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Snake Skin Slough Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Snake Skin Slough
Glycemic Index / Load
Snake Skin Slough
Botanical Name
Elaphe Taeniura Cope
Hindi Name
Saanp Ki Kenchuli,Sukpanj
Chinese Name
She Tui

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Snake Skin Slough Cures


Action of Snake Skin Slough

Nutrients in Snake Skin Slough

Taste of
Snake Skin Slough

Nature of
Snake Skin Slough


Parts Used

Snake Skin Slough

Side Effects, Risk Factors of, and Cautions for Snake Skin Slough

Avoid use during Pregnancy and Breastfeeding.
Avoid if you are allergic to snake skin or its constituents.
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Snake Skin Slough is the dead outer layer of Skin of a Snake.
"Slough" means anything that is shed off.
Best used for curing Skin Disorders and Eye Diseases.

In TCM :
Snake Skin Slough : She Tui
Meridian associated : Liver.
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Materia Medica for Snake Skin Slough

Snake Skin Slough General

Snake Skin Slough is used to cure Eye Disorders.
The Snake Skin Slough Bhasma is used to cure Goiter, when used with Mustard Oil.
Snake Skin Slough is used to cure almost all types of Skin Disorders.
The herb acts as an efficient Anti bacterial and cures bacterial infections.
It is a good Anticonvulsant and is used to cure Convulsions.
The Antidermatitis action of the Snake Skin Slough makes it an absolute cure for Eczema.
The herb has Antipruritic attribute,thus, it reduces or prevents Itching.
In TCM, this herb is also believed to bring the good luck.
Single Herb

Snake Skin Slough for Baldness

Mix the slough with Sesame oil in the ratio of 1: 50. Heat the mixture, so that the Snake Skin Slough gets completely dissolved in the oil. Use this hair oil regularly for 15 days to cure Baldness.

Snake Skin Slough for Urticaria

Burn Snake Skin Slough. Add this burnt slough to Sesame oil in a ratio of 1:2. Mix it well. Apply the mixture on the affected area everyday.

Snake Skin Slough for Prickly Heat

Burn the Snake Skin Slough. Add the ashes(burnt slough ) to half cup of sesame oil. Stir it well. Apply this oil on the affected area, twice a day.
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Sijo ( Kerala )
16 Mar 2019
Pls tell how much quantity of sesame oil and snake slough to take
I didn't understand the ratio 1:50
All About Boas
16 Mar 2021
Measure the weight of the snake slough. Use 50 times the weight of the snake slough to measure the sesame oil. For example, snake slough = 2g - mix with 50x2 = 100 g sesame oil.
Otabor ( Nigeria )
22 Mar 2021
Dear team Herbpathy,
Thank you for your great work thus far.

I need clarification and details on how to use Snake Skin Slough to cure or control convulsions.

Thank you and kind regards.
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