thank you very much! I will do it. got the Yoga going already. will do the rest. thanks
Ron ( Usa. penna. )
17 Aug 2016
does Epilobium raise or lower or have any effect on blood pressure?
29 Aug 2016
The herb has not been tried out Bp patients yet. It might or might not affect the blood pressure.
Ed ( Colorado )
25 Aug 2016
This is a comment: do not take epilobium with Tylenol or any acetomenaphen derivitave. Possible severe reaction.
29 Aug 2016
Thank you Ed. Thanks a lot for sharing.
Ed ( Colorado )
17 Oct 2016
Question: Where are you getting your information to answer these questions? From Medical doctors? There is no M.D. beside anyones name.
24 Oct 2016
We are glad you asked. The Herbpathy team consists of specialists in different medicine systems, like Siddha, TCM, Unani, Homeopathy, Phytotherapy and Ayurveda. Each system has its advantages. A meeting is held for each case and the best course of action is recommended. Different diseases respond differently to the various systems. Hereditary disorders respond best to Homeopathy. Acute disease are best treated by Phytothreapy. For chronic maladies we have to depend on Ayurveda and TCM. For a case of Cancer we might have to use more than one system.
The aim of this multi discipline approach is to recommend the best course of action. At best we can only recommend. There is no substitute for a physical examination of the patient. The knowledge that the family physician has of the patient is extremely valuable. .............. Continued......
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
24 Oct 2016
For Ed....... We have no idea of the peculiarities of the reactions the patient has to various drugs. Most of the time we don’t even now of the medicines the patient is already having.
Our aim is to suggest various possibilities. The patient must discuss them with his own physician.
Finally we would like to bring to your notice, that most of these systems are well documented. The teachings are mostly derived from clinical experiences rather than scientific research on animals. We leave the deduction to you. Thank you so very much for this feedback. We hope that you will continue to enjoy reading the site and get maximum benefits out of this information.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
24 Oct 2016
I am buying epilobium, to use it against prostate cancer. Will that be effective? I am using medicines fo hbp as well. Can I use epilobium safely among the medicines for hbp?

Thank you.
27 Oct 2016
Yes, you may take it for Prostate Cancer, but it's interaction with those suffering from high bp can be commented on.
So, it is wiser to consult your doctor before you try any herb.
Ram Sridharan ( India )
21 Nov 2016
I am under medication for BP and cholesterol is it okay to take this herbal tea for BPH along with medicines I am taking ? If okay, then a picture of the plant and the availability in India may kindly be informed
22 Nov 2016
I do not think there is any provision for providing the picture on this website. You can look for the pics on the internet. I mean you will have to do your research on the availability and the pictures of the herb.
22 Nov 2016
For Bp and Choletserol. Take Miitake capsules. GIloy is the best herb to lower the BP. Drink Green Leaf Juice, thrice in a day for 15 days regularly.
11 Dec 2016

How long do I have to use Epilobium Parviflorum for results?
12 Dec 2016
You may take it for a month. This herb can be taken for Prostate Cancer, for a month. Either in the tea form or in the form of homeopathic tiincture. Other herbs for Prostate are-- Soursop and Garlic.
Drink 100 ml of Soursop juice every morning, for a month.
For more details, you can always write us back or you may visit the " Prostate Cancer " page in the disease section of his website.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
GN ( Israel )
25 Dec 2016
hi. what is the best cure for prostatitis?
is it chios mastic gum?
is it epilobium parviflorum?
is it soursoap?
which one shall i use? in what form? for how long? what is the dosage? is there any other cures available for prostatitis?
Swapnil Mehtab ( India )
02 Jan 2017
GN The best herb for Prostatitis is Epilobium Parviflorum. Take one capsule every day for a month.
Saw Plametto and Land Caltrops are another very effective herbs.
You may buy the tincture of Land Caltrops ( Tribulus Terristris ) Take 5 drops in a glass of water, every day for one month.
Markov ( Bulgaria )
04 Feb 2017
Eliquis-Epilobium ???
Surinam ( Mumbai - india )
12 Mar 2017

good day,
i have benign herplasia - 70 grms- age - 62yrs. wud suggest some best remedy to shrink the enlargment.

Masik ( India )
17 Mar 2017
DO you mean Hyperplasia ?
If yes, then This is the right herb. Buy the tincture of Epilobium Parviflorum. Take 5 drops in a glass of water for one month. Have decoction of bark of Pygeum once in a day. This also cure Hyperplasia and helps to shrink the enlarged prostate.
Humy ( UK )
03 May 2017
I saw somewhere that this herb (Epilobium Parviflorum) is good for male sexual health. I have erectile dysfunction (impotence) - will this help for that?
08 May 2017
Epilobium Parviflorum is a herb that can be used to cure Sexual Debility. The best herbs for Impotence are Caterpillar Fungus capsules and Maca. Take one capsule of each for a month. Or read the disease Erectile Dysfuncion and Impotence in the disease section of the website.
17 May 2017
Is it good for alopecia?
24 May 2017
Apply fresh leaf juice of Amaranth herb on your scalp. I think you must be confused between Eclipta and Epilobium. The best herb for Alopecia is Eclipta.
You can also try Castor oil added to olive oil in the ratio 2:4.
Have you heard of chili infused oil, that can also be used as a cure for Alopecia.
S B KHANDELWAL ( India ( Indore) )
04 Jun 2017
For treating my prostate enlargement if Epilobium Parviflorum herb is not available ( I live in India) can Epilobium Parviflorum tincture can be used as its substitute. Please also advise if tincture of land caltrops ( Tribulus Territris) can also help if the former is also not available.
Jhanvi Kaushik ( India )
06 Jun 2017
Yes, it is okay if you take this herb in tincture form. I don't think it would be hard to find Epilobium Parviflorum mother tincture. It will be readily available in a homeoptahic store in your area.
12 Jun 2017
Hello All,

I have horrible feelings in perineum and prostate: burning in particular. Urologist diagnozed chronic prostatitis about 1 year ago. In addition I suffered hemmoroids about 1 month ago.

2 months ago i was taking Epilobium parviflorum for 1 month and it seemed to help. Latley sypmtoms had come back and I started taking Epilobium parviflorum tincture again with no improve so far (5 days now).

My question is whether hemmoroids and prostatitis issues could be connected to each other and if so what else i can do to cure myself - any type of herbs/ANY other things i must be aware of?

Thanks a lot in advance to all replied!!!
05 Jun 2020
I have panis pain and barning urination which herb to help ? age..54
01 Oct 2020
Hi Tim,
You may be suffering from Interstitial cystitis which can have symptoms in common with prostatitis. If so Epilobium, celery seed and stinging nettle are your new best friends. Also, avoiding acidic foods should help you. There is an IC diet you can try if you’d like. Coffee is usually off limits to IC sufferers, but adding cardamom (as in Turkish coffee) will bring down the acidity. Cardamom can also help in reducing your type of pain. Avoid smoking and all alcohol at all costs. These will cause flare ups almost immediately. I hope your symptoms abate soon.
Fayyaz ( India/Maharashtra )
18 Aug 2017

I live in Pune (India) I have searched for Mother Tincture of Epilobium Parviflorum without success. Could you tell me where I can find it. Whether online or suggest any medical store where I can surely get this please it is very urgent.
01 Nov 2017
Buy it online from Schwabe website.
Christiane ( Italy )
24 Aug 2017

I have an inflammation of the urethra (externally) since a couple of weeks. Could Epilobium help? If so, how shall I take it?
Thank you! Christiane
Castor valdez from philippines
30 Aug 2017
if you have a enlargement of prostate just take fenasteride once a day up to 60 days
Juhi ( Rajasthan )
31 Oct 2017
My dad has "prostate enlargement" problem, and he has been drinking this since more than 1 year now. Is it ok to continue drinking so long? Any side effects wrt obesity or anything?

Kindly suggest.
01 Nov 2017
Juhi I would suggest not to take it for so long. Has he been benefited by taking this remedy ?
Fino ( United States )
12 Dec 2017
Can this herb be taking with blood thinners?
Laxman Patil ( Maharshtra/India )
16 Jan 2018
What is Name in Marathi? How to buy it and what is cost
Dado ( BiH )
03 Feb 2018
Hi there, can you tell me for how long should I take Epilobium extract drops for chronic prostatitis? On the bottle it says 30 drops 4-5 times a day, but it doesnt say for how long? Can I take Epilobium tea combined with this?

Best regards
Amrit Sethi
12 Feb 2018
Take it for a month only. You should feel better by then. Try Stinging Nettle too.Also, I will share this link with you--- https://herbpathy.com/Herbal-Treatment-for-Prostatitis-Cid4864
Rebecca ( MA, USA )
11 Feb 2018
Does Epilobium contain oxalates and therefore not good for people with kidney stones (calcium oxalate)?
Ed ( USA, Colorado )
30 Mar 2018
Does Epilobium shrink the prostate and can it be used with Finasteride?
Anna ( Ny )
10 May 2018
I’ve had 3 UTI’s in one year after nephrectomy. Stage 4RCC, past 2 body scans showed no cancer.
What can I do help prevent them?
Joseph Oduduwa ( United Kingdom )
19 Jun 2018
Please let me know the correct doses of Epilobium Parviflorum Herb tea.
Dennis Lang ( USA Minnesota )
02 Sep 2018
Have there been any clinical studies demonstrating the usage, dosage and efficacy of this herb in the treatment of metastatic prostate cancer? Including as an adjunct with other treatments, ie. ADT and chemo? Or are these claims strictly anecdotal. Please provide links to research.
John ( South Australia )
25 Sep 2018
Should Epilobium be taken on an empty or full stomach?
Maya ( Netherlands )
17 Oct 2018
Dear Herbpathy,
Do this herb have side effects like elevating hormone levels,in blood? I have read, that it interferes with hormonal system. May it cause blood clotting or lung embolism?
I tried to use it for my oily, inflammed skin, but noticed heart pain, dizziness and back stiffness whenever I use it. After discontinuing these symptoms were gone. Is It possible, or merely a coincidence?
Kind regards
Silas ( Botswana )
28 Nov 2018
My elder brother was diagnosed with BPH, alongside an onset of calcification. I am assisting him with an on-going basis by researching alternative treatment for this condition. He has been on some saw palmetto capsules that assisted reduce his night urination. His PSA is 4.2. His sex life is a little disturbed by the fact that he is unable to ejaculate. The medical doctors are telling him this should not worry hime because it is normal for a 62 year old. I find this rationalisation absurd!

Can epilobium herb assist him out of these issues (BPH, calcification, loss of ejaculation and associated prostate problems)? What dosage would be appropriate and for how long?

We will appreciate your considerate feedback and advise.
Robert melman ( United Kingdom )
17 Jan 2019
hi. can i drink the tea cold or must be hot ???
01 Oct 2020
You can absolutely drink the tea cold....you mad thing!
D4r shahid bin omar ( Pakistan )
16 Mar 2019
what is the name of hoary willow herbs in hindi or urdu
Frank Monaghan ( N.Ireland )
25 Apr 2019
I am taking an anticoagulant (edoxaban) for atrial fibrillation. Can I use Epilobium Parviflorum (for night time urination) at the same time?
Shahid ( PAKISTAN )
29 Jun 2019
by what name it is found in india or pakistan hoarry willow herb or epilobium parviflorum---------------- or from wjere i can get it
29 Jun 2019
16 Jul 2019
Hey Shahid, the herb Epilobium Parviflorum is available online in powder form, as extract and as tea. You can check there.
Gary horton ( United States )
21 Jan 2020
For how long can I safely take Epilobium parviflorum before I should stop for a while and will it do any good for a prostate that has been enlarged for 10 Years? Is it ok to take it along with the antioxident flavonoid Equol which binds to dht to prevent the dht from binding to the prostate receptor sites?
21 Jan 2020
Dear Gary You may take it for a month. You can take it as Tea or in homeopathic tincture form.
Other herbs for Prostate are Soursop and Garlic.
You can take Soursop juice 100 ml- every morning for 15 days.
You can also take Stinging Nettle tea. 1 cup daily for 15-20 days.
Read more on Prostate Enlargement in the Disease section of Herbpathy.
Write back after a month.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
23 Jan 2020
I have already taken the Epilobium parviflorum for 1 month with no improvement . How long should I wait before taking it for another month? Also what kind of side effects could happen if I took it for more then 1 month?
24 Jan 2020
Dear Gary, In which form you took Epilobium Parviflorum? Tea, tincture, decoction, dried, powder, etc. The suggestion to wait after taking it for a month is to analyze the symptoms and go for the next course then. No side effects as such are reported. However, if you feel any discomfort, you should stop the use. Also, if you are on any allopathic drugs, then please consult your Health Care provider first, before taking any medication. You take the regimen mentioned above and share nay experience in urination or pains after have taken the herb for 1 month. Also, mention the form in which you took Epilobium parviflorum.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Luc Martini ( USA / WA )
06 Feb 2020
Is this herbal tonic available in PILL form?
Please advise of cost and shipping to 98014 area code.
Bob Harris ( QLD )
26 Feb 2020
Is epilobium parviflorum safe with heart medication
Vera ( Abuja Capital Territory )
06 Mar 2020
Can It be taken alongside finesteride and tamsulon?
27 Mar 2020
Hey Vera, there are no known side effects of the herb when taken alongwith allopathic drugs. Please consult your Doctor before taking any medication.
SWM ( CA )
22 May 2020
I take tamsolusin for BPH; will epilobium parviflorum contraindicate or interfere with this. Thank you.
Candace ( United Kingdom )
03 Jul 2020
I have SLE ( lupus nephritis) , can I take the fresh leaves as I have the plant in my garden please.. I'm currently on prednisolone and immunosuppressive medication. Pls reply ASAP..Thank you
03 Jul 2020
Lupus is an autoimmune Disorder. In this the Immune system attacks the healthy and useful cells by mistake. Our research team is working on it. In the mean time, we recommend to eat some Immunity booster herbs as Ginger, Indian Gooseberry, Wheatgrassetc.
Ezekiel ( Ghana )
30 Aug 2020
I have a condition known as bladder diverticuli as a results can't urinate and have to adopt intermittent car there fission, please which herb can I rely on?
Thank you
Ezekiel ( Ghana )
30 Aug 2020
I am adopting intermittent catheterisation due to the fact that I can't urinate couple with a condition known as bladder divertuculi, please which herb can best help me?
Thank you
Robert s bailin ( Australia )
03 Sep 2020
your website is great the best website! how can i subscribePLEASE REALLY INFORMATIVE AS I AM RETIRED PHARMACIST again shukrand hope its the right language bismallah
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