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Marking Nut Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Marking Nut
Glycemic Index / Load
Marking Nut
Botanical Name
Semecarpus Anacardium
Hindi Name
Bhilawa, Bhallatak
Homeopathic Name
Anacardium Orientale   -   Mother Tincture

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Marking Nut Cures


Action of Marking Nut

Highly Effective

Nutrients in Marking Nut

Taste of
Marking Nut

Nature of
Marking Nut


Parts Used

Seeds, Mature Fruits, Gum, Oil
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Marking Nut is a tree.
It is deciduous.
It grows in temperate climates.
It grows up to 30 M.
Best used for Leprosy and Elephantiasis.


Grown In

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Materia Medica for Marking Nut

Single Herb

Marking Nut ( Bhilawa ) for Joint Pain

Massage the aching joints with warm oil of Marking Nut ( Bhilawa ) to reduce pain and swelling.

Marking Nut ( Bhilawa ) for Wounds

Topically apply the oil on the Wounds to speed up healing and reduce pain.
Queries on Marking Nut
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Imran S Khan ( India/ Maharashtra )
10 Apr 2016
Dear sir
My son is 5.5 years old , suffering from Brain steam Glioma (A Benign tumor on the location of Brain Stem)

Done 1st radiation 23 months back (30 Radiations), 2nd Radiation is going on of 5 Radiation.
Now my son is not able to walk, both the hand and legs are immovable, Can speak in small voice. Can Eat after feeding.

Given Homopathic medicines, Ayurvadic medicines till date.

In this can it be useful for giving Bhilawa(semecarpus anacardium) oil with milk for reducing or curing the Tumor, and pl let me know the procedure, Quantity nad diet to be mantained for the same to overcome the side effects

Pl let me now your reply for the same at the earliest
14 Apr 2016
Dear Imran S khan You may try with the Herb Boswellia Serrata for your son. The capsules may be given daily. But, remember to reduce the dosage to half as that recommended for an adult. Wheat grass juice 15 mil daily in the morning is also beneficial for him.
Josie Ryan ( United States of America )
22 May 2016
What is good for cramps in legs and feet
05 Jun 2016
Valeriana off mathor tincher 10 drop 3 time a daly & mag phos 6x 4tab 4 time daily
24 Jun 2016
Drink two cups of Ginger tea every day. Add a cup of Apple Cider Vinegar in a buck of warm water. Put your legs and feet in it for 15 minutes. Repeat it everyday for a month
Adeem Saeed ( India / Maharashtra )
15 Oct 2016
Dear sir , few days back I was burning marking nut for some work .during that some oil or sparks of black liquid came out of it and fall on my hands. First two days it was nothing after few days later pink boil started coming on my hands after consulting 3 doctors and having various medicine my condition are the same please help me with this as my boils are constant but itches a lot
21 Aug 2017
SIR i am also having same problem. the oil of marking nut fell on my leg & too much itching with spreading upto knee. pl guide what has to be done
14 Apr 2018
Apply hara dhaniya (kotmir ) over itching area 2 To 3 times it is very effective
16 Nov 2016
Is bhilawa k chirongi used for irregular menstrual cycle
22 Nov 2016
Take Dong Quai capsules everyday for a month and please visit the herb fevernut in the herb section of the herb.
The herb will help to cure irregular menses.
Yamin ( Telangana )
18 Nov 2016
Before applying on wound We applied bhilwa on skin just to check whether it have any side effects on skin or not .. unfortunately it effected a lot it created a new wound on the applied part..
What should I do now please help me
22 Nov 2016
You should consult a doctor right away. Do not try to do any experimentation please.
Alii habib
20 Oct 2020
Hii yamin im from telengana where you show this treatment plz let me know
Alii habib
20 Oct 2020
Ive sever skin rashes From 8 months coming and goind because of marking nut plz
What should i do suggest me anyone i used this
In my pregnancy...
Im from Hyderabad telengana
Honey ( Ap )
24 Jan 2017
I have used marking nut on my back bone In order to reduce pain seems good result however skin is so irritated plz advise to get relax
01 Feb 2017
Please share the method. How did you use Marking Nut ?
Noluthando ( Umtata )
18 Feb 2017
I'm having an elephantiasis as from 2010,is there any treatment for it,if yes where to get it
20 Feb 2017
You may try Mucuna Pruriens. One capsule every day for a month. Take Butterfly pea root. Make a paste with warm water. Have a pinch with luke warm water thrice in a week. try this for 3 weeks. It just a sort of experimentation. All the best.
These 2 herbs are known t cure this disease.
Kashinath Balsaraf ( India )
06 Mar 2017
Is Bubba effective for treating breast cancer..if yes how to use it.. and how long... please advise details
Rudresh ( India )
10 Mar 2017
Cleavers, Fagonia Cretica, And Soursop are the 3 herbs that i recommend. Take one cup of Fagonia Cretica tea every day for a month. Buy Cleavers from a homeopathic shop. Its name is Galium Aparine. Take 5 drops of this tincture daily fro 20 days.
Regularly take Soursop juice every morning 100 ml. Consume it for a month.
And yes, take Echinacea capsules, one daily for a month.
Rohini ( India )
12 Apr 2017
How to remove marking nut stains from hands
23 Apr 2017
It is soluble in ethenol alcohol . Try it
Mohammed ( India )
25 Apr 2017
My mother got allergy same look a like chicken pox after burning the marking nuts, and it's very irratative to her and causing rashes and itching..
Give some advice in order to get cure from this.
05 May 2017
Please visit a doctor and get your mother diagnosed first, we can not suggest a cure on the basis of assumptions. Burning the making nuts means, was she preparing something from this herb ?
Has it ever happened to her before ?
What all organs have been affected? , the face, arms or the whole body ?
Did she take any medicine ?
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Deepak Nagda ( India )
16 Jun 2017
I have been told that capsules containing semecarpus anacardium oil and extract would be useful for giving relief from chronic pain from neuropathy. Is this true? As a person who has had kidney transplant, should I take it? Does it have any toxicity to the kidney?
18 Jul 2017
First, bhilamo must try in small quantity to check sensitivity. Different people has different level of tolerance . You must avoid non-veg food a month ahead prior starting using bhilamo. If you show any allergic reaction, stop using bhilamo and apply yogurt+black sesame powder paste as coolant on affected spots. Eat lots of charoli and saker to cool down from inside. Avoid drinking water, drink milk instead while using bhilamo. Never apply bhilamo or its oil straight on skin. Bhilamo does irritate kidneys to make them work harder which increase urine and as a result it gets tired soon and urine gets reduced. As a result you may see some times blood mixed in urine.
Shilajit has good effect on kidney functioning.
Hope this will help you.
CH ARCHANA ( India )
05 Sep 2017
Hello sir
I am archana... sir unfortunately one day the juice of marking has spell on my hand...first two days it was k but after two days the area has become pinkish spot and itching happens there frequently and also seems to get spread entire body.... sir plz help me what to do...plz.. its irritating me a lot
Aarti rajput ( India )
18 Oct 2017
Hello sir..
My niece was suffering from hair loss in certain areas who is just 6yrs old. We heard lice have bitten her. We applied many things but nothing worked out. Then one man suggested to apply bilawa oil. After applying it her face started to swell , her skin skin started peeling off. After a week swelling went off and skin is itching. Is it dangerous? Will it really effect or is it advisable to visit doctor. Please suggest something.
02 Apr 2019
Plz tell me the current situation of ur niece
Is he ok? Now
Syman ( India )
04 Jan 2018
Dear sir
If marking nuts eats what will happened and what is remedy if eat?
Chris ( Nigeria )
23 Jun 2018
Please my friend is suffering from elephantiasis, please is there any cure for it ?
Reetika ( India/Tamilnadu )
31 Mar 2019
My baby 15 days old and he got a burn from the marking nut embeded to his waist belt. The second day it got blistered. Please suggest what to do?
Dipti ( India )
15 Apr 2019
My baby is having skin allergy of marking nut can anyone please suggest home remedy for it
Fareed ( Indian )
01 Dec 2019
My one of relative suffering from breast cancer chem/radio/surgery over
Now she is fine can we use marking nut oil for preventive from metastasis waiting for you reply
Pradnya ( Telangana )
18 Mar 2020
I m suffering from RA, my mother gave me marking seeds to eat. I got swelling at upper jaw from inside. Please suggest marking seeds should not eat ..what’s the remedy to cure it?
20 Mar 2020
Dear Pradnya
For RA, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Mint is an effective herb. Take Mint leaves, grind them and squeeze out the juice from the leaves. Add 2 to 3 drops of Eucalyptus oil. Massage gently over the affected region. This is a combination herb cure. If you don't have Eucalyptus, try Ginger, Mint or Rosemary tea with lemon in it. It is very effective in treating RA. Beside these, take Boswellia capsules. Take 2 everyday for a month. Write back after a month.
This advice is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any herb.
Monica Romero ( United States )
23 Apr 2020
Our daughter is suffering from hallucinations and voices, currently seeing a psychiatrist and we have tried well over 20 different prescription anti-psychotics and anti-anxiety drugs nothing seems to help. We have tried Anacardium for over a week maybe a week and a half, doesn’t seem to so anything for her. Any suggestions to help with her anxiety and depression?
Ali raza ( Pakistan )
09 May 2020
Assalam e likum sir .sir may nay bhilawa use keya Hai apny sir pr q k ball nhi the .kch jaga pr baal aagay Hain pr ek jaga Bht tezz redness Hai esy lag raha Hai jal Gaya ho baki sb jaga aaram aagua Hai pr wo jaga theak nhi ho rahi aalg sa ek nishan bn Gaya Hai .wo nishan mathey sy Thora sa oper Hai ek side may plz help me wo nishan kesy Jay ga
15 May 2020
By making holes in bhilawa seeds getting allergy. Any solution for this to get relief
Rekha K ( Mumbai India )
08 Jul 2020
1.Have fungating tumor on left breast. Did chemotherapy and radiation. Both didnt help.
2. Now right breast has become inflammatory and skin very red.
There is acute needle like pain and pain as if skin is burning.
What can be taken to reduce the pain?
04 Sep 2020
My 2 year son ate bilawa seed and it is causing irritation in his tongue... Is is dangerous or not? Please suggest a remedy
Kausar fathima
18 Feb 2021
Same my baby done today what should I do I don't know plz tell me what u done at that time plz reply
Alii habib ( Telengana india )
20 Oct 2020
My daughter Burnt Marking nut during that some oil or sparks of black liquid came out of it and fall on her hands. First two days it was nothing afterfew days later pink boil started coming on her hands after consulting 3 doctors and having various medicine her condition are the same please help me with this as my boils are constant but itches a lot
Rhonda King ( USA/Ohio )
27 Apr 2021
What is the best and safest way to prepare phobi nut tree (marking nut) for most effective use?
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