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What does Punicalagins do for the body

Punicalagins are Phytonutrients mainly present in Pomegranate. Punicalagins are powerful Antioxidant that protect the Body from free radicals. It keep the Heart and blood vessels healthy. Punicalagins help to lower the Cholesterol and Blood Pressure. It inhibits Leukemia and Cancer cells.

Level of Punicalagins in the Body
300 mg to 600 mg per day

Benefits of Punicalagins in the Body
Punicalagins rejuvenate the Cellular function and give relief from Stress. It stimulates the Bone metabolism and keep the body healthy. It boosts the Immune System and protects the body from Ultraviolet Rays. It reduces the effects of Alzheimer and inflammation of the Brain. It prevents the development of Cancerous Cells. Punicalagins treat Gingivitis and prevent Dental Plaque.

Functions of Punicalagins in the Body
Punicalagins reduce the unwanted Cell production. This slows down the Aging process and boosts the Energy level. It melts away plaque in the Arteries which cures Atherosclerosis. It supports the Brain functioning and gives relief from Depression. It supports the Central Nervous System and reduces the symptoms of Parkinson's Disease.

Effects of Punicalagins deficiency in the Body
Heart Diseases
High Blood Pressure

Effects of Excess of Punicalagins in he Body
There are no Toxic effects of excessive intake of Punicalagins.

Herbs Containing Punicalagins

Most Effective

Highly Effective


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