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Seizures Herbal Treatment, Prevention, Symptoms, Causes, Cured By

General Name
Medical Name
Seizures Symptoms
Violent Shaking
Muscle Rigidity
Disruption in daily activities of Body
Loss of Consciousness
Unable to control the movements of the Body parts

Seizures Cured By

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Seizures is a disease of the Body.
A sudden attack of Epilepsy caused by abnormal electrical activity of the Brain is Seizures.
Normally, the Nerve Cells present in the Brain are called Neurons, which regulate the electrical impulses. The Brain sends signals to the Muscles through Nerves. It controls the Body movements and behaviour. When these signals are abnormal, the body fail to control the normal body functions. It is known as Seizures.

Causes of Seizures
High Fever
Head Injury
Brain Tumors
Heart Disease
Kidney Failure
Liver Failure
Lead Poisoning
Low Blood Sugar
Multiple sclerosis
Any disorder with the Brain

If not treated properly, Seizures may cause
Other Health Problems

Body Part(s)

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Materia Medica for Seizures

Single Herb

Drumstick For Seizures

Powder some seeds of Drumstick and drip into the nose of unconscious person to recover his senses.
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Esther ( Tanzania )
26 Aug 2018
Can cancer bush cure seizures?
Amber King
30 Mar 2020
Am not sure, But I do no that Moringa powder one teaspoon per day helps, and Magnesium and cod liver oil and one teaspoon of expensive honey per day helps, and also very tiny amounts of Brahmi, But please consult with your Doctor before trying any of these items, My Son use to have Seizures, but i have him on a gluten free diet and feed him only orangic healthy foods, and I give him two teaspoons of cod liver oil every night, and one teaspoon of expensive honey one every night before bedtime, and I give him Natural Magnesium, and some times I give him one teasoon of Moringa powder, and he does not have any more Seizures, and No side effects, he is doing very well. Hope this is helpful and I wish you the best of Luck.
Best Regards Amber
YAKUBU Adamu ( Fact abuja )
10 Nov 2018
What herbal drug can cure seizure for a boy of 4years?pls need an answer desperately. Thanks
Amber King
30 Mar 2020
Magnesium is very helpful in preventing epilepsy, also the expensive type of honey like Mankua honey, one teapoon a day,
Have also found fish oil like cod liver oil helps, And the herb Moringa powder helps stop seizures, But please consult your Doctor before trying any of these items, My Son use to have Seizures and I give him just natural remedies, which have completely stop the Seizures, Best of Luck and hope this helps.
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