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Triphala Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Glycemic Index / Load
Botanical Name
Triphala Powder
Hindi Name
Triphala Churna , Triphala

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Triphala Cures

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Action of Triphala

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Nutrients in Triphala

Side Effects, Risk Factors of, and Cautions for Triphala

Intake not recommended during :
Pregnancy. It may increase the risk of miscarriage
Breast feeding
Acute Diarrhea
High doses may cause :
Sleep Disturbance
Damage to the Colon Muscles
Intestinal Upset
Caution :
Do not consume Triphala with Milk until prescribed by Health care provider or needed. There can be possible side effects as Stomach upset, Cramps, Diarrhea etc. depending on the preparation and ailment.
Underweight should avoid the use of Triphala. It may reduce the weight further.
Drug interaction
Allopathic medications are likely to interfere with and modify the action of Triphala. Some examples are :
Prior discussion with a Doctor is must before use.
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Triphala is a combination of Terminalia Chebula ( Harad ), Indian Gooseberry ( Amla ) and Terminalia Belerica ( Baheda ).

Indian Gooseberry ( Emblica Officinalis) : It is packed with Vitamin C. It contains 20 times more Vitamin C than in an orange. It is one of the top rejuvenating herbs. It is packed with antioxidants and boosts the Immune System. It produces a cooling effect on the body. In Ayurveda it is useful in balancing the Pitta dosha.
Haritaki ( Terminalia Chebula ) : It produces a strong laxative and astringent effect. It balances the Vata dosha.
Bibhitaki ( Terminalia Belerica) : It possesses rejuvenative, laxative and astringent properties. It is useful in expelling excessive mucous from the body. It balances the Kapha dosha. It is a good herbal remedy for Lung conditions like Bronchitis and Asthma.

Benefits of Triphala :
Expels toxins and prevents gas accumulation without disturbing the Colon
Prevents Oxidative stress
Promotes the health of the reproductive organs
Counters Fibromyalgia Pain
Enhances the Adrenal functioning
Strengthens the bones and the reproductive organs
Enhances the Immune functioning
Improves voice quality
Nourishes the Mucous Membranes Expels excessive Mucous
Breaks up and moves the stagnated fluids in the body
Eliminates excessive fat from the body
Acts as a Stool Softner, Bowel Cleanser
Improves digestion and absorption of food
Revitalizes the Tissues
Balances the excess of Vata, Pita and Kapha
Rejuvenates and energizes the body

Triphala improves the functioning of these systems :
Strengthens the hair and improves the natural color

Note : The effects of Triphala are unlike other Laxative or Purgative Herbs. It will not force the secretion of digestive juices or produce painful cramps which push the content out of the Intestines. Triphala swells by absorbing the digestive juices. It is a useful remedy in clearing the Liver, Intestinal tract and the Blood.

Note : Triphala is generally taken in the night just before the bedtime. However, if it causes excessive urination during the night, it can be taken in the morning on an empty stomach.
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Materia Medica for Triphala

Triphala General

Triphala is a Sanskrit word. Tri means three and Phala means fruit. Triphala is a combination of three fruits, Indian Gooseberry ( Amla in India ), Terminalia Chebula ( Harad in India ) and Terminalia Bellirica ( Baheda in India ). Each one of these fruits is known for medicinal benefits. When combined together the health benefits get amplified and produce a detoxifying, rejuvenating, nourishing and strengthening effect on the body.
Triphala is considered a top detoxifying and cleansing herb in Ayurveda. It improves the overall functioning of the internal systems.
Triphala contains five tastes, Bitter, Sour, Sweet, Pungent and Astringent. This is useful in balancing all the three doshas ( Vata, Pita and Kapha ).
Triphala cleanses and detoxifies the internal system. It nourishes and rejuvenates the whole body.
It quickly gets absorbed in the intestines and promotes the absorption of food. Triphala supports healthy digestion and elimination of waste. It improves the appetite. It clears the bowels and removes toxicity. The regular intake of Triphala keeps the Colon healthy.
It is one of the best herbal combination for problems like Constipation, Acidity and Indigestion. Triphala flushes the toxins out of the digestive tract, it cleanses the liver and the gallbladder. It nourishes the Kidneys and purifies the blood. It combats the problem of Kidney Stones.
It is a useful remedy in overcoming Hepatomegaly ( Enlargement of the Liver ) and Splenomegaly ( Enlargement of the Spleen ).
Triphala improves the quantity of Red Blood Cells and Haemoglobin. It counters the problem called Anemia.
It is a good treatment to stop the bleeding. It stops the internal bleeding and Nose bleed.
It improves the functioning of the Nervous System.
It regulates the level of cholesterol and lipids in the blood. It increases the HDL ( Good ) cholesterol and decreases the LDL ( Bad ) cholesterol.
It enhances the secretion of bile acid. It resolves Gastric and Digestive troubles.
It prevents premature aging.
It is used to cure Diabetes.
It cures of chronic Fever.
It is used for skin diseases.
It improves taste.
It cures Ulcer.
It treats High Blood Pressure.
It nourishes the hair from the roots, strengthens the hair and prevent immature graying of the hair.
It helps in improvement of the eyesight by providing appropriate nourishment to the eye cells.
It processes a strong anti-inflammatory property that provides relief from the joint pain and gout problems. It works by flushing out the gathered uric acid to the joints through urination.
Triphala helps in purifying the urinary system by providing nourishment to the urinary organs.
It is considered as one of the best remedy to control blood sugar level and treat diabetes mellitus. It works by regulating the functioning of pancreas and secretion of insulin from beta cells.
It helps in enhancing the memory, anxiety or nervousness. It provides an instant relief from stress because of its adrenergic property.
It helps in curing nervous disorders like Alzheimer’s disease.
It reduces the risk of plaque formation in the arteries.
It helps in strengthening the reproductive system and controlling the release of sex hormones among men and women.

Triphala regulates the production of gastric juices and prevents the occurrence of Acid Reflux.
Triphala fights Obesity. It regulates metabolism and helps in shedding off the extra fat from the body. Take Triphala with lukewarm water for losing weight.
Intestinal worms damage the digestive system and the Colon. This causes a weak digestive system. Triphala fights the intestinal worms and expels them out of the body. It protects the Colon and the digestive system from the attack by the Intestinal worms.
Triphala is a rich source of Vitamin A which improves the vision and treats the Eye diseases. An eye wash with triphala daily relaxes the eyes and improves the vision.
Triphala contains Indian Gooseberry ( Amla in India ) which is a rich source of Vitamin C. Amla contains 20 times more Vitamin C than an orange. It boosts immunity, keeps the Skin, Hair and Bones healthy. Amla purifies the blood and improves circulation throughout the body. It supports healthy cell regeneration.
The antioxidants in Triphala keep the Skin healthy.
It's antioxidant property helps in fighting Cancer.
The antiviral and antibacterial property keeps away viruses and germs.
It contains anthraquinones which enhances the peristaltic movement of the intestines. The peristaltic action involves the movement of the intestinal muscles which aids elimination and removal of toxins from the intestines. It nourishes and rejuvenates the gastrointestinal tract. The improved functioning of the Intestines and the digestive system is the key to a healthy life.
When the Liver and the Intestines are weak the effects are visible in the form of Hair loss and Weak Eyesight. The daily intake of Triphala strengthens the Liver and the Intestines. This prevents Hair loss and combats the Eye ailments like Dry Eyes, Eye redness, Weak Eyesight, Cataract and Galucoma.
Large dosage of Triphala may cause Diarrhea. If the next morning you experience stools too loose reduce the dosage to half. Gradually increase the dosage.

Some people may experience Symptoms like Intestinal Upset, Flatulence, Fatigue, Headache, Vomiting and Nausea with the initial use of Triphala. These symptoms appear as a result of body trying to get rid of the long accumulated toxins. The symptoms are temporary and may disappear once the internal systems get cleaned. You can reduce the dosage to half or give a gap of 1 day between the intake of Triphala.

How and When to take Triphala
For optimum benefits take 1 teaspoon of Triphala powder daily. Mix it in a glass of warm water. Let it settle for 20 to 30 minutes, for best results let it settle for a day. Drink the water couple of hours after the dinner or just before going to bed. Triphala can be taken with lukewarm water, juice or honey.

Triphala taken in the night produces an anticonstipative effect. Triphala taken in the morning improves the metabolism and strengthens the internal system.
Triphala itself is a combination of 3 herbs. However, some sages have combined it with Grapes, Dates and other fruit types and given it a different name. The exact benefits have not been clearly defined. Some combinations are as follows:
Swalpa Triphala : It is a combination of Draksha, Kharjura and Parushaka fruits.
Madhura Triplrala : It is a combination of Draksha, Kharjura and Kasuiarya fruits. It is a good Appetizer, promotes vision and alleviates irregular fever.
Sogandbi Triphala : It is a combination of Jatiphalam, Ela and Lavangam. It is an Astringent. It is effective for Constipation.
Single Herb

Triphala for Bloody Stools

Have a teaspoon of Triphala two times a day.

Triphala for Infertility

Mix One tablespoon Triphala powder in a glass of water and drink twice a day.
Note : It is useful in some forms of female Infertility.

Triphala for Obesity

Triphala regulates the metabolism and reduces the fatty deposits. It helps to burn fat rapidly and reduces weight.
Add one teaspoon of Triphala powder in a glass of water. Soak it overnight. Next morning, Boil the water for 5 to 10 minutes. Strain well. Add 1 tablespoon of Honey and half tablespoon Lemon juice in it. Stir well. Have it warm. Take it for a week then skip for a week then again take it for one week.
Note : Do not take more then one teaspoon of Triphala. It may cause Diarrhea.

Triphala for Constipation

The Laxative property of Triphala helps in proper bowel movement. It bulks up the stool and cures Constipation.
Add 1 to 2 teaspoons of Triphala powder in a glass of warm water. Stir well. Drink it every night after meal.
Note : Do not eat anything after drinking this solution.
Take 1 teaspoon of Triphala powder. Mix with 1 teaspoon of Honey and 4-5 drops of Ghee. Consume it before going to bed for 2 months.

Triphala for Fistula

Consume 1 teaspoon of Triphala powder with one glass of water. Drink it, once a day after meals.
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Herbal Treatment For Lymphatic System Diseases

Lymphatic System plays an essential and important role in providing defense against diseases.
Some of the common ailments of the Lymphatic System are
Hodgkin's Lymphoma
Non Hodgkin Lymphoma
High Blood Pressure
Skin Diseases
Varicose Veins
Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
Fibrocystic Mastopathy
Uterine Fibroids
A combination of the following herbs is beneficial for any or many of the above diseases. Even if you do not suffer from any disease, it is recommended that you take the combination for 15 days every year.
1) Kanchnar ( Bauhinia Variegata )
2) Triphala
3) Trikatu
4) Guggul ( Commiphora Mukul )
5) Varuna ( Crataeva Nurvala )
6) Cardamom ( Elettaria Cardamomum )
7) Cinnamon ( Cinnamomum Zeylanicum )
8) Indian Bay Leaf ( Cinnamomum Tamala )
Buy Capsules containing all the above herbs. Consume it twice daily after meals with a glass of lukewarm water.
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Vgmundwadkar ( Karnataka )
29 May 2016
You have mentioned taking a combination of herbs for 15days a year. You have advised taking capsules containig the mentioned herbs. In our city it is not possible to get capsules. But they are available individually in powder form. Can you suggest a method to overcome the problem. Thank you.
27 Jun 2016
Dear Friend Why do you want to take Triphala. ?
Please mention the disease that you wish to cure with this her. Do you wish to take this individually, or with some other herb ?
s the dosage of herb varies, when taken alone or along some other herb.
Sonal ( India/Mumbai )
28 Mar 2017
i am not able to find a combination of kanchnar, triphala, trikatu, googol, varuna, cardamon,cinnamon,indian bay leaf. Can u please tell me where i can buy a combination of all these in one capsule
09 Jul 2018
in Srilanka link natural product. http://linknaturalproducts.com/
you can get Triphala
Pawan ( Singapore )
26 May 2017
I suffer from chronic constipation. I also have IBS-C(Constipation). Using triphala helps me in clearing my bowels. Without triphala I'm not able to get a bowel movement. Should I use triphala life long? Will it have any adverse side effects if I use it lifelong? What is the recommended dosage.I find it helpful if I take 8-10 grams mixed with water before bedtime.Is it dangerous to take this dosage long term? Please suggest.
Kumud Marwaha ( Pune )
09 Jun 2017
Pawan. I have heard that Triphala is a rasyana herb and can be used for the lifetime.
I will suggest that you, for once try Green Leaf Juice.
Visit the page Vibrant health, here is the link :
https://herbpathy.com/The-Genesis-Vid48 Try the regimen for 15 days. Also, drink Indian Gooseberry juice every morning for a month.
Muqeem ( India/U.P. )
05 Oct 2017
Age 29 yrs. Wt. 53 kg. Ht. 5 feet , 3 inches. Chronic constipation for the last three years. Hyperacidity,gas,flatulence,indigestion,belching,white caoted tongue,swelling in intestines.Itching on body,Spermatorrhoea,hair fall.Mutrakreech (Strangury). Motion pass after taking laxative medicines.Pain in both kidneys and left hand side of chest usually comes and goes it may be due to gas.Calcium deficiency.All of these problems due to excessive masturbarion earlier and over use of medicines and laxatives medicines.
Shubhankar Sarkar ( Wast Bengal,India )
09 Oct 2017
Sir i am a patient of 1.allergic Throat infection,
2.hyperthyroid (5.1),i do not take any medicine,
3.IBS(D), i take probiotic,now i am almost fine.
Sir please suggest me any remedy for allergic Throat infection.This is my main problem now.
I am 33 years old, Male...
Jennie ( USA )
04 Apr 2018
Will this herb help or hurt polycythemia vera and hemacromotosis?
Raz ( India/Punjab )
23 May 2018
i have been consuming triphala juice twice a day for a month...it hasnt added much to my weight loss...may i reduce the dosage and do it once a day?
Kath Polk ( South Africa )
05 Dec 2018
Hi, my daughter is on fluvoxamine 150. She has been prescribed triphala. I know it interacts but the doctor says I can give it an hour or two apart. Is this correct?
Mill ( New York )
22 Mar 2019
I have had constipation from last year June 2018 and in October I got really sick (viral infection) fever, my neck strained my forehead feels stiff And my lymph nodes are little swollen on my neck side and back of my head and also both side of my groin area please help me I am really dying
09 Nov 2020
Have you been tested for Lyme? I hope you're doing better!
Rehan ( Uk )
20 Jan 2020
Hi Herbpathy Research Team
Under triphala description it is mentioned under 'triphala combines with' that it combines with milk but under 'caution' it says do not consume triphala with milk. Could you please throw some light on it?
Thanks rehan
Herbpathy Reserach Team
22 Jan 2020
Dear Rehan
Thank you for bing a reader of Herbpathy and acknowledging the content. The data has been updated by our research team.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
V.raj ( Maharashtra )
04 Mar 2020
in Bhaishajya Ratnavali, (pramehadhikar)
there is a reference to preparation of triphala, amaltas and draksha for treating foaming urine.

do you have any experience on this
27 Mar 2020
Hello Raj. Baking soda is effective. It alkalizes your body and fights off the infection. Add a pinch of Baking soda in a glass of water. It will treat foaming urine. Take it for 20 days. Do not take more than that.
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