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Tick Bite Herbal Treatment, Prevention, Symptoms, Causes, Cured By

General Name
Tick Bite
Medical Name
Lyme Borreliosis
Tick Bite Symptoms
Body ache
Skin Rash
Muscle Pain
Neck Stiffness
Bull's Eye Rash
Flu like Symptoms
Mental Fogginess
Joint Inflammation
Swollen lymph nodes
An irregular heartbeat
Brain Damage
Loss of Coordination and Motor Function

Tick Bite Cured By

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Tick Bite is disease of the Body.
An inflammation caused by the bite of an infected deer Tick is Lyme Disease.
Deer Ticks carry the spiral shaped bacterium Borrelia Burgdorferi or sometimes called Spirochetes. This bacteria causes the disease, not the tick. The bacteria get injected into the blood stream.
The bacteria may attack the Nervous System, the Brain, and or the Joints.
Chronic Lyme disease can be very difficult to eliminate from the body.
Lyme disease can be Painful.
Antibiotics may not be effective. Like Herpes and Candida this bacteria also does not die. It remains dormant in your body. It will become active when your immune system is weak.
Herbs are effective.

Causes of Tick Bite
Bite of Blacklegged ticks infected with Borrelia Burgdorferi

If not treated properly, Tick Bite may cause
Impaired memory
Irregular Heart Beats
Chronic Joint Inflammation

Body Part(s)

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Materia Medica for Tick Bite

Single Herb

Prepare a decoction of Devil's claw. Have it two times a day.

Rosemary Essential Oil for Tick Bite

Rosemary Essential Oil combats the mental fog, Fatigue and Headache that accompany Tick Bite. Diffuse Rosemary Essential Oil in your home or in the area where you spend most of the time.

Niaouli Essential Oil for Tick Bite

Niaouli Essential Oil prevents infection, irritation and inflammation. Remove the tick and apply one drop of Niaouli Essential Oil to the affected area. Repeat the process as needed to get relief.

Tea Tree Essential Oil for Tick Bite

Tea Tree Essential Oil prevent irritation, itching and swelling. Remove the tick and apply one drop of Tea Tree Essential Oil to the affected area. Repeat the process as needed to get relief.
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Multiple Herbs How to Use Herbal Treatment? Click Here +

Herbal Treatment For Tick Bite 1

Take one tablespoon of Coconut Oil ( or any other carrier oil ) and add eight drops of Tea Tree, six drops of Lavender and two drops of Lemon Essential Oil in it. Mix them well. Add this oil blend to a warm bathtub and soak in it for 15 minutes. Repeat the process once a day.
It will support the immune system and provide relief from Flu- like symptoms.
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Nana ( Usa )
19 May 2018
My son has Lyme disease. He has contracted it when he was 8 and now he is almost 11 years old . He was treated with antibiotics and then was put on herbal protocols, like Buhner protocol and now on Beyond Balance herbal protocol given by his Lyme doctor. I heard that it is impossible to eradicate all the Lyme bacteria from the body. But I keep researching and hoping to find something effective .
I have heard /phyllanthus niruri herb helps eradicate the B.B. Lyme bacteria . is it true? and is it even safe to consider this herb for his age . Pls advise as to what is effectively for the eradication of these spirochetes in his age . Your advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
01 Jun 2018
Look into Teasel tincture. A friend of mine got rid of it with teasel but expect herxing. Look it up.
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