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Scorpion Sting Herbal Treatment, Prevention, Symptoms, Causes, Cured By

General Name
Scorpion Sting
Medical Name
Scorpion Sting
Hindi Name
Bichoo Ka Katna,
Scorpion Sting Symptoms
Intense Pain
Excessive Sweating
Muscle Cramps
High Blood Pressure

Scorpion Sting Cured By


Adiantum Venust...
Biophytum Cando...
Bulbine Frutesc...
Caralluma Adsce...
Caralluma Eduli...
Ceriscoides Tur...
Chrysophyllum B...
Cnidoscolus Aco...
Crotalaria Burh...
Croton Lobatus
Cynoglossum Coe...
Emilia Exserta
Euphorbia Calyp...
Euphorbia Convo...
Euphorbia Granu...
Grewia Gamblei
Grey Leaf Helio...
Heliotropium Ae...
Litsea Ligustri...
Lobelia Nicotia...
Mistletoe Cactu...
Neanotis Monosp...
Nicotiana Rusti...
Pluchea Lanceol...
Stylosanthes Fr...
Wrightia Arbore...
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Scorpion Sting is a disease of the Body.
When a man gets bitten by a Scorpion it is called Scorpion Sting.
Scorpio is an insect with 8 legs. It carries toxins on the back of its tail. Its Sting causes intense Pain and Rapid Heart Beat. It may lead to death.

Causes of Scorpion Sting
Scorpion Sting

If not treated properly, Scorpion Sting may cause
Death in Severe cases

Body Part(s)

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Materia Medica for Scorpion Sting

Single Herb

Radish ( Muli ) for Scorpion Bites

Sprinkle Salt on the the Radish. Put it over the the affected area.

Onion ( Pyaz ) for Scorpion Sting

Grind a Onion ( Pyaz ) to make paste. Apply it immediately on the affected part.

Eclipta Alba ( Bhringraj ) for Scorpion Sting

Make paste of Eclipta Prostrate's ( Bhringraj ) leaves. Rub and bandage it over Sting.

Thumbai for Scorpion Sting

Rub leaves of Thumbai constantly over Scorpion Bite.

Solanum Xanthocarpum as Antivenin

Grind roots of Solanum Xanthocarpum to make paste. Mix it with Lemon juice. Apply it over affected part.

Abelmoschus Ficulneus for Scorpion bite

Make a paste of the roots of Abelmoschus Ficulneus. Apply over the affected area.

Matchstick for Scorpion Sting

Take 4-5 matchbox sticks. Collect the flammable nontoxic head material of the matchstick. Make a powder. Mix it with water. Apply this on Scorpion bite to reduce poison effect.

Tamarind for Scorpion Sting

Take a few Tamarind seeds. Warm the seeds a little. Rub the seeds until they turn white. Rub this on the Scorpion Sting. It gives relief from bite.
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Herbal Treatment For Scorpion Sting 1

Powder the Solanum Xanthocarpum roots. Mix in Lime juice. Apply on the affected part.
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