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Sanicle Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Glycemic Index / Load
Botanical Name
Sanicula Europaea
Homeopathic Name
Sanicula Europaea   -   Mother Tincture

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Sanicle Cures

Highly Effective


Action of Sanicle

Nutrients in Sanicle

Parts Used

Whole plant that grows above the ground

Side Effects, Risk Factors of, and Cautions for Sanicle

In large amounts, it may cause some side effects including stomach upset, nausea, and vomiting.
Stomach or intestinal disorders such as ulcers, ulcerative colitis, and other digestive tract problems.
Sanicle can make these conditions worse.
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Sanicle is a plant.
It is perennial.
It grows in a temperate climate.
It grows up to 50 Cm.
Best used for Wounds, Bronchitis and Cough.
Sanicle or Sanicula Europaea should not be confused with Prunella Vulgaris, both of which are known as Self Heal .
Sanicula Europaea should not be confused with Astrantia Major, both of which are known as
Sanicle or Sanicula Europaea should not be confused with Sanicula Aqua, which is the water of the Sanicula lake in Ottawa, Illinois, USA.
How does the Herb work?
Sanicle seems to thin mucus to make it easier to cough up.


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Materia Medica for Sanicle

Queries on Sanicle
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Ken Vohra ( Canada )
10 Feb 2017
Interested to buy immediately 100 Kg of Dry Sanicle Herb C/S ( Sanicula europaea ). Please send us best quote and stock position.
We are a Canadian Herbal Company and import dry herbs in different form from all over the globe.
Look forward in receiving your positive response.
Ken Vohra
Leisa blake
30 Jan 2018
I would love to buy this self heal herbs,and long can I use it for
Gregg Forscher ( USA/California )
26 Sep 2017
I bought the tea form of Sanicle and started taking it with one tea bag 2 cups a day. After about 24 hours of taking it I got heavy stomach cramps, heavy diahrea for 48 hours and was very weak. This lasted 48 hours.

I did not realize it was a reaction to the Sanicle and I took it again. Same amount. After 24 hours I started to get the same effect.

I then looked up the side effects and realized I am having the side effects.

Is there any way to counteract the side effects and instead of taking 2 cups a day within a few hour period, what if I took 1/4 cup a day? I am taking it because I read that it helps to shrink tumors. I have a benign tumor in the parotid gland.

Is anyone really knowledgeable about this?

Healthy life
06 Jul 2020
Try LIPOSOMAL brushwood by healthy drops
Some of Cliente has broken tumor in 14 days
26 Sep 2017
Gregg. Did you try it by reducing the dose; 1/4cup a day? Reducing the amount may suit you. if you have been experiencing the side effects by taking Sanicle, then it is advised that you do not eat it. For Tumors : Cleavers is the best herb. You may buy the capsules or buy the Galium Aparine ( homeopathic name of Cleavers ) tincture from a homoeopathic store, take 5 drops added to a glass of water every day for a month.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
K.A. B.
22 Oct 2020
Gregg, try doing external application to your jaw area. Rub it in every night before you go to sleep. Test a small spot first to see if you skin can handle it. Then put a cotton gauze on overnight, or apply the liquid gently with a cotton ball. Use it consistently over time.
Alice Wright ( Florida )
04 Feb 2018
Where can I purchase wood sanicle tea?
19 Feb 2018
Buy it from online vendors. Amazon or iherb are the best websites for herbs or herbal products.
Rocky ( USA nevro )
16 Feb 2018
Will sanicle cure a kidney tumor?
19 Feb 2018
For Tumors-- Take Cleavers, it is one of the best herbs. You may buy the capsules or buy the Galium Aparine ( homeopathic name of Cleavers ) tincture from a homeopathic store, take 5 drops added to a glass of water every day for a month. Also, take Wheatgrass shots. 30 ml juice every morning on an empty stomach.
E L Berry ( USA )
28 Mar 2018
Thankful to have found this site.
After taking Sanicle extract for 8 days, I developed a large patch of dermatitis on my face. Not sure if this is a side effect, because stomach issues is the only side effect listed.
Do you think this is a side effect?
Osay Yuuni ( South Africa )
03 Jun 2018
I see two responses recommending cleavers over sanicle for tumor shrinking. How good is this information? I've got a benign tumor on one of my nerves which was supposedly removed with surgery. It's now back again and I don't want to go back for surgery given that this is a nerve and repeated slitting can cause the nerve to become weak and affect the control function.

I'm currently on sanicle tincture, 1 tsp in a wine glass of water on an empty stomach 2 times a day. I also have the leaves which I boil to drink. I also got myself some cleavers tea. Can I take the both of them at the same time?
Earth Angel ( Canada )
02 Jan 2019
What's the best thing for Parotid gland tumors?
Mae ( United States )
01 Jun 2020
I have a fatty tumor and do not want to have surgery. Should I use Cleavers or sanicle?
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