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Eruca Sativa Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Eruca Sativa
Glycemic Index / Load
Rocket Salad
Botanical Name
Eruca Sativa, Eruca Vesicaria
Hindi Name
Tara Mira
Chinese Name
Zhi Ma Cai

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Eruca Sativa Cures

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Action of Eruca Sativa

Nutrients in Eruca Sativa

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Taste of
Eruca Sativa

Parts Used

Leaves, Seeds, Flowers

Side Effects, Risk Factors of, and Cautions for Eruca Sativa

Individuals suffering from Kidney Stones should avoid its use.
It may also cause throat irritation, facial swelling, tongue swelling, stomach cramps, diarrhea or skin rash.
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Eruca Sativa is a plant.
It is an annual.
It grows in a warm climate.
It grows up to 1 M.
Best used for Digestive Disorders.
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Materia Medica for Eruca Sativa

Eruca Sativa General

Eruca Sativa is a green leafy vegetable and is called Taramira in Hindi. It resembles Spinach. It is mostly used for culinary purposes, like cooking and salads. Now, it is widely used in U.S and Italy.
Vitamin K plays an important role in promoting bone health. It helps in the activity of bone formation and strengthening them. Food rich in Vitamin K helps to restrict the neural damage. It is good to treat Alzheimer's disease. Vitamin K absorbs the Calcium from the diet and provides it to the bones. Thus, it prevents Osteoporosis.
Vitamin C acts as a natural Antioxidant in Eruca Sativa. It boosts the immunity and protects the body against infectious agents. It is useful to cure Scurvy.
Vitamin A is essential for the normal functioning of cells growth and development. It protects the body from Skin Cancer, Lung Cancer and Oral Cancer.
The vegetable possesses Antioxidant properties. It has carotenoids like beta carotene that protects the cells from free radical damage. It also contains alpha-lipoic acid that lowers the glucose levels in diabetic patients and increases the insulin levels.
It is Antiulcer in nature. It reduces the secretion of stomach acid and promotes the hormone functioning that helps to protect the gastric wall lining. The Antioxidant properties of Eruca Sativa also help to protect the Stomach against Peptic Ulcers.
Eruca Sativa consists of two compounds called lutein and zeaxanthin. This protects the eyes from UV light and high power blue light that lead to strain and vision issues. So, it is effective for treating Eye Diseases and Macular Degeneration.
The presence of vitamin B complex promotes the health and metabolic functions of the body. It helps in the production of red blood cells and enhances the cell functioning.
Caution: Avoid excessive consumption.
Single Herb

Rocket Salad for Cancer

Eat raw in salads.
Or eat cooked.

Eruca Sativa ( Tara Mira ) for Low Libido

Add 20 gram Eruca Sativa ( Tara Mira ) in your salad at night. It enhances Libido and helps to gain lost Libido.
Queries on Eruca Sativa
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Azra shakil ( Pakistan )
12 Apr 2016
if we grind taramira seeds with equal quantity of Misri ( natural sugar) and eat daily. dose of equal quantity of two grains. two times a day. please what happen. or for what this treatment is.
24 Sep 2016
I think the best use of taramira seeds is sleeping time at night. When you are going to sleep and before going to bed you should take taramira seeds half tea spoon with simple water.
28 Aug 2017
I take it empty stomach (about 1/4 of tea spoon) with water. It helps me in relieving from Fissure/piles problem. Basically fissure reoccure due to swelling in the anus/lower part of intestine and this is where it has helped me greatly.
Are there any side effect of this?
Ayesha Tariq
23 Nov 2017
Someone recommend me för same purpose. Is it in powder form we get?
06 Jun 2018
For which purpose?? please confirm . some one also recommended me for psoraisis
Rambir ( India/uttar pradesh )
21 Jan 2018
Good day sir
Sir i have my baby boy 3.5 year old. When he pass stool then two small bubble ( vain last part) come out , but goes inside itself when he walk away,
Sir some one told that taramira seed mix with curd and feed to baby can cure this problem ( like piles).
Sir is it true or not
21 Feb 2018
There is a herb called kachoor. Its powder is very good for piles and constipation. It has a mild bitter taste. Having a quarter of a tea spoon (1/4th) as phakki (putting directly into mouth) and drinking any liquid like milk or tea over it once or twice a day works wonders for those with piles. Do not mix it with the liquid just have it soon after taking the powder in mouth. Hope it helps.
Rajiv rana Rana
13 Jan 2020
It is 200% sure but to child give small quantities becoz it is laxative or cramps maker in stomach
Mohammad Bashir Mahmood ( Pakistan )
22 Feb 2018
Rambir this is called prolapse study (Podophyllum Peltatum) in homeopathy can be use or (sepia) you can search on ABC homeopathy remedy finder
MS ( Pakistan )
30 Jan 2019
Are there any side effects of Eruca Sativa seeds

Khadija m
05 Jun 2019
does it help with eczema or other skin conditions and how should it be taken,
Mohammad Bashir Mahmood ( Pakistan )
08 Oct 2019
yeh khoon bhi to saaf krta or phulbehri ko barhny sy rokta hy
Zara ( England )
10 Jan 2021
Please someone answer me is taramira seeds consumption safe for pregnant women
07 Feb 2021
Yes Zara it is safe and sound. A balanced use of any dietry fibre is beneficial all the way.
Gul ( Pakistan )
07 Mar 2021
I have pain in rectum and anus I don't know it is piles or fissure I get it after delivery now 4 month pas but my symptoms or not gone after passing stool too much burning and pain for half day I have an other problem that I pas stool many time but it's not soft it's harder I use olive oil too much quantity I use isapaghol but anything didn't work plz help and tell me some useful remedies
08 Mar 2021
Take one spoon ispaghol and one spoon olive oil and
One chutki kulwangi mix it and take with warm water Twice a day at empty stomach avoid to eating anything For half an hour drink lots of warm water. It will help Insha Allah
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