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Chinese Gynura Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Chinese Gynura
Glycemic Index / Load
Chinese Gynura
Botanical Name
Gynura Pseudochina, Gynura Hispida

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Chinese Gynura Cures


Action of Chinese Gynura

Nutrients in Chinese Gynura

Parts Used

Tuber, Leaves
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Chinese Gynura is a plant.
It is perennial.
It grows in temperate and tropical climates.
It grows up to 1.3 M.
Best used for Inflammation.
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Materia Medica for Chinese Gynura

Single Herb

Chinese Gynura for Insect Bites

Make a poultice using leaves of Chinese Gynura. Use it over Insect Bite.

Chinese Gynura for Acne

Heat few fresh leaves of Chinese Gynura in a pan. Tie them in a piece of cloth. Use it over Acnes.

Chinese Gynura for Bruises

Tie warm leave of Chinese Gynura over Bruises.

Chinese Gynura for Herpes

Cut tuberous root of Chinese Gynura in small pieces. Heat them in a pan. Use it as poultice over affected areas.

Chinese Gynura for Herpes Zoster

Make a paste using roots of Chinese Gynura. Heat it in a pan. Tie in a piece of cloth. Apply it over infectious area when bearable hot.

Chinese Gynura for Conjunctivitis

Use the sap of leaves of Chinese Gynura as an Eye drop.

Chinese Gynura for Dengue Fever

Add 30 g leaves of Chinese Gynura in 300 ml water. Boil until it gets half. Filter and drink 50 ml thrice a day.

Chinese Gynura for Rheumatism

Make a decoction using fresh leaves of Chinese Gynura. Drink 100 ml twice a day.
Queries on Chinese Gynura
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Seth ( Malaysia )
24 Mar 2017
My kidneys condition are in Stage Three. Is it safe to take this plant?
Smaira ( India )
27 Mar 2017
Seth. It means that your Kidneys are damaged.
Please tell the exact problem. Are you undergoing Dialysis ?
Why do you what to use this herb ? What for ? If you are looking for the herbs for your Kidneys, then the best herbs for you are Land Caltrops and Varuna. These two herbs will take care of your kidneys.
Liton ( Bangladesh )
13 Sep 2017
dear sir or mam ,
is there any side effect of gynura leaves
what are the problem may occuer by having this gynura leaves
19 Sep 2017
Excessive consumption of Gynura leaves may lead to Kidney failure, so always take this herb in a limited amount.
Sue ( Australia )
18 Mar 2018
what do you mean by excessive consumption
19 Aug 2018
Eating the leaves or have it w water safe for lactating mother. Is it also helpful to help cure from cs operation
Charles Yeo ( Australia )
19 Jan 2019
I see that the question of "what is excessive consumption" has got no reply yet. What is the maximum number of leaves that can be eaten as the leaf size varies.
TROY TAHARA ( United States )
25 Jan 2019
Hi I am growing the Gyruna plant and I am curious on the amount of leaves to eat normally I eat it as a salad about 30 pieces or so is it a problem if I do this daily?
Sandi Fowler
23 Jan 2021
i was told by a nursery to only eat 3-4 leaves a day
Satyam Tan ( Australia )
25 Feb 2021
I'm trying to grow this plant in Australia, I'm curious about what is the safe quantity to take the leaves.
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