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Folic Acid

What does Folic Acid do for the body

Folic Acid is Vitamin B. It is a Water soluble Vitamin. It dissolves in water and remaining amounts of the Vitamin secrets through urine. It helps the Body to breaks down the food and converts to Energy. It works with Vitamin B12 and Vitamin C. It helps the Body to make new proteins.

Daily requirement of Folic Acid per day
400 mcg to 800 mcg

Functions of Folic Acid
Folate helps in growth of tissues. It helps the proper functioning of Cells. It prevents Anemia. It is important for Mental health and Brain functions. Folic helps in the production of DNA and RNA. Folic Acid is necessary for the rapid growth of cells and tissues during Pregnancy and Adolescence. Folic Acid works with Vitamin B12.

Benefits of Folic Acid in the Body
Treat Gums Diseases
Important for Pregnant women
Produce healthy Red Blood Cells
Reduce the risk of Breast Cancer
Treat Skin disease called Vitiligo
Reduce the risk of Colorectal Cancer
Reduce the risk of Pancreatic Cancer

Causes of Folate deficiency
Poor diet
Eating overcooked Food
Drinking too much Alcohol

Effects of Folate deficiency
Gray Hair
Weight Loss
Poor Growth
Swollen Tongue
Loss of Appetite
Mouth Ulcers
Fatigue and Tiredness

Effects of Excess Folic Acid in the Body
Stomach Upset
Skin Reactions
Sleep Disorders
Behavior Changes
Abdominal Cramps

Herbs Containing Folic Acid

Most Effective

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