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Alcea Rosea Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Alcea Rosea
Glycemic Index / Load
Botanical Name
Alcea Rosea

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Alcea Rosea Cures

Highly Effective


Action of Alcea Rosea

Highly Effective

Nutrients in Alcea Rosea


Parts Used

Leaves, Root, Flower
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Hollyhock is a Plant.
It is perennial.
It grows up to 2.4 M.


Grown In

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Materia Medica for Alcea Rosea

Alcea Rosea General

Alcea Rosea is beneficial in combating Fever during Malaria.
It is fruitful in treating Oral afflictions like Bleeding Gums and Stomatitis.
It helps in curing Swelling and Pain in Mouth and Lips, due to Ulcers.
It is advantageous for Throat ailments like Throat infection and Goitre.
Alcea Rosea is a good herbal treatment for Chest problems like Chest Congestion due to Cough and Cold, which makes Respiration troublesome.
It is profitable for Skin complaints like Abscess.
It also relieves Wounds, Welts, Bruises and Itching.
It is effectual in regulating Sugar in the Blood thus, it counters Diabetes.
It is also worthwhile in refining and boosting the flow of Blood in our body.
It bears properties that are of great significance in fighting against disease like Cancer.
Alcea Rosea is valuable in curbing complaints pertaining to the Stomach thus, minimising possibility of encountering Acidity. It also works on boosting ones Appetite.
It is efficient in taking care of Kidney Stones. It also operates in providing relief from pain, due to Stones.
It is advantageous in counteracting conditions involving abrupt Muscle constriction and expansion namely, Cramps.
It possesses Anti rheumatic characteristics, which in turn, helps in curbing Swelling and Pain in Joints, during of Rheumatism.
It is worthwhile in easing labour pains at the time of delivering a baby. In addition to this, it is suitable in curtailing the probability of Miscarriage.
It is helpful in combating Menopausal pain during Dysmenorrhoea.
It is also effectual in halting Seminal discharges.
Alcea Rosea is a good herbal treatment for countering Urinary afflictions like Urethritis, causing pain in Urinary Tract, at the time of Urination. It also aids Urinary ailment like Haematuria, triggering occurrence of Blood in the Urine. It is efficient in counteracting complaint of Bed wetting.
It is effectual in curbing the problem of Piles, whose consequences are Swelling and inflammation of Veins of the Anus.
It is profitable in overcoming Bowel complaint of Tenesmus, in which a person, despite of an empty colon, feels the requirement of passing stool.
It is worthwhile in ceasing trouble associated to Loose Stool, in case of Dysentery and Diarrhoea. It proves effective in easing Constipation.
Its Antidote aspect plays a role in combating poison, due to Snakebite.
Caution -: Pregnant and Nursing women should avoid it. Consult a Doctor before consumption.
Single Herb

Alcea Rosea for Poor Blood Circulation

Make a decoction with flowers of Alcea Rosea. Drink 5 ml once a day.
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