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California Poppy Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
California Poppy
Glycemic Index / Load
California Poppy
Botanical Name
Eschscholtzia Californica

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California Poppy Cures

Highly Effective


Action of California Poppy

Highly Effective

Nutrients in California Poppy

California Poppy
Combines With

Taste of
California Poppy

Parts Used

Aerial Parts

Side Effects, Risk Factors of, and Cautions for California Poppy

Avoid uses during Pregnancy and Breastfeeding.
High dosage may cause Drowsiness and Hangover.
Driving and Operating Machinery to be avoided.
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California Poppy is a tree.
It is annual.
It grows in a hot climate.
It grows up to 10 Cm.
It is associated to the Papaveraceae family.
Best used for Insomnia and problems related to Nervous System.

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Materia Medica for California Poppy

California Poppy General

California Poppy is a potent herb for the Nervous system. Its Nervine properties help calm the Nerves. Whether the problem is associated with Physical or Psychological conditions, California Poppy treats both. It treats Insomnia, Bed wetting and Nervous tension. It reduces Anxiety and influences deep sleep at night.
It helps in distress and overcomes exhaustion. It calms and soothes your mind and gives relief from Mental imbalance.
The sedative properties of California Poppy balance the emotions and reduce Stress.
California Poppy is a herbal remedy for Alzheimer's Disease. It helps improve cognitive capacity, Mental health and the learning power of a person.
California Poppy helps in Cardiac problems as well. It calms the Nervous system and helps in proper functioning of the Heart. It improves the Blood Circulation and slows down rapid Heartbeats. California Poppy gives relief from Palpitations and Blood Pressure.
It provides relief from all Neurological pains like Headaches, Migraines, Neuralgia, Sciatica and Back pains.
California Poppy is active against Bacteria, Virus, and other micro organisms. California poppy gives relief from pain and reduces the risk of Infections.
It cures for Cuts and Scrapes.
Its sedative effects give relief from Toothache.
California Poppy is a herbal Pain reliever.
How to prepare it
Infusion : Pour a cup of boiling water onto l-2 teaspoonfuls of dried herb in it. Infuse for l0 minutes. Drink a cup before going to bed. It will give a restful sleep.
Single Herb

Cali for Insomnia

Make infusion of the dried root of California Poppy. Drink a cup before going to bed daily.
Queries on California Poppy
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Patrick L Fruge ( United States )
01 Jul 2019
I've had Bell's Palsy since November 8, 2017. I was told that it's a viral infection of the nerve that controls the muscle movement of the left side of my face. I cannot smile, raise my eyebrows, open my eye wide on the left side of my face, to make facial expressions, as a professional actor, singer, voice talent, trumpet and other brass wind instruments player, harmonica player, or even whistler. I already have nerve impingement running down the left side of my neck, shoulder, arm, hand, ring and little finger causing problems controlling my finger dexterity in playing guitar and piano.
I've seen my PCP, neurologists, and there is nothing they can do. I am looking for holistic health professional treatment to cure my condition of Bell's Palsy.
02 Jul 2019
Hello Patrick,
Try taking Causticum Hahnemanni- mother tincture, 5 drops daily in half a glass of water once a day for 5 days. You must consult your doctor if you are on any kind of medication.
Gently massage every part of your face for 20 minutes with lukewarm olive oil. Do it three times a day.
I have checked more for Bell's palsy from the following link, please review.
26 Oct 2020
Please get tested for lymr disease
26 Oct 2020
Bells Palsy is a symptom of Lyme disease
Jim S
26 Oct 2020
Stephen Buhner has s protochol for treating Lyme. Get tested, pcp will prob treat eith amoxocjllin. For 30 days snd Buhner recommends a raw probiotic, japanese knotweed, Astragalus, and cTCats claw tinctures to help with the inflammation and to help regulate cytokine messengers.
Nikita Aleshin ( Australia )
29 Sep 2020
I am wondering if I can use this information as a reference on my website ?
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