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Gallic Acid

What does Gallic Acid do for the body

Gallic Acid is an Organic Acid. It possesses strong Antifungal and Antiviral properties. These properties helps to reduce allergies and infections. The Antioxidant property of Gallic Acid helps to protect the Cells against Oxidative damage.

Benefits of Gallic Acid
Gallic Acid helps to protect the Skin from Ultraviolet rays of Sun. It has strong Ant inflammatory property which helps to reduces inflammation and irritation. Gallic Acid protects the Nervous System from the free radicals. Gallic Acid reduces the symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease and Parkinson's Disease. It gives relief from Psoriasis.

Functions of Gallic Acid
The Antioxidant property of Gallic Acid helps to neutralizes the free radicals that may damages the body cells. Gallic Acid gives relief from Hemorrhoids and Stomach Ulcers. It can be used as gargle which cures Bleeding Gums and Teeth. It inhibits over eating which helps to reduce weight. It acts as Antihistamine and reduces the Allergic symptoms such as Itching and Sneezing. It prevents Albuminuria and Nervous Disorders.

Herbs Containing Gallic Acid

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