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Fracture Herbal Treatment, Prevention, Symptoms, Causes, Cured By

General Name
Medical Name
Hindi Name
Haddi Tutna, Haddi ka Tutna
Fracture Symptoms
Fracture of a bone
Broken Bone
Cracked Bone
Intense Pain
Numbness and tingling
Inability to move a limb
Bone protruding from the Skin
Twitching of muscles

Fracture Cured By

Super Effective


Acampe Praemors...
Albizia Gummife...
Aloe Divaricata
Ampelocissus La...
Ampelocissus To...
Anredera Scande...
Anthocleista Dj...
Barathranthus N...
Bear Gallbladde...
Bird Flower
Byttneria Pilos...
Calcarea Phosph...
Cardiocrinum Gi...
Carpinus Vimine...
Chamaecrista Fa...
Chlorophytum Co...
Cinnamomum Dubi...
Climbing Flower...
Cochlospermum P...
Cordia Africana
Creeping Blepha...
Creeping Fig
Croton Laccifer
Davallia Solida
Debregeasia Sal...
Drymoglossum He...
Endeavor River ...
Fern Tree
Galium Elegans
Garcinia Zeylan...
Glabrous Sarcan...
Gonostegia Hirt...
Grey Bollywood
Griffonia Physo...
Gynura Divarica...
Harpephyllum Ca...
Herba Sarcandra...
Hoya Ovalifolia
Large Indian Br...
Lolium Temulent...
Madhuca Neriifo...
Mallotus Tetrac...
Mistletoe Cactu...
Morinda Umbella...
Ochna Jabotapit...
Oriental Founta...
Ormocarpum Coch...
Pamburus Missio...
Panax Fruticosa
Pani Bel
Psiadia Ceylani...
Ribbon Fern
Roxburgh's Fold...
Sarcostemma Vim...
Scouler s Willo...
Stem Clasping L...
Sterculia Balan...
Sunsunga Pheran...
Tricholepis Gla...
Vernonia Zeylan...
Vigna Marina
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Fracture is a disease of the Bones.
A crack or a complete break in the bone is Fracture.
It may break completely or cracked.
The whitish connective tissues making up the major portion of the skeleton are bones.
The Skeleton system supports the body.
When a bone is either hit or a person falls,it may break or develop a crack. In all cases other organs of the body also suffer.
Fracture not only causes pain but associated with Bruising, Swelling and Trauma too.

Fracture is characterized as
Incomplete Fracture : The bone cracks but does not break.
Complete Fracture : The bone breaks in to two or more parts.
Compound or Open Fracture : The bone breaks through the Skin and exposed.
Simple Fracture : It is just a simple fracture.

The specific types of fractures that may occur are
Rib Fracture
Wrist Fracture
Skull Fracture
Stress Fracture
Spiral Fracture
Transverse Fracture
Green stick Fracture
Comminuted Fracture
Compression Fracture
Vertebral compression Fracture

In normal practice there is only one remedy to immobilize the limb or 'set ' the bones and allow the body to heal itself. This process may take a long time. Herbs may hasten the process.

Causes of Fracture
Old Age
Muscle damage
Hurt to Tendons
Internal Bleeding
Fall from a height
Traffic accidents
Tearing of the Periostium
Laceration of the nerves

If not treated properly, Fracture may cause

Note : When the bone fractures
The Periostium tears
The Muscles get ruptured
The nerves get Lacerated
The Tendons get hurt
In addition there may be
Pus Formation

Therefore, the treatment of a fracture should be a course of remedies to cater for some or all of the above problems.
The Orthodox System of medicine relies mainly on immobilization and waits for the body to heal itself.
But Herbpathy has solutions for all of the above.
Herbs have been used for centuries to repair all of the above on a fast track. Herbs are there to ensure the growth of the bone at twice the normal speed.

When the cause is injury, the answer is Arnica.
The symptom or the disease may be any, and the occurrence may be immediate or later in life. The answer still is Arnica.

Body Part(s)


Materia Medica for Fracture

Drynaria Roosii for Fracture

A Tincture of Drynaria is used for internal and External application. It can be taken orally or with Blood activating Analgesics.
It is used to cure traumatic injuries, injuries of Soft tissues and Bone, Stagnant swelling and Pain.
This herb enters the Kidney and treats Bone. The tincture is used for Fracture, Trauma healing and Bone-reuniting.
It enhances the Blood flow and dissolves Stasis. It reunites fractured tendons and Bones. It helps in reducing swelling and alleviates pain.
It stops the bleeding caused by incised wounds and broken collaterals.
Single Herb

Arjun for Fracture

Bark powder mix with Honey. Apply on the affected part.

Arjuna for Fracture

Arjuna is a good remedy in Fracture. It promotes quick healing of broken bones.
Make the powder of Arjuna bark. Take one teaspoon of any powder with milk thrice a day.

Winged Treebine for Fracture

Mix plant juice of Winged Treebine with Sesame oil. Boil it. Apply over fractured areas.
OR : Consume 3 g root powder of Winged Treebine. You may also apply it over fractured areas by adding some hot water in it.

Comfrey for Fracture

Prepare a tea made from the roots of Comfrey. Take 2-3 times a day.

Pineapple ( Ananas ) for Fracture

Have a bowl of pineapple daily. It is rich in Bromelain which helps to reduce the swelling.

Boron for Fracture

Have two Boron Capsules two times a day.

Arnica for Fracture

Bone fractures require Arnica both externally and internally. It alleviates Tumefaction and Swelling. It will relieve pain and soreness. It is 'the' remedy for the twitching of the muscles in the case of fractures. Fractures are usually accompanied by twitching muscles. It just happens. The patient has no control over them.
Have 3-4 tablets of Arnica two times a day.

White Bryony for Fracture

Prepare a decoction made from the roots of White Bryony. Take two times a day.

Boneset for Fracture

Prepare a decoction of the leaves of Boneset. Take one cup two times a day.

St John's Wort for Fracture

Prepare an infusion of the flowers of St John's Wort. Have one glass two times a day

Rue for Fracture

Prepare a decoction of dried leaves of Rue. Take two times a day.

Lepidium Sativum for Fracture

Take 5 g Lepidium Sativum seeds with lukewarm water. It helps in fast healing of Fracture.

Betel ( Pan ) Leaves for Fracture

Calcium is an essential element for bones. A betel leaf contains 10 times more calcium if compare to a glass of milk.
Apply slaked lime over a betel leaf using a pointing device. Eat a leaf a day. It helps to repair the fractured bones.

Ashoka for Fracture

Soak Ashoka Bark in water overnight. The next morning, make a paste by grinding it. Apply this paste on injured bones.
Multiple Herbs How to Use Herbal Treatment? Click Here +

Herbal Treatment For Fracture 1

With this cup of tea calcium supplement is also needed. Prepare a decoction of the following herbs.
4 table spoon of Horse tail grass
3 tablesoon of comfrey root
2 parts of oat
1part of lobeila
Have two cups two times a day.

Herbal Treatment For Dipsacus for Fracture

It helps in healing the Hip fractures particularly in old age.
Dry and take 1 teaspoon of Dipsacus, Rehmannia, Dong Quai, Angelica, Achyranthes and half teaspoon of Moutan, Cnidium , Carthamus and Eucommia. Make a decoction of the herbs. Take one dose of 10ml for a week.
Queries on Fracture
08 Sep 2015
Dear Concern,

It would be great if you can help me out with the best suited herb for my 4 year old son. He met with Finger bone fracture two months back. After Plaster of 21 days he is not able to fold his middle finger (as internal fracture was on the same finger). It looks like deformity in his hand. As per doctor finger will be with massage and exercise but it will take more time.
Please let me know the best suitable herb for massage or any other suitable way to sort this.

Herbpathy Admin
09 Sep 2015
Dear Shuchi

We would love to help you out. Since your son's finger is not set right and it's been 2 months and has taken up the shape of a deformed one. So massage therapy along with a Herb would be preferable.

Our Research team is working on it. We will tell you an appropriate cure shortly.

Herbpathy Admin
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
10 Sep 2015
Thanks Team :-)
Would be happy hear from you
Oyeleke Toluwatope ( Nigeria/Lagos )
09 Sep 2016
Dear sir
I had a slight fracture in 2001 and this has graduated to a serious health disorder like as if a strange thing is moving on my head . pleased what can I do.
09 Sep 2016
Dear Oyeleke
Please let us know that where was the fracture? And what do feel inside your Head? Please give some details to get an appropriate remedy.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
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