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What does Lutein do for the body

Lutein is a type of Carotenoid present in Plants and Vegetables. Lutein protects the eyes from Oxidative damage. Lutein is a strong Antioxidant which helps to protect the body from free radicals. It protects the Eyes from Macular degeneration and Cataract.

Requirement of Lutein per day
6 mg to 10 mg per day

Benefits of Lutein
Lutein strengthen the nerves and Eyesight. It keeps the vision clear and reduces the pain. Lutein slows down the aging process and restores the Skin elasticity. It balances the Skin pH level and protects the skin from Ultraviolet Rays.

Functions of Lutein
Lutein preserves the vision and Eye health. It helps to focus light and protect Eyes from Diseases. Lutein promotes Cardiovascular health and reduces the plaque build up in the Arteries. It reduces the symptoms of Atherosclerosis. Lutein balances the Cholesterol and lowers the risk of Diabetes. Lutein has strong Anti inflammatory property which helps to reduce the inflammation. It prevents the risk of Coronary Heart Diseases and Strokes.

Effects of Lutein Deficiency in the Body
Eye Disease

Effects of Excessive Lutein in the body
Sallow Skin

Herbs Containing Lutein

Most Effective

Highly Effective

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