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What does Berberine do for the body

Berberine is a Bioactive compound that belongs to Alkaloids. It is yellow to brown in color and derived from the plants. Berberine helps to lower the Blood Cholesterol level and prevents Cardiovascular Diseases. Berberine helps to burn extra fat and lose weight.

Requirement of Berberine per day

200 mg to 350 mg

Benefits of Berberine

The Antimicrobial property of Berberine helps to fight harmful parasites and prevents Infection. Berberine helps to boost the metabolism and provides energy to the body. It protects the Brain cells from the oxidative stress. It ensures the proper blood circulation in the Brain and prevent Alzheimer's Disease. Berberine inhibits fat build up in the Liver and prevent Diabetes.

Functions of Berberine

Berberine is essential for the functioning of the Heart and prevents Heart Disease. It keeps the Gut healthy and protects from the Intestinal Infections. It reduces the production of Glucose from the Liver. The Antiinflammatory property of Berberine helps to remove inflammation from the body. Berberine helps to suppress the growth and spread of the Tumors.

Effects of excess Berberine in the body


Herbs Containing Berberine

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