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What does Phytosterol do for the body

Phytosterol is a form of Lipids present in plants. It is similar to the Cholesterols. It helps to lower the amount of Cholesterol absorbed by the Blood. Phytosterol is essential for Cardiovascular system of the body. It regulates the blood circulation and prevents Coronary Heart Diseases.

Requirement of Phytosterol per day

2 gm to 3 gm

Benefits of Phytosterol

Phytosterol possesses strong Antioxidant property. This property inhibits the production of Cancerous cells and prevents it from spreading to other Organs. Phytosterol protects the body the harmful Ultraviolet rays. It prevents Premature Aging and Wrinkles. It boosts the Immune System of the body and protects from common Cold and Flu.

Functions of Phytosterol

Phytosterol is important for the proper functioning of the Brain. It stimulates the transmission of signals between the Neurons. Phytosterol protects the Brain from Alzheimer's Disease. It balances the Blood Sugar level and prevent Diabetes. It soothes the mind and treats Migraine.

Effects of excess Phytosterol in the body

Kidney Damage

Herbs Containing Phytosterol

Most Effective

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