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Terminalia Catappa Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Terminalia Catappa
Glycemic Index / Load
Barbados Almond
Botanical Name
Terminalia Catappa, Combretaceae, Leadwood Tree Family
Hindi Name
Deshi Badam , Hijli Badam

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Terminalia Catappa Cures


Action of Terminalia Catappa

Nutrients in Terminalia Catappa

Terminalia Catappa
Combines With

Taste of
Terminalia Catappa

Parts Used

Bark , Leaves, Root, Fruit, Wood
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Terminalia Catappa is a tree.
It is deciduous.
It grows in a tropical climate.
It grows up to 35 M.


Common Names

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Materia Medica for Terminalia Catappa

Terminalia Catappa General

The Tropical Almond Tree chiefly known as Terminalia Catappa. It is a large deciduous tree. It grows upto 90 feet tall. The leaves turn red to yellow before falling. All parts of the plant i.e. leaves, kernel, bark, root, wood and fruit are used for medicinal purposes. The leaf and Bark extract of the tree possess Anti Carcinogenic, Anti HIV, Hepatoprotective, Anti Diabetic and Liver regenerating effects. The leaves are Anti Sickling in nature.
It is beneficial for Liver detoxification and supports the Immune System.
Leaves : Terminalia Catappa leaves are rich in flavonoid content. Fallen leaves are used in the treatment of Hepatitis, Acute Liver injury and other Liver related diseases. Terminalia Catappa leave extract is used topically for dermatological use and Rheumatoid disease.
Ethanol extract of leaves is used to cure Sickle Cell Disorder. It also treats Intestinal parasites and Eye problems. Dried leaves are used to treat diseases caused by Fish pathogens.
Tea made from the leaves soothes and relaxes the Nervous System.
Leaves possess Anticarciogenic property. They are potentially used for Chemo prevention of Cancer. Leaves best aid in the treatment of Hepatoma. The Antioxidant property of leaves prevent the break down of the chromosomes and exhibit Anticlastogenic effect.
Kernel : The kernel of Almond tree possess Aphrodisiac property. It cures sexual dysfunction particularly in men like Premature Ejaculation, Hypersexuality and Watery Semen. It aids healthy Reproductive System in men.
Fruit : The fruit is helpful in the treatment of Leprosy, Headache and reduces Nausea associated from travelling.
Bark : The bark extract of Terminalia Catappa possess Astringent property. It is used externally for healing wounds and Ulcers. It stops bleeding during Tooth extraction. It is used to treat infection of mouth, throat and intestines caused by Yeast infection.
Single Herb

Terminalia Catappa for HIV AIDS

Terminalia Catappa is approved nutritional supplement for the management of HIV AIDS.
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Angelica ( Philippines )
30 Aug 2016
what is nutrients of talisay
Roniel ( United state of philippines )
30 Aug 2016
what is nutrients of talisay
Leonel ( United of state kind America )
30 Aug 2016
what is nutrients of sugar
30 Aug 2016
Sugar is a carbohydrate. It itself is a nutrient. What do you want to know ?
Andoy ( United of kind state Philippines )
30 Aug 2016
what is nutrients of mutualism
Venance John Mosha ( Tanzania )
10 Apr 2018
My query is. about quantity to consumed with respect to decease eg for hepatitis take one glass of an extract from one kilo of leaves or boil one kilo of leaves with one litre of water time 10minutes then take one glass two times a day . for kernels what quantity and at what time
Na'ibi Saleh ( Nigeria/Bauchi )
14 May 2018
How do I use the kernel plz?
Ronke ( Nigeria )
28 Aug 2018
Please how do I use Terminalia catappa for sickle cell disease?
Nashirudeen N. ( Ghana-Accra )
05 Apr 2020
How do i prepare the kernel of terminalia catappa for use?
Mary Grace Argana ( Philippines )
28 Mar 2021
how to prepare kernel of tali say for sexual dysfunctional and the bark?
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