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Visnaga Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Glycemic Index / Load
Visnaga, Toothpick Weed
Botanical Name
Ammi Visnaga
Hindi Name
Homeopathic Name
Ammi Visnaga   -   Mother Tincture

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Visnaga Cures

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Action of Visnaga

Nutrients in Visnaga

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Parts Used

Seeds, Fruit

Side Effects, Risk Factors of, and Cautions for Visnaga

People with High Blood Pressure or Heart disease should consult a doctor before taking this herb.
Pregnant and nursing women should avoid this.
Overuse can cause Liver problems, Nausea, Headache and Insomnia.
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Visnaga is a plant.
It may be annual or biennial.
It grows in a temperate climate.
It grows up to 80 Cm.
It has wispy leaves.
It has small white flowers and tiny fruits.
Best used for High blood pressure.


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Materia Medica for Visnaga

Visnaga General

Visnaga relaxes the Coronary arteries and reduces Arterial plaque. It gives a mild boost to the Heart's pumping action.
Visnaga is an Antispasmodic. It is useful for spastic coughs and0 cramps.
It prevents Blood vessel constriction. It increases the ratio of HDL to LDL in the blood. It reduces plaque formation in the linings of arteries.
It relieves the pain in Angina Pectoris.
It is used for the treatment of Vitiligo.
Visnaga relieves Wounds, Inflammation, Psoriasis and Poisonous bites.
Single Herb

Visnaga for Vitiligo

Visnaga ( Khella )contains such important and active ingredients which are similar to Psoralen. They promotes the production of melanin pigmentation in the Skin.
It gradually helps in the recovery of white Vitiligo patches.
Visnaga ( Khella ) can be taken in the following ways to treat Vitiligo.
Take Khella infusion every day.
Take 10 drops of Khella fruit extract 2 times in a day.
The creams has been introduced which contains Khella. One can apply those creams to get rid of white patches.
Queries on Visnaga
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Harish Chandra Joshi ( India/Delhi )
12 Mar 2016
For how many months Ammi Visnaga mother tincture is advisable to a patient suffering from Leucoderma
Soumya Pathak
07 Apr 2016
Dear Harish Chandra Joshi The patient may take the tincture for a month. Then skip for 3 days. If the condition persists, then the it can be extended to the 2nd month as well. If the herb did not show any positive results, then you may change the Herb. there are other Herbs also for Lucoderma. Visit the page Lucoderma in the disease section of this website.. This might help. All the best
Dinesh Garg ( India )
18 Sep 2017
Can ammi visnaga cure the vitiligo and within how many days.
Joginder kumar ( India )
03 Jan 2018
except leucoderma in which it is employed?
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