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What does Silica do for the body

Silica is a chemical compound also known as Silicon Dioxide. It is a combination of Silicon and Oxygen. Silica is a mineral which is quite essential for Bone growth and development of the body. Silica maintains a balance between Calcium and Magnesium in the body. It stabilizes the hormones and prevents Osteoporosis. Silica gives energy to the body and boosts the metabolism.

Requirement of Silica per day
9 mg to 14 mg

Benefits of Silica
Silica prevents Atherosclerosis and stimulates the Blood Circulation. Silica soothes the Mind and induces Sleep. Silica strengthens the Bones and makes the Joints flexible. Silica speeds up the healing process of Bone dislocations and Fractures. It prevents Wrinkles and restores the natural glow of the Skin. It keeps the Hair shiny and free from tangles.

Functions of Silica
Silica helps to assist Calcium for the growth and maintenance of Bones. It protects from Tuberculosis and other diseases related to Mucus Membrane. It supports the proper functioning of the Brain and reduces the symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease. Silica strengthens the Nails and makes Hair shiny. It keep the Nails strong and white.

Effects of Silica Deficiency
Dull Hair
Dull Skin
Brittle Nails
Joint Pain

Effects of Excessive Silica in the body
Kidney Damage
Urinary Disease

Herbs Containing Silica

Most Effective

Diatomaceous Earth

Highly Effective


Agate Gemstone
Celtis Zenkeri
Commiphora Pterocarpa
Cordia Millenii
Dacryodes Buettneri
Dacryodes Igaganga
Daniellia Klainei
Duguetia Staudtii
Erythroxylum Mannii
Gilbertiodendron Dewevrei
Indian Thorny Bamboo
Zornia Diphylla
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