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What does Mucilage do for the body

Mucilage is a type of soluble fiber. It is important for protecting Colon and Intestinal tract. It helps in the proper digestion of food. Mucilage maintains the Cholesterol and supports the proper functioning of Nervous system.

Benefits of Mucilage
Mucilage aids to lower the Cholesterol in Blood. It supports proper Bowel movement and prevents Constipation. Mucilage helps to multiply the good bacteria and neutralize the harmful bacteria in the body. It protects the body from Cancer cells. Mucilage stabilizes the Blood sugar level in the body.

Functions of Mucilage
Mucilage prevents the Intestine from absorbing Cholesterol produced by the Bile for digestion. This reduction of Cholesterol prevents from Vascular accidents.
Mucilage helps to increase the stool and enhances the bowel movement from the Intestine. This helps to cure Constipation and Abdominal Swelling.
The Antioxidant property of Mucilage helps to protect the body from free radicals. It prevents Cancer.
Mucilage slows down the absorption of Carbohydrates which gives relief from Diabetes.
Mucilage protects the internal Mucous membranes and digestive disorders and indigestion. It protects the Skin from infection and cures Wounds, Ulcers and Burns.

Effect of Mucilage deficiency in the body
High Cholesterol

Herbs Containing Mucilage

Most Effective

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