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Bone Infection Herbal Treatment, Prevention, Symptoms, Causes, Cured By

General Name
Bone Infection
Medical Name
Bone Infection Symptoms
Back Pain
Bone Pains
Excessive Sweating
Redness over the infected region
Swelling over the infected region

Bone Infection Cured By

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Bone Infection is a disease of the Bones.
The infection of the Bones caused by bacteria is Bone Infection. It can be a bacterial or a fungal infection.
The infection may erupt any where in the body. Then this infection may spread to the bones through the bloodstream. An injury, fracture or a bone replacement can be possible reasons of Bone Infections. It damages the Bones which results into fragile Bones.

Causes of Bone Infection
Bone Injury
Open Wounds
Blood Streams
Infected Skin
Infected Muscles
Viral Infections
Bacterial Infections

If not treated properly, Bone infection may cause
Septic Arthritis
Death of Bone Tissues

A Diet chart for Bone Infection:
1. Eat Vitamin A, E, and C rich food. They will enhance the immunity and prevent the infections.
2. Eat probiotics. They contain good bacteria and provide strength to the intestines.
3. Eat immunity booster Herbs like Garlic, Goldenseal, Ginseng Siberian, Echinacea and Astragulus. These Herbs will increase the immunity and ability to fight with infections.

Body Part(s)

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Materia Medica for Bone Infection

Single Herb

Garlic for Bone Infection

Chew 3-4 raw Garlic cloves daily.

Echinacea for Bone Infection

Put half teaspoon of Echinacea powdered roots in one cup of water. Boil it. Simmer for 10 minutes. Drink thrice daily.

Goldenseal for Bone Infection

Put half teaspoon of Goldenseal powdered roots in one cup of water. Boil it. Simmer for 10 minutes. Drink thrice daily.

Ginseng Siberian for Bone Infection

Add 2 teaspoon of dried Ginseng Siberian in a cup of hot water. Steep for 15 minutes. Strain it and drink twice daily.

Astragalus for Bone Infection

Put half teaspoon of Astragalus powdered roots in one cup of water. Boil it. Simmer for 10 minutes. Drink thrice daily.
Queries on Bone Infection
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Denise cole ( Usa )
05 Mar 2018
after a spinal cord injury and then a pressure sore, now they say my hip bone is infected and not sure what that means, they scraped the bone one time, but apparently that did not fix the problem. now what is best to do?
30 Mar 2018
Dear Denise
Follow the given Regimen.
1. Arnica 1M, it is a Homeopathy medicine. Take 1 dose daily for 3 days.
2. Follow it with Bellis Perennis, Roota and Symphytum Officinale. All three medicines buy in 6C potency. Take one dose of all for three days. Take 1 dose of Symphytum Officinale 6C in the morning. Take 1 dose of Bellis Perennis 6 C in the afternoon. Then 1 dose of Roota 6C in the evening.
3. Then, stop taking Bellis Perennis and Roota and take 1 dose of Symphytum 200.
Take the complete course, for any doubts write to us. Wait for 1 week and study your symptoms.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Rita ( Portugal )
19 Apr 2018
i suffer with nasal polyps and have had them for many years. i now am producing lots of mucous and its sitting in my left lung so also now have a raspy cough. I have been told that i have Samters triad and that i will probably get asthma ... what do you suggest? Many thanks
Cassondra Roton ( United States )
15 May 2018
In 2008 I was in a vehicle accident which broke my jaws in three diffrent places.they had to put steel plates in to hold bone together.I have had troubles the last three years.x-rays,cat scans,mris,can't take anymore antibiotics so I have been taking a daily dose of honey,garlic,echenesia,and apple cider vinegar .and it has came to a head and busted so I have been walking around with bandages covering the holes that are content lyrics leaking puss.What should I do?I am so sick of this besides I am scared of losing my bottom jaw bone.any suggestions?
12 Sep 2020
Hi. Almost the same situation. how is it going
Kate Eichorn ( Australia, NSW )
21 May 2018
Hi have a bone infection in my leg and have been on antibiotics for the last 4 month s . And while in hospital I was on a IV drip. My tummy cannot take anymore antibiotics. I have had some allergic reaction to medication. What else can I take???
09 Mar 2019
Try these herbs. Golden seal, Echinacea,eat garlic, Ginseng.
Michelle Hart ( USA/Indiana )
27 Nov 2018
Hello I've had an infection from a bad tooth in my lower jaw for about four years now.
Been managing it with oregano oil.
Finally was able to have the tooth pulled three months ago. Now there is swelling tenderness/pain not only on the jaw bone but also in my neck.
Been on several courses of antibiotics.
Needing to get this under control.
Can you offer any advice/experience that could help remedy this?
Please and thank you.
Pankaj ( India )
06 Feb 2019
Pain and swelling in right forefoot in second finger beside toe
09 Mar 2019
Wear a copper bracelet, near the area where it hurts most. In 2 or 3 days the pain should be going away.
Nitin ( India )
17 Apr 2019
Hi My name is Nitin due to accident I am suffering from bone infection in my right leg tibia just in the center i have gone through around 10 operation and it has been around 10 years and still not cured and pus is coming.
Please suggest me the cure and also tell it is curable or not.
12 Sep 2020
Hi may I ask what medications do you take
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