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Lysine or Alpha Lysine

What does Lysine or Alpha Lysine do for the body

Lysine is an Amino acid. It is used for medicinal purposes. It is a part of all proteins in the human body. It is an essential nutrient in the diet of vertebrates. Lysine serves as a building block for Protein.

Daily requirement of Lysine in the Body
800 milligram per day ( mg/day )

What are the functions of Lysine in the Body
Lysine is absorbed from the Small Intestine. It is then transported to the Liver and partly metabolized. Alpha Lysine is an active stereoisomer of Lysine. It is required by the Body for the synthesis of Collagen , Carnitine, Hormones , Enzymes and the Antibodies. It also stimulates muscle protein anabolism.
Alpha Lysine supplement is popular as a Prophylactic ( prevents diseases ) and is used for the treatment of Herpes. Lysine enhances the Intestinal absorption of Calcium and reduces its Renal excretion.
Regular consumption of Oral Lysine supplements for long time improves heal time and reduces the recurrence of Herpes.

Benefits of Lysine
Shingle Relief
Healthy Heart
Prevent Herpes
Manage Cholesterol
Proper Body Growth
Anxiety and Stress Reduction

Effects of Excess Lysine in the Body
Stomach Pain

Effects of Deficiency of Lysine in the Body
Weight Loss
Increase in Lipid level
Poor recovery from Injuries
Reduction in lean Muscle mass
Reduction in Carnitine levels in the body

Herbs Containing Lysine or Alpha Lysine

Most Effective

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