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What does Sodium do for the body

Sodium is a primary Ion of the electrolyte within the Body. It is a versatile element. It occurs in more than eighty different forms. It helps to regulate the water in and around the Body Cells. Sodium is commonly found in table salt. It is a necessary mineral for the Human Body. Sodium is a regular part of Food supply. It is found in both Meats and Vegetables. It regulates the Blood Pressure and maintains the Acid / Base balance in the Body. It is also present in Rock salt, Borax, and Soda.

Normal level of Sodium in the Body
2500 milligram per deciliter ( mg/dl )

Functions of Sodium in the Body
Sodium helps in Muscle Contractions, Nerve Transmissions, maintaining pH balance, and Hydration. It regulates the Fluid by balancing them. Sodium is an Electrolyte Mineral. It conveys Electrical signals. Sodium regulates the Cellular activity and Nervous system of the Body.

Benefits of sodium in the Body
Healthy Hair
Keeps the Heart Healthy
Prevention of Muscles Cramps
Helps in Regulation of the Fluids
It Eliminates Excess of Carbon Dioxide from the Body
Beneficial for the Teeth Polishing and reduces odor
Fights against Radicals and keeps the skin Healthy and Youthful
Maintains a balance between the positively and negatively charged Ions.

Effects of Sodium deficiency in the Body
Deficiency of Sodium may cause HYPONATREMIA.
Symptoms of Hyponatremia
Muscle Cramps
Excessive Sweating

Effects of Excess Sodium in the Body
Weight Gain
Stomach Cancer
Extreme Thirst
Kidney Diseases
Water Retention
High Blood Pressure
Congestive Heart Failure

Daily requirement of Sodium in the Body
1000 to 2300 milligram per day ( mg/per day ). About One table spoon of table salt will meet the daily requirement.

Figures given in the bracket indicates amount present in milligram per 100 gram serving :

Herbs Containing Sodium


Angelica Laxiflora
Artemisia Keiskeana
Bastard Oleaster
Bovis Calculus
Bull Kelp
Castanea Mollissima
Descurainia Sophia
Dried Dates
Medicago Lupulina
Oenanthe Javanica
Pinto Bean
Portulaca Pilosa
Safawi Date
Solanum Verbascifolim
Sow Thistle
Water Morning Glory
White Truffle Mushroom
Ziziphus Rugosa
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