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Bed Wetting Herbal Treatment, Prevention, Symptoms, Causes, Cured By

General Name
Bed Wetting
Medical Name
Nocturnal Enuresis
Hindi Name
Bistar Par Pishab Kar Dena
Bed Wetting Symptoms
Involuntary urination in the bed mostly by children

Bed Wetting Cured By

Super Effective

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Bed Wetting is a disease of the Sphincter of the Urinary Bladder.
It usually afflicts children. The cause may be weakness. The child usually urinates involuntary in his sleep. The child is not aware that he has urinated.

Causes of Bed Wetting
Causes are difficult of ascertain.
Fear of any kind.

If not treated properly, Bed wetting may cause

Your best bet is, Corn Silk.
A visit to the Doctor is a must.

Body Part(s)

Urinary Bladder
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Materia Medica for Bed Wetting

Single Herb

Corn Silk for Bed Wetting

Prepare a tincture of Corn Silk. Drink thrice a day.
OR : Have Corn Silk capsules.
Else : Dry them. Powder them in a grinder. Store them. Make a tea of half a tea spoon by boiling for at least five minutes. Take once a day, with or without sugar.

Plantago for Bed Wetting

Have Plantago extract.

St John's Wort for Bed Wetting

Drink St John's Wort tincture twice a day.

Yarrow for Bed Wetting

Prepare a tea of dried Yarrow herb. Drink twice a day.
OR : Have Yarrow extract.

Black Cardamom for Bed Wetting

Take the seed pods of two Black Cardamoms. Add a little sugar. Powder the mixture. Lick it every night before sleeping.

Acacia Nilotica for Bed Wetting

Take dry Pods of Acacia. Fry them in oil. Take 4-5 grams with hot milk twice a day.

Walnut ( Akhrot ) for Bed Wetting

Give two Walnut to the patients daily before going to bed.

Massage for Bedwetting

Massage the patients stomach with Badam oil before going to bed.

Verbascum Thapsus for Bed Wetting

Have Verbascum Thapsus tincture.
OR : Have Mullein extract.

Skullcap for Epilepsy and Bed Wetting

Put One tablespoon dried Skullcap plant in a cup of water and steep for half an hour. Take thrice daily.

Black Plum for Bed Wetting

Grind 1 teaspoon of dried Black Plum seeds. Consume it with water.
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Herbal Treatment For Bed Wetting 1

Fry 1 tablespoon Coriander seeds till brown. Grind it with tablespoon each of Pomegranate flowers, Sesame seeds and Acacia Nilotica gum. Make a fine powder and add Brown Sugar in equal quantity. Take One tablespoon at bedtime.

Herbal Treatment For Bed Wetting 2

Take One tablespoon of each herb-
St. Johns Wort, Raspberry and Agrimony.
Steep in One cup of hot water for 5 minutes.
Drink before retiring.

Herbal Treatment For Bed Wetting 3

Take 2 Indian Gooseberries ( Amla ) and remove the seeds. Crush them and add One tablespoon Honey and a pinch of Turmeric ( Haldi ). Take One tablespoon of this mixture in the morning.

Herbal Treatment For Bed Wetting 4

Add One tablespoon Fennel ( Saunf ) in a glass of warm Milk ( Dudh ). Now heat 4-5 tablespoons Sugar in a glass of water till it becomes thick like a syrup. Mix 2 tablespoon syrup in the Milk and drink. Repeat daily.

Herbal Treatment For Bed Wetting 5

Combine half tablespoon each of Amla, Caraway seeds and half teaspoon of Candy Sugar( Mishri ) in one glass of cold water. Drink it.
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Sampa Augustine ( Zambia )
10 Dec 2020
my son is 12 and has never stopped bedwetting,am now very concerned because he will be going to a boarding school in secondary next year.What is the best treatment that can help him stop this condition
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