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Bruises Herbal Treatment, Prevention, Symptoms, Causes, Cured By

General Name
Medical Name
Bruises Symptoms
Skin discoloration
Blue Black Spots on the Skin

Bruises Cured By


Acacia Greggii
Atalantia Buxif...
Balsamorhiza Sa...
Basil Thyme
Beech Drops
Brahma Kamal
Brazilian Ironw...
Bryophyllum Pin...
Calophyllum Tom...
Cardiocrinum Gi...
Chasmanthera De...
Christmas tree ...
Combretum Micra...
Corn Sow Thistl...
Desmos Cochinch...
Digitaria Conju...
Dioscorea Hispi...
Elsholtzia Stro...
Endeavor River ...
Folium Baekeae ...
Geum Macrophyll...
Glabrous Sarcan...
Glandularia Bip...
Green Bristle G...
Heliotropium Fo...
Heliotropium St...
Henbit Deadnett...
Herba Sarcandra...
Hydrocotyle Jav...
Indian Lovegras...
Java Sedge
Justicia Tranqu...
Kashmir Bellflo...
Lophomyrtus Bul...
Lycopus America...
Malva Rotundifo...
Marsdenia Tinct...
Muscadine Grape
Nicotiana Rusti...
Oxeye Daisy
Plains Wild Ind...
Radix Wikstroem...
Riverbank Grape
Scoparia Dulcis
Shield Sundew
Smooth Solomon ...
Solanum Lasioca...
Southern Bluefl...
Sphenoclea Zeyl...
Stachytarpheta ...
Xylocarpus Rump...
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Bruise is a disease of the Skin.
A Bruise is an injury to the Tissue and Bone.
A bruise occurs when a small blood vessel breaks.
It leak their contents into the soft tissue beneath the skin.
It is an injury that doesn ' t break the skin.
This results in discoloration, usually black or blue. It changes color from red to blue black. It turns yellow green at healing stage. It is a sign that the body is repairing the ruptured tissues.

Cause of Bruises
Car Accidents
Sports Injuries
Nutritional Deficiencies
Medicines like Aspirin or Warfarin
Blows received by other people or objects

Your best bet, is to use, Arnica.
A visit to the Doctor is a must.

Note : If your child is having Bruises under the Eyes, on the Head or any where on the body, then it might be a sign of Haemophilia. Try to find the cause. Haemophilia is dealt with separately on this portal.

Body Part(s)

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Materia Medica for Bruises

Single Herb

Arnica for Bruises and Sprains

Prepare flower head Decoction. Apply it on the affected area. Repeat 2-3 times a day.
Or use Arnica gel, oil, cream. Apply on the affected area.
In case of Pus, use 4-5 times a day. External use only.

Cabbage for Bruises

Soften some cabbage leaves in warm water. Apply on the affected area.

Mango Ginger for Bruises

Make a paste of Rhizomes. Apply on the affected part twice a day to get complete cure from Bruises.

Olive ( Jaitun ) for Bruises

Apply oil on the affected part thrice a day.

Litsea Glutinosa for Bruises

Take roots and leaves of Litsea Glutinosa. Make a poultice. Applly on the Bruises.

Burdock for Bruises

Grind some Burdock leaves and put on to a bruise to get immediate relief.

Agrimony for Bruises

Make a poultice from fresh Agrimony leaves and roots. Use it as a wash for Bruises and Wounds.

Marigold ( Gendha ) for Wounds, Bruises

Crush the fresh flowers and apply on the affected area.
OR Apply fresh juice of Marigold ( Gendha ).
Rub the Box Myrtle ( Kaiphal ) Oil on the affected parts.
Use Caraway ( Shahi Jeera ) as a poultice for Bruises.

Figwort for Wounds, Bruises

Crush the leaves and apply as a poultice.

Capsella Bursa Pastoris for Bruises

Use Capsella Bursa Pastoris tea externally as a wash for Bruises.

Curry Plant for Wounds, Bruises

Apply the crushed leaves externally.

Biophytum for Bruises

Apply leaf paste of Biophytum over affected areas.
OR : Warm the leaves of Biophytum. Bandage it over Bruises.

Bacopa Monnieri ( Brahmi ) Leaves for Bruises

Take fresh Bacopa Monnieri ( Brahmi ) Leaves. Grind them with little water. Apply paste on affected parts twice a day.

Arjuna for Bruises

Powder the bark of Arjuna to make powder. Add some Honey in it. Take half tsp of it once a day.

Lobelia ( Narasam ) for Insect Bites, Bruises

Make a poultice of the plant and apply externally to the affected area.

Yerba Santa for Muscle Sprains, Bruises

Make a poultice of fresh or dried Yerba Santa leaves and apply externally for Muscle Sprains, Bruises.

Figs ( Anjeer ) for Leprosy, Abscess

Crush the fresh leaves and apply externally for Leprosy, Abscess and Bruises.

Bodhi Tree for Bruises

Grind fresh leaves of Bodhi Tree with Jaggery. Make small pills of about 1 g. Take 1 pill with Milk once a day.
Crush fresh leaves of Beetroot ( Chakundar ) to make paste. Apply it over ruptured Skin.
Grind some Allspice ( Kabab Chinni ) berries and mix water to make a fine paste. Apply evenly onto the affected area and then cover with a cloth.

Agave ( Kantala ) for Bruises

Apply the leaf juice on the affected parts.

Bay Leaf ( Tejpatta ) for Bruises

Apply the chopped Bay Leaves ( Tejpatta ) as an Astringent to Bruises.

Chinese Gynura for Bruises

Tie warm leave of Chinese Gynura over Bruises.
Aloe Vera ( Gheekumari in India ) stimulates regeneration of blood vessels. It reduces inflammation and soothes the skin.
Take a fresh Aloe Vera leaf. Extract out its gel. Apply the the gel onto the affected area. Leave it for 15 to 20 minutes. Wash off. Repeat it 2 to 3 times a day to cure Bruises.

Parsley ( Ajmod ) for Bruises

Parsley ( Ajmod in India ) boosts the Immune system and speeds up the healing process. It eases the pain and reduces swelling due to Bruises.
Take a handful of fresh Parsley leaves. Crush them and apply onto the Bruises. Wrap the affected area with an elastic bandage. Leave it for an hour. Repeat this process twice a day.
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Multiple Herbs How to Use Herbal Treatment? Click Here +

Herbal Treatment For Epsom Salt for Bruises

Add two cups Epsom salt to a warm bath and soak the infected area of skin.

Herbal Treatment For Wounds, Bruises, Sprains and Burns 1

Take the following herbs-
4 tablespoons Myrrh ( Gandh Ras )
2 tablespoons Goldenseal ( Pit Kanad )
1 tablespoon Cayenne Pepper ( Lal Mirch )
Mix All these and put in a quarter of rubbing Alcohal. Keep it stand for a 8-10 days, shaking the mixture daily. Use it as a liniment for Wounds, Sprains, Burns, Bruises and wherever a liniment is needed.

Herbal Treatment For Bruises 1

Apply one drop each of Helichrysum Essential Oil followed by the Cypress Essential Oil and two drops of Coconut Oil ( or any other carrier oil ) to the Bruise. Take two cups of cold water and dab a towel in the water. Apply it over the affected area and leave it for 15 minutes. Repeat the process after six hours.

Herbal Treatment For Bruises 2

Mix 10 drops of Helichrysum Essential Oil, 8 drops of Lavender Essential Oil, 6 drops of Cypress Essential Oil, 6 drops of Geranium Essential Oil and 6 drops of Lemongrass Essential Oil. Apply three drops of this oil blend over the affected area. Repeat the process three times a day.
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