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Hydrilla Verticillata Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Hydrilla Verticillata
Botanical Name
Waterthyme, Hydrocharitaceae Family

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Hydrilla Verticillata Cures

Highly Effective

Nerve Disorder
Weak Immune System

Action of Hydrilla Verticillata

Nutrients in Hydrilla Verticillata

Most Effective

Taste of
Hydrilla Verticillata

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Hydrilla is an aquatic root. It is a hard, rapid growing freshwater grass.
It is an Annual and Perennial plant.
It grows in lakes, Streams and Semi Saline Estuaries.
Best for healthy functioning of Body organs and systems.
In TCM, It is considered as a Qi and Jing stimulating plant.
In Ayurveda, It is recognized as powerful medicinal plant. It is known to have Cleaning, Restorative and Energizing properties.


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Materia Medica for Hydrilla Verticillata

Hydrilla Verticillata General

Hydrilla Verticillata is one of the most nutritious foods on the planet. It is the fastest growing plant. It is the richest source of calcium on the planet. Hydrilla is freshwater tape grass. It extracts minerals, vitamins and other essential nutrients from lakebed soil in which it grows. For this reason, it has different composition than those grown in regular soil and ground. It grows in lake, wild lands and along side regular cultivation. It is a tough plant. Once grown, it is difficult to get it out of the lake.
The rich green color of the plant is because of its high Chlorophyll content. Chlorophyll plays a major role in detoxification of heavy metals and building healthy red blood cells in the Body.
Hydrilla is loaded with essential vitamins and minerals. The nutrients in Hydrilla directly or indirectly nourishes all the body organs, systems and glands including bones, skin, hair and blood.
Hydrilla possesses Neuroprotective and Neuroenhancer properties. It has high concentration of Vitamins and particularly Vitamin B 12. Vitamin B 12 plays an important role in healthy functioning of Brain and Nervous System. Its promotes good mood, energy and improved memory since the body gets active vitamins and minerals.
Hydrilla is rich in Magnesium, Silica and other minerals. These minerals aids in growth and regeneration of bones, skin, hair and nails.
The high Iron content in Hydrilla nourishes and builds blood. It is a good source of Beta Carotene. It supports vision, healthy skin and proper gene transcription.
The polysaccharides in Hydrilla has health enhancing properties and maintains healthy Immune System.
It is a mild cleanser for the Digestive Tract. It stimulates peristalsis and treats Constipation. It removes food waste and toxins from the body.
It is considered good for Athletes as well as those with weak body. It helps to rebuild, restore and increase endurance.
It can be used as a daily tonic in juices and smoothies to absorb its health promoting benefits.
Hydrilla is highly potent, so low doses are suggested for start.
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Vijay ( India )
07 May 2019
how to use hydrilla in home made formula. any side effect .IS hudrilla direct eat man.. direct use methad
Michael Topolovich ( AB )
14 Nov 2020
How long does it take for the Hydrilla to show benefits in the body. Does it help the libido?
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